Dequilo's 2021 grow some indoor fun:) closed 3/32021

Hey Dequilo!!
Dang man I got busy this week, and have not stopped in for a while.

I’ve gone to the Big O frenzy, slowly over the past 3 years. I’m using Dr Earth products, with ProMix/coco husks/ compost/ 7-8 DrE fertilizers, mixed up on a tarp, then placed into dedicated 35 gallon trash cans, to simmer 5-6 weeks before use.

I recently put 9 - SFV 78 I got as freebies into my firest batch of my mix.
I’m so thrilled to run these, they are an 18 week flowering variety.
I’m after the mullumbimadness side of it myself, there is something special about the Aussie genetics, IMHO.
They are loving my mix so far!! I expected them to go up in flames honestly. I was using as reference 3-4 different mix recipes to make my own.

I found after one post here at the new OG to NOT POST pics in other peoples threads, so I just lost interest in posting them at this site anyway.

On a different note, for wee scooter lovers, largest motor is 280 cc’s I think, the biannual Scooter Cannonball Run is starting Maine Bar Harbor this coming year and running to Eureka Cali from July 6 to 12th.
I’ve always wanted to run this ever changing route, that I followed since 2008 or so.

Take care my friend!! webe


you can always post a picture in a thread by me or anyone else who would like to can

good to see you, I had the a friend do the cannonball run for motorcycles which I believe starts

in Atlantic City and ends in Cali he rode it on a Henderson

OK Update


so I have 3 plants that needed a shortening and a re pot they are a Blueberry cross I made

by accident after a bit of checking I believe it was an Aurora Indica male

not that it matters that much to me the plants that were crossed I liked

the plants are in a one gallon or so pot I believe, they have got a bit tall for my space and

will not be put into flower for awhile

pots are getting a little small

they do have very nice roots so they will be re potted into 3 gallon pots for now

also cut back about a third their hieght and will get a shot of 20-20-20

the 3 plants after the chop

all the best and be safe



Good Day All here is an update of some info and tonight some photos
I have 8 plants in flower right now and I am 9 days into 12/12 today
What I have in flower are
3 The Black by Aurora Indica
3 Blueberry by Aurora Indica
2 Ganj-Nam Style ( Mekong High X Critical Mass )
They are in a 4 foot by 8 foot room with two 1000 watt double ended lights
The lights are being ran at 400 watts each one is an HPS the other is CMH
They are all in seven gallon pots in a mix of Premix BX and lots of perlite/vermiculite added
The will be getting feed with some 0-30-10 for the last time
The plants that I have in veg are coming back very nice after the hack
I did see a mite or two so I did spray them a bit and will get a couple of doctor Doom
Foggers for my little friends

All the best and be safe



10/30/2019 update

this is 9 day into 12/12

2 Ganj-Nam Style ( Mekong High X Critical Mass )

the black

another one

said to my wife I should cut some clones

and she says don’t have too many plants now? so why would you cut clones?

course she is right :slight_smile:so I planted some beans

so the five coming are some 4 year Hash Bomb seeds from Bomb seeds

4 year old seeds so like shit five for five

also planted some of mine, I planted 5 blueberries of spliff seeds, 5 master kush and 3 feminized seeds

one of the ones I cut back


gorilla glue 4

Ganj-Nam Style coming back after a cut


aurora indicas

things are coming no Doctor doom foggers :frowning: sold ou

but Doctor doom spray :slight_smile: for my little friends

all the best



Hahaha, so I planted beans…too funny


it is :smile: but found some beans I got from I believe the UK and had no choice

as for the 3 feminized seeds they are 1 Skunk #1 , 1 White Widow and 1 C99

I hope they come up they are 4 or 5 years old

gave the Mites some Dr. Doom we will see how they like that

looked for Bud Blaster I have but it is like a rock, hit it with a hammer it became blue gravel

soaked it in hot water and it did nothing

so I will have see if I have anything around

The Hash Bombs are 4 out of 5 so not bad at all

all the best and be well



Damn that must have been some old shit or the aur got to it


it has been around but it was in double zip lock bags

when someone feed her roses it got put on a shelf open to the air

and damp :frowning:

the roses did look great this year :slight_smile:


Hahaha 20 and stuff!!


Wow you’ve had some huge buds over the years! Love the bird, it looks like he’s smiling in the pic on the water jug…kinda creepy lol


I have and I have killed a shit ton of plants over the years :smile:

Buddy was a great friend he show up on 4/20/2008 it was a very windy April here that year

he/she was with other Vultures, Buddy landed on a telephone pole and sat there for hours

the other birds flew around for awhile then flew off

Buddy came down, we feed him and gave him a drink

then Buddy stayed for about 18 months

Buddy was a great help with the garden

drove tractors

all the best



Haha found ya loving the thread ! Pretty plants


I’d be worried that monster would eat my eyes out while have a nap in a lawn chair .or worst yet carry my grand daughters cat away !


Buddy eat stuff I got from a butcher that did chickens livers, heart and gizzard

with my grandson

hanging out by my pigs

watching chickens

watching horses

Buddy like them dead

all the best



Happy November 1, 2019
First I would like to thank you all for having me here
Thanks to all who have read my thread and those who have left comments
So time for some Blah Blah Blah

I have grown off and since back around 1974 mostly outside
I live in upstate New York in the sticks so the Adirondack Park for me worked
I stopped in 1997 as it became a pain to grow, at the time I was growing three corps
To get one for myself (one for the police, one for the rippers and one for me) I stopped
Because I was to the point where I was going to booby trap my grows
My wife in her infinite wisdom said to that if I was to kill a cop the would stick a needle in my arm
I had a bunch of weed from years of growing and tons of roaches, shake, etc.
The fall of 2000 I was starting to run out of pot so looked into maybe buying some and did once
It costs too much to smoke the amount I do, it is so hard for me to pay money for a plant that almost
Grows itself

So off the internet and google ended up OverGrow in January 2001, now I have grown a plant or two
Mostly outside but I have grown lots and lots of legal plants in greenhouses over the years
I have degree in Horticulture and did work in the industry for a number of years

One of the biggest thing for me was space, outside it can be almost unlimited inside not so much
so after being a pain in the ass and asking every question that had ever been on a grow board
I ran out to a local electric supply and bought some 400 watt high bay warehouse light with bulbs
And built a box to flower in with 3 – 400 watt light 2/HPS and 1/MH

And started killing plants, after getting the idea of how to grow under lights inside and reading
Many many grow reports then asked growers how they do it and why they do it that way and so on
I was growing.

I grow in ProMix BX or HP but either way I add at least 1/3 more perlite and vermiculite
I work better with a light quick draining fast drying mix
Hard to overwater I found out quick inside that it is so easy to give them more water then
trying to dry them out
So that is a bit about me I have posted all over the web I always use the same handle Dequilo/Dequelo
Use the black cat avatar most of the time

I live in a state where we are still unfree to grow a plant so you my friends are the only people I talk
with about growing and I love to talk about growing

all the best and be safe



Nice plants bud, thanks for sharing.
What is that one in front right? Love those LOOOONG colas


if it is this one

I believe it is a Hindu Kush from Nirvana Seed

all the best



Good Day all today is 11/06/2019

I have been a bit busy as I still have a day job for now, I work on site 2 - 2.5 days a week and remote when I need to

I am a Database/System/Network engineer so the remote thing let me and the wife ride the bike all summer

so I work from state parks and rest stops

chittenango falls centeral new york


up in the adirondack state park

water fall

riding down in the schoharie valley

river valley

down in the hudson river valley on the way to the catskill mountains



culinary institute of america on the hudson river

mohawk river valley

this why growing for me takes a hit, it so hard to ride all day, work and grow

but let talk growing since this is a grow site eh?

Upate to 11/02/2019

so I hacked at the plants to get at the mites and gave my plants in flowers some food I had some

Kool Bloom so that is what the had, the mite had Dr. Doom again

they are looking bad

another before


another one after the hack, as for my beans out of 23 seeds I have got 6 plants 4 of the hash bomd

and two unknown right now

Update 11/04/2019

so we do have some beans trying to grow

I forget my mix is a bit on the course side to sprout beans in

but I have some seeding mix and I did find 20 Hindu Kush 20 Papaya 20 aurora indica

so I will see if I can kill them

some GG4 and Channel+ coming back after a trim and spray

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/b/a/ba965fa03f9dd1ff5dd7be2c0040958ddfc3b641.jpg" width=“666” height=“500”


a channel+ mother to be

Ganj-Nam Style 13 days since the flip to 12/12

the black back by the fan 13 days

a couple a more


cute little buds

update 11/05/2019

so had to some gardening yesterday

had to make some soil as I needed to re pot some plants, I use 2 parts ProMix BX with one part super course perlite

and one part super course vermiculite

mixed up it drains and dry fast also very air for the roots

moving on up to this

a cross of mine

a channel+ needs a new pot

after the re potting

some more buds

the black

another one of the black

all the best and grow safe



Looks like you n your little lady, had some nice touring trips.
Gorgeous water falls.
You poping 60 more seeds??


Amazing thread! Wow!

Thanks for posting, man!