Negative feedback on trades

This thread is to identify problem trades, shipments.

  1. The mailing system is not perfect, and its possible that customs could have seized or destroyed the shipment. it does happen. Especially when dealing with prohibited items.

  2. Allow time to assume the shipment has failed, Typical shipping in the USA is 7-10 days. Worldwide shipping can take much longer up to 3 weeks.

  3. Look at logins and last posts. If it was a hit a run there are obvious patterns, Users with low posts are suspect.

Just post the story as factual as possible, dont let emotion get the best of you. Just tell what happened.

IF you made it on the list, you need to convince the person to remove the post. They can delete negative feedback.

Lastly there is no compromising users address, this is a bannable offence.


Grow Easy, some people want to talk to you. Feedback will be removed if you can work things out.

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Doesn’t it make you feel pretty good. This thread has been up for 8 months, no complaints?

Nice job OG.



@2tokejoke offered to trade a half pack of photos for some autos nov '17, i sent first and never received anything by feb so i offered to trade another pack of photos for the other half pack but this time i didn’t send first and also never received anything


“Typical shipping in the USA is 7-10 days.”

I think on a really bad week maybe, or if it was media mail. But generally First class mail (1 forever stamp) is 3-5 days, but often 3 days or less coast to coast, not counting Alaska and HI of course


Anyone? ejem|nullxnull (and 10 characters frech|nullxnull )


I rarely make trades, mainly I just send out gifts. But either way I am incredibly slow. Slow as methuselah.

I am disabled, so it’s tough for me to sort and package the seeds. I need help from friends and family to run all my errands for me. I need a lot of assistance from my friends and family in general, so even when I get help, it’s hard for them to find time for mailing out seeds when my family is most concerned about caring for me.

And since 2020 the pandemic has made life particularly difficult for people with disabilities.

So to anyone waiting for a gift from me, sorry for being so slow. I have all the PMs and keep a list of everyone I need to mail seeds out to.

In particular there are some fellow medical cannabis patients who I have been trying to send care packages. DanzaKuduro, herb4ever, and gardentroll, very sorry for the delays. 2020 was a difficult year and I am just now getting caught up on my personal responsibilities and getting my 2021 season grow in order. I will try to get these seeds out asap, and I will continue to update you all whenever I make any progress on this.

I have a few pending trades, we haven’t exchanged addresses yet so those are in a holding pattern. I am always around on the site, so I think everyone knows what’s up. I will always make good on a promise and always hold up my end of a trade. It just might take me a long time.

and Pawsfodocaws sent me some seeds a year ago now, and I still haven’t been able to get my half of the trade sent out. we keep in touch so you know my situation, I will try to get your seeds sent out soon and once again sorry for the ridiculous wait.

If anyone needs to get in touch, just send me a PM.

Thanks to the community for being so understanding about my medical problems, and for being so cool about it.


There are 2 members that I was going to send gifts to, but I lost track of them and can no longer get in touch.

one was banned so I have no way to contact them for the address. That gift fell through.

The other was a new member who posted about losing their seed collection to looters after a hurricane, I think they said they were in florida. I sent them a PM offering some seeds to help get their collection started again. I am not sure if this member was banned or deleted their account, but the PM is gone and I can’t find a trace of the original post either.

If anyone knows who that member was, or if you are that member, please feel free to get in touch, and I will get you some seeds when I am able.


Hey bud, what seeds are you needing to send out? If I have the strains I may be able to fulfill some or all of your outstanding orders for you :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the offer and the assistance @DougDawson, I really appreciate it.

I think they are all waiting for guava hashplant or my lebanese hybrids.

If possible, could I send you a bulk pack of seeds at some point for you to share with other members? that could be really helpful and would really cut down on my labor and time spent for packaging and postage.

I have a few medical lines that I would like to get out to anyone who needs them.


No problem, happy to help out. I am actually accumulating seeds from a few members for weekly giveaways so I am happy to add yours to the list. Just let me know what you need and I got your back.

Many out there can use good medical strains so really cool of you to share them.


sounds great, thanks again. I need to share some dank sinatra x lebanese bx to lebanese, and some strayfox care package x lebanese. I’ll send you a pm when I get it all shucked.


No worries, I will be around and am more than happy to help. :v:


If you’re Stateside, I can/will relieve some of the financial pressure on you by sending to fellow USAers. If Canadian, I can understand having a fellow Canadian volunteer. Wishing you all the best in whatever situation exist, SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


thanks misterbee, I will take you up on that. I am in the US, I’ll keep in touch with you and update you when I make some progress on this.

It will be good to get some meds out to the canadian OGers as well.

I have 2 seasons worth of high volume outdoor breeding projects still sitting in jars, these seeds could be helping people so I want to share these with anyone who might need them.


You sir are an amazing person.


Ye totally agree… I Take my hat off two you all.

The community at its best

100% OGrs


Hey @zephyr there is no, and has not been a problem. The green will grow on, ill find ways. Anyways I appreciate you mentioning me in the above post and what not. Don’t sweat it, things sometimes take time. Thanks everyone for offering to help this dude out. He is a true og.



@Wuachuma has ghosted me after receiving my seeds for trade. Even confirmed receiving them.

No problem posting several times, but they won’t respond to a DM. Sent multiple messages this week.

Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding and I can delete this, but until then, traders beware with @Wuachuma

Update: @Wuachuma responded below.


@DrGonzo13 has failed to send to several members here after making trades. Beware trading with this person.
I actually sent this person a number of strains when he first showed up and expected nothing in return. Months later he offered me seeds for doing so. I agreed and send him 50 Blue Tara for his generosity. He received mine but never sent me a thing.