Dequilo's 2021 grow some indoor fun:) closed 3/32021

Thanks for the tour and the background mate, I look forward to whats next in your canna growing journey.


We do have great summers together riding and the winters are not bad :wink:

we have some really nice parks here in new york state it is not all city

not 60 beans yet I did plant 15 GG#4 X and 15 Blackberry so planted 30

felt kinda bad dropping 23 beans and getting 6 of them to pop

so I did clean out my bubble cloners but did not take any cuts still no room

I am going to be building an 8 foot by 8 foot room to flower then take down

the wall to the 4 foot by 8 foot flower space

so my veg room will have 4 more feet which for me means more


thank you stopping and be safe



Thank you my friend I do love to post photos and share what I do growing with you all

I do not talk with folks around here about growing yet as this state still sucks

you just never know who will tell who what, then you get ripped or the police

show up

all the best and be safe



You are welcome

Get to New York look me up and I will show you New York for real :smile:

it is a great way to spend the summer and the fact that I can work and

get paid from them waterfalls is just icing on the cake

To be sure I will share the canna journey with you folks and you up to date

thank you for looking and all the best



Good Day a bit of Blah Blah Blah no photos I am at work and not having fun

working on a database, but for now it pays the bills

over the last two weeks or so I have been applying my self to grow and the

plants are looking better, the bugs at this point appear to be gone and the beans

they did poorly, they were old

I did get four of the Hash Bomb to grow so that is good and I did plants 30 more so I

will not cut clones at this time

I planted 15 gorilla glue 4 crosses I made with a male I like but have no

idea what is was :frowning:

also planted 15 Blackbery which is Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. not sure who it

came from but I will give it a roll

I picked up a couple of 73 dollar 1000 watt ballast off of fleabay and a couple new 1000

watt HPS double ended bulbs

I was using a couple of old purple 600 watt dail a watt lumatek ballasts but they cannot

start 600 watt ceramic metal halide bulbs

very soon i will be building an 8 foot by 8 foot separate flower room and gain

4 foot more space on my veg room

in the flower room I have been running two 400 watt lights, 1 HPS and 1 CMH which

have been working fine

not sure about in the new space, we will see

I have been thinking about going back to single ended bulbs and so I can run them naked

as of yet I have not figured out how to do this with double ended bulbs

but I have not worked all that hard at it

all the best and be safe



Looks like your killing it by the size and frost on those buds .


Wow, I just now read this thread, don’t know how I missed it.

I miss the Adirondack Mountains, spent many backpacking adventures in that beautiful
part of the country. But, I just realized that I have not been to the Adirondacks since around 1978 or so. I would frequent the West Canada Lakes Wilderness area …what cannabis tinged memories … Santa Marta Gold in the Adirondacks …special times.

Great thread, thanks for sharing.


Update 11/13/2019

Good day All this morning when I shut the lights of on my flower room

it is day 21 for the 8 plants I have in flower, no picture as my batteries

were died in my camera so I will add photos later today

But here is what is going on of the 15 Blackberry beans I planted 13 came

up so not bad for 5 year old beans

the other 15 of my GG4 cross did not fair as well about four came up

but they were stored very poorly, so it goes

I was looking at beans on the web and almost pulled the trigger

as if I need more beans :wink:

then a member here offered up some beans they wanted to get rid off

so I bought some from them

I got Cookie Monster X UBC Chemo

       Moon Walk X UBC Chemo

       Vintage Lime X UBC Chemo

       Island Sweet Skunk  by Federation

I was looking for UBC Chemo and I have grown the Island Sweet skunk before

I want to grow 5 plants outside this year and I want them to look like Gramps

I am not sure what I will be using for plants as of yet

I believe I would like to do a long flower Sativa just need to find one

I almost never grow anything but Indica inside, short plants with a short flower


way back when I bought some beans from some seeds whore that were

KC Brains NL#5 hoping for some nice piney Northern Lights

well that was not even close to what they were they stretched and stretched

I thought they would never stop

smoke was OK but throw out the other 3 packs

So if you have a favorite Sativa I would love to hear about it

I was looking to take them outside at the first the first of June at 8 or 12 weeks old

so they will finish here in the northeast

I do need to have them in pots so if need be they can be moved without

chopping them down

I still live in a state that frowns upon the cultivation of the Devil’s Weed

need to be some what careful getting a bit too old to work for the department

of corrections

The plants I hack are coming back nicely and I have picked out 8 to put into flower

in about 5 weeks or so

I will update with some photos later today and thanks for stopping

Peace and be safe



Thank you my friend those are from awhile back

they are a Big Bud x Skunk #1 cross that packs on the weight




We ride the Park a lot some great roads thru there, West Canada Lake is a nice


it is very scenic a long west canada creek, love to go up by Blue Mountain


we go up in the winter also as the Adirondacks in the winter is great to be in

thanks for reading it



If you’re looking for a nice sativa, may I recommend checking out Ace Seeds


Thank you I will give them a look

I am thinking about pots right now I need something that I can just pickup with

a hand truck to move if I need to

I want them large so I do not know if I can use a fabric pot and move them

I was thinking maybe those rope handle tubs they put ice and beers in

I found them in 40 gallon but not too deep more wide which is good

thank you for the reply



I am going to do an update with photos but first let me say

I have been reading lots and lots of grow threads here and I must say I have seen

a lot of outstanding work :smile:

I have not really read the forums for quite awhile and to see where you all have

taken growing is just amazing

what some are doing in small spaces, LED lights, small plants in small pots

is cool

when I started growing inside back 2001 on OG I would post photos of plants

that I had stripped off half of their leaf mass, whacked half their height off

growers heads would blow up (you all know who you are :wink: )

I heard all about how the plants needs the leaves because they store food and Blah Blah Blah

I always said the same thing to growers, I am looking to tailor the plant to space I


to make them look like this

that is a big bud in a 10 inch plastic urn back in 2001

a skunk#1 in a 12 inch peat pot from 2001 a freebie from a seed whore

first grow box

now I see all you fine growers bending and hacking , trimming your plants to the

max and I am in love

thank you one an all for sharing what you do and how do it

OK update today for my flower room we are at the end of day 22

in the door way are a couple of ganja-nam style by Dr. Krippling which is Mekong High x Critical Mass

I got it as a single seed Feminized seed about four years ago nice smoke ez grower

the black cross

a couple of The Black cross I made, the black was a cut from Cali that I crossed with another indica

nice hard bud and hard hitting stone

a blueberry cross

another BB cross I made not sure of the male but it is the same one I used on the black

I am so shitty at keeping records :frowning: I do that at my day job so I seem to have an aversion to doing

it in my grows

but the seeds I make I grow and it works for me :slight_smile:

the plants after being hacked are doing much better I do not see any mite in my veg

room, but saw one plant in flower with some webbing so they got a spray

no more webs yet

plant in veg

I will be change out my HPS in this room to a MH or a CMH not sure which

I need to pick out 8 plants for my next flower run which is still five weeks away, then what is left will get another trimming

Seedlings are doing OK did a bit of damage to the 4 hash bomb and 2 unknowns

4 sad little hash bombs

unknowns feeling the pain

someone years ago gave me an LED to try on seedlings and I never did, I found it the other day

looking for some flower food

and thought why not give it a try, after a couple of day move them back under T 12 shoplights

the blackberry look better, next time I will have to do the paper towel or soak the old seeds

as I did have to help them get the seed shell and hull off

but I do hope to find something good in them

so that my friends is the end of this update

all the best and be safe



You have a really nice garden!
I’ll be watching for updates :slight_smile:


Thank you for stopping by and the kind words :slight_smile:

and feel free to post thoughts and comments it always great to hear what other think

about growing and how they do it

all the best my friend



Good Day last night before turning lights on in my veg room I changed my HPS bulb to a Solis Tek

1000 watt double ended 6K blue bulb

wow what a bright light, used a light meter and I am getting more foot candles them with the HPS

so we will see

my veg room 10/30/2019

veg room today 11/15/2019

amazing if you kill the bugs, give them some food and a bit of love

how well the weed grow

stock plant to cut clones

all the best and be safe



looks like you are putting the work in mate, you be busy hand watering?


yes sir hand watering :smile: that and I turn my flower lights on and off by hand each day

if not I may not check them and have light not come or stay for a week

I have been taking care of them again after not doing much from March until October

and killing the mites has not hurt either :wink:

good of you to stop by my friend

all the best and enjoy the day



WOW man you are killing it!!
As I was looking at your area photos, I got reminded of a guys video, I watched the other day, he recently bought himself a 2006 Honda Big Ruckus, and was riding to a breakfast some scooter folks attend. Blistering beautiful iron was there, in every type.
They were riding along the Palisades ? area I think it was. Dang man I got to ride up that way sometime, as that was just beautiful.
Then wandering in your photos made me want to jump on my wee scoot and go see it!

I’m so glad you back to hanging with the cannabeings again.


No doubt, eh?

Makes me wish I was retired or independently wealthy and I could just spent my days puttering and tinkering and maintaining a nice setup like that!