Not Time Yet to move outside in New York 2021

Good Day one and all After fighting with the Mites for about a year it fells like

time to start over somewhat outside

I have worked inside since 2001 when I joined OG 1 after growing outside

since the 1970s

it is the first time I have ever had Spider Mites and if God willing the last

it has been a brutal ride for sure

So here we go for my 2020 outside grow, things here at work are getting back to

somewhat normal

I am a Medical Marijuana patient here in New York which means about

nothing. we cannot buy flowers, we cannot grow flowers

but I can legally go to a dispensary and pay big buck a gram for trash

Thanks Andy !

So I am shutting down my inside room then plan on burning it to the ground

some final shots from inside

here is a shot of clones and seedlings final got some seeds to sprout and grow

I have Bruce Banner 3, Black & Blue, Bubba Gum Kush from the New420Guys seeds


clones are Channel+, GG#4 and Mekong High

I have about 12 larger plants that will be put into 12 gallon pots

last inside plant for the summer one week in flower Monday

should be done in July and no mites yet

my high tech setup

went back to single ended bulbs, I have grow with double ended for the last four


so I will be working outside with my horses

and my pony :slight_smile:

some plants outside enjoying the summer and me I am enjoying

the light with no electrical meter

a mix of clones and some larger plants that the mite hurt but did not kill

but they are coming back nicely and I am sure my friends the mite enjoy the 38 degree

weather on Monday

all the best and be safe



Strange, I did the contrary move because of them and went indoors :sweat_smile:. With that temperature they’re not happy indeed, the problem are the hibernated eggs waiting for better times to come, watch out!

Beautiful place where you live, love those horses, best of luck with your grow … :sunglasses:


I would like to sign up for the horseback tour of the garden, pulling up the lounge chair, it’s good to see you moving forward.


WooHoo!!! working outside in the sun oh what fun

been outside working on plants since 5 am

I will do a real update with photos and words in a bit

the light :slight_smile: being able to water and not worry about it going everywhere :slight_smile:

the space :slight_smile: the birds and the bees buzzing and chirping :slight_smile:

beats my grow room hands down

all the best and enjoy the day



Looks like a good start for the day :upside_down_face:. Hope animals, pests, thunders and crooks will respect your plants, at least indoors I can fight them … :sweat_smile:

giphy (3)


Greetings from NYC. I’ve been growing in closets/tents for over thirty years and would love to try my hand at outdoor sometime. I’m planning to move upstate when I retire. Hopefully the laws will have finally changed by then. Really jealous of what you got going there. Good luck and be careful!


Yay for horses! Nice Palomino. I recently bought an amazing Oldenburg gelding after being away from horses for 20 years. It’s heaven.


that is so true, but the last time worked outside

here was 2010 but had a neighbor move in that doesn’t

know where their property lines are and is a cop caller so stop for a couple of year

then started back up inside

now I had 2 1/2 fenced in with security cameras it sucks ass

but helps to keep people where they are suppose to be

and the cop caller is dying of cancer

thanks for stopping in :slight_smile:

all the best



I grew up in The South Bronx the first time I lived upstate was in the 1970s

when I spent some time working for NYS DOC

when I got out I knew I wanted to move upstate, lived in a couple places

in small cities

but we had a chance to buy our place in 1996 for cheap with no money

so we did and paid it off in 1998 and taxes are 600 dollars a years school/property

so it works

it would be nice to grow legally but you know New York’s government :frowning:

wouldn’t hold my breath

but I did get a medical card just because, ya never know

all the best and be safe



My wife said thank you very much

for me they are lawn ornaments, my wife has had horses for 40 years

they do a great job on the lawn

very nice, do you jump? Dressage?

all the best



Sorry for your neighbor, no one deserves that :pensive:, Hope you will implement IPM (now that I know what it means frech|nullxnull ). With all that army you can afford some losses. I will follow your progress, many users should copy your writing style with all those blank spaces, looks like the ENTER key was red hot for many members, cheers … beer|nullxnull



so after working outside yesterday and enjoying the sunshine

smoking lots of weed and eating canna capsules by the handful

all day

Had one of my sage moments as my dear wife says

all this light, all this space what I need is more plants

who cares if this is not a legal state, so was going to cut clones

air pumps are not pumping air, new one is on a truck somewhere

so why not plant more beans

so I planted 10 Mc L x Bubble L which is a CBD strain I believe
14 Black Berry, 12 Aurora Indica and 14 Papaya

another 50 plants maybe

the Mac L’s are new the others are old so we will see

clones are starting to look a lot better the mites beat the hell out of them

but it is a weed and some sun/rain/wind will make the mite feel at home outside I hope

I will be using Jacks Classic 20-20-20 for veg and 10-30-20 for flower

gave the all a good feeding

here are some plants they are GG#4, The Black, Channel+ and a blueberry cross

of mine from years ago

channel+ Big Bud x Skunk they are coming back

GG#4 poor plants have been hit hard by the mites

sad looking group shot, but sun and a bit of care

the road in front of my place

shitty shot on a computer at work :wink:

but gives you an idea

thinking about working down at the end of my field

along the hedge row, it gets sun all day from sun up

also hard to see if you are not on my place, other than from the


I will be in working pots as I can move them if need be, also I can move them inside to

finish if I need to

wanted to work here but wife wants to put in her garden :frowning:

oh well lots of room, lots a sun

so it is all good

enjoy the day and grow well



What is great about growing outside is being outside :slight_smile:

the sun is out, it rained here last night I have been out since 4 am potting plants

moving plants around without prying eyes

but I was hit with a wave of sadness thinking about how I have not worked

outside since 2010 and I no longer have the best grow partner ever

so to you my dear friend Buddy I say I hope you have flown free

here’s to you

Buddy when he came on 4/20/08

check for dryness

his work is never done

a great grower for sure

with my wife

Buddy wherever you may be we will never forget you



I stopped growing outside in the end of 1995 because I was growing three crops a season

one for me, one for the police and one for the ripper

I was growing in the Adirondack Park and wanted to dynamite may grows

but my wife being the voice of reason pointed out if someone died and they were

law enforcement New York State would stick a needle in my arm

so in 2001 I started inside

with a lot of help from OG members

but it is so nice to be working under the sun :slight_smile: the plants are loving it

enjoy the day



Looks like a wise decision going indoors then :sweat_smile:. I couldn’t stand no more growing outside. I had the plants in my garden, moving them indoors when there was menace of rain or visitors:

One day I went to leave the car in the mechanic and while walking back home there was a great storm, the plants were uncovered and two of them were lost because of mould :sweat:. One night while I was asleep I started to hear an unexpected rain, went down, panicked and started to dry the plant with a leaf blower machine and a hair dryer: the plant was burnt. :disappointed:

So I bought a small tent and started indoors, but greedy me, I kept outside two Frisian Ducks just to finish them inside when bad weather started.

That’s what I did, they had spider mites who devoured those plants and the one I already had inside. Now you know why I keep them always indoors, at least I can control everything and sleep better … :sweat_smile:


Nice work dequilo. Your plants and horses look happy and healthy. How do plan on watering all those plants


you know may wife asked the same question last night

and I said to her " that is a good question"

haven’t really given it a thought being an indoor grower I have

always just used a 2 gallon watering can

that might be a problem as I now have 80 plants up potted to

3 gallon containers



only 60 there but I have 80 total

I have an injector/proportioner setup that was used to grow field mums

that has weighted capillary tubes to water pots

but more than likely I will just use a hose with a syphinex and a wand

that is the problem I am having when the plants went out

they were not doing well at all, the mite damage had them crawling

I could never get them healthy enough to get over the bugs

so I moved outside and with the sun plants took off

I stopped counting at 99 so my plant count is very high

I have a hard time throwing plants away

so I have seedlings and clones

more beans in soilless

more plants in big pots

some how I forgot how much easier it is to grow plants outside

all that sun and fresh air

40 of my 3 gallon pots I am just going to veg and than move inside

at the end of July to finish and finish everything else outside

that is the plan anyways

my neighbor from hell has a sale pending on their place

so maybe I will get a good one

all the best and grow well


                                     Resistance Is Futile

Hello from CT !
Man that must be one large nutrients bill . This is one of a few reasons why I love hydroponics.
Even though your plants had the borg they sill look good.
Especially that GG#4


Hello CT ! back in a day went to a bike show spring/fall at Stafford Springs

always had a great time

the top half of the pot is full of of a soilless mix

but the bottom half is full of composted horse shit :slight_smile:

thank you they looked like hell with all the spraying with the oils and what have you

used a couple different foggers that did about nothing

but fresh air, sunshine and being able to wash the crap off with a hose

has help a lot

thanks all for following along and the kind words

all the best



@dequilo greetings! I’m in new York too. It looks like and sounds like you been doing this a lot longer than me. I’m definitely along for the ride. If you ever want to talk shop, let me know. I’m right outside Syracuse. Go Orange!! Blessings