Dequilo's 2021 grow some indoor fun:) closed 3/32021

Good Day thought because I just love to post grow photos and talk about growing

I figured I should start a grow thread so here goes

I have been growing since the 1970’s outside but moved inside back in 2001 and joined OG

I grow in soil less (pro mix bx or hp) but always add a lot more vermiculite and perlite as I like a quick drying light soil

I grow in soil because it is ez and forgiving

but did try some Hempy buckets one time

it was ez and the plants did well but I am too lazy so back to pro mix

I use Jack classic fertilizer (was peters) because they come in 25 lb bags for cheap

I trim and prune my plants a lot and cut off leaves a bunch

like to fit my plants to my space not my space to my plants

not stuff from now but from a few years ago more of a test of posting and uploading photos

but I take some photo of what I am growing and doing now

a couple of more random shots

a friend who showed up one 4/20 and stayed to help grow for 18 months

some of our work

and couple of more :slight_smile:

be safe and stay free



Awesome pictures! Whst kind of bird is that Haha


black vulture

he was very helpful :wink:


Lol funny first thing I thought that’s a weird bird thought it was a turkey from first pic then second I’m like wtf is that thing :rofl:

Anyway welcome to OG @dequilo missed you on the introduce yourself thread but nice to have another hopefully regular face around here looks like you’ve got a good space too :muscle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was thinking crow at first until looking closer lol


I will be around post for sure love to talk about growing the weed

called him/her Buddy sitting in a bowl


Great to have you here!!
I would say you do like to add lots of perlite and vermiculite!!
Pix look great


those two 5 gallon lowes buckets are Hempy Buckets

with half and half

OK here is where it start back at OG for me when I moved inside

that is a 4 foot by 8 foot by 8 foot tall box in an outside unheated building

there at 3 - 400 watt high bay warehouse light from a electrical supply house for 1200 watts 2/HPS 1/MH

remember this is 2001

I used the standard bulbs and the reflectors but remoted the ballast to move the heat outside the box

that is a Skunk #1 from Sam The Skunkman in a 12 or 14 inch peat pot

the is a BC Big Bud in a 12 inch urn from the dollar store, I do trim my plant a bit

but the first winter I found out how hard it can be to heat a box basically outside so ended up over the winter using a closet

plants in a 2.5 foot by 3 foot space under a 400 watt HPS using a sun systems reflector back when I used them

same plants no lights

then I grew in some spare rooms , outside a little

I stopped growing for about 4 or 5 years as a neighbor moved in and had a bunch of butt hurt over who knows what

broke into a building of mine here took some photos and was calling the police

I ripped a grow down and threw out five week in flower plants, police show up ask to come on my

property to look around

I said sure and they did not look at anything said to me must be an “angry neighbor”

I was so lucky

so while I waited I built a grow room 8 foot by 16 foot by 8 tall inside and brewed beer :slight_smile:

been back to growing for about five years, but just started posting again so when I saw the OG

thought I would give here a try

all the best and thanks for having me


just a side note some photos may have a opengrow or what have you watermark on them

they are my work


so I found some photos I had on the web in a gallery so I will bore with a bit of blah blah blah

OK here goes I have grown in a lot of settings but have always wanted a grow room to grow and only grow not live life

so like said I took a break for a bit, so when I felt safe to start again I built a room in a big building

the room is 8’ x 16’ by 8’ tall inside, me an power tools that cut never play nice

the photo shows the start of the floor, it is leveled pressure treated wood with pallets covered in wood

starting to put up walls and support for the roof, this is Oct. 2015 so I have been back to growing for 4 years

the roof/ceiling going on, just to give you an idea of the room it is all panels

very strong I do use the top to store things to make up for lost floor space :slight_smile:

last shot door jam going in, I have batteries on the charger for a camera I will take some shots of now

to get this rolling

peace and be safe



Would absolutely LOVE to have that space.
Oh the pollen I would chuck… lol


Oh I am so with you on that :slight_smile: I had a couple of males with 7 female plants outside this year

I had the males far enough away to get some beans but not so close be smoking block weed

the males were a DJ Short Blueberry by ?, good smoke good yield

always making my own beans, good fresh stock that you get to chose what you like

peace and be well



a few more this was outside in 2008 with my helper

mixing up soilless and check out nutes

here are some plants

more then likely cross I made with blue kronic

Hamilton he was good, I live in the sticks

need some inside stuff for an inside grow thread, eh?


some inside shots from 2011

some B52 crosses in 1.75 gallon bleach bottle with tops cut off as Hempy Buckets

the growth was mad crazy but I had a problem with plants falling over in five gallon buckets

so I never worked out a good bucket to use :frowning:


inside from 2011 a back porch with 800 watts HPS lights

all the best



Hey Deq,
I’m really really glad you came back to cyberia!!
I had completely forgot the Helper Bird, but not your growing skills.
Like I said elsewhere, I still use many of your tricks, I learned from here, many many years ago now.
Love the build by the way!!
Take care my friend.


Hello My Friend it has been almost forever good to see you around and well

love your ride in the other thread :heart:

I can see you zipping around Baltimore, knew folks in Pigtown back in a day

I bought the dresser back in 2017 so me and the wife been riding 10 - 12 hours a day over the summer

so I have not kept up on things thank god it is a weed

I was just up in my grow room from 6 am until now 11 am

I have had a couple of issues

first one is awhile ago my son was here from Cali and ask if I wanted a rooted cutting of Chanel

I had it but lost it to laziness on my part, so was I like sure

put it right into my grow room and it had mites :frowning: it was out a friend grow not his

if I had known that I would have kept it out of the room for a bit

second one is the fact it is summer and I am a lazy grower, it takes time ride 25000 mile year

in the northeast

so I sprayed with Dr. Earth’s Final Stop and neem oil half ass for a bit which only made it worst

after that I feed them 20-20-20 jack’s classic and sprayed them three times hard back to back

which did take a toll on the plants but the bugs are gone and lots of new growth

so today I took off all the dyeing leaves and what have you

they look so much better and the new growth is exploding

Good to see and be well



today is 10/20/2019

Good day one and all hope you are well

let start with some Blah Blah Blah and post up some photos

I am growing in a room/box built inside of a big building, the grow space is

8 foot by 16 foot by 8 foot tall inside the space is broken up into a 4 foot by 8 flower space

and a 8 foot by 12 foot clone/veg space

in the flower space I have two double ended bulbs one ceramic metal halide and one high pressure sodium

I am running them both at 400 watts but the are 1000 watt bulbs so could be ran at 1000

but 2000 watts is a bit on the hot side

I am using a couple select a voltage electronic ballasts, nothing fancy

bulbs are generic, again whatever is on sale

I grow in soilless right now and most of the time I use Pro Mix hp/bx but always add about

a 2 to one mix of soilless to perlite/vermiculite

very hard to overwater, the vermiculite IMHO does really help give a better root mass

being a glass it really appears to work like root pruning

I use Peters/Jack’s Classic because I started using it back in 1980’s growing potted plants for

the florist trade, great product for the cost a little goes a long way

most of the time I just use the 20-20-20 at half strength and call it good but time I to time do use the 10-30-20

to give them a kick

OK some photos but first let me say my plants have taking a beating from a mite problem and my neglect :frowning:

but with a bit of :heart: and some time they will be fine I know because I killed lots and lots of plants :slight_smile:

photos are on the crappy side but they will get better I promise, this is a DJ Shorty blueberry cross I made

with an unknown male I had keep because I liked the female, this is before a trim

after a trim, they are in small pots they not be flowered for awhile

I got mites from my stupidity should kept it outside the grow room as I always do

but to busy out riding and in a hurry so it went right in to the room :frowning:

I sprayed a couple of time but not diligently they came back stronger

in the end I drenched back to back for three days with Dr. Earth’s Final Stop and Neem oil

which kill the bugs but damaged the plants a bit

this is a Dr Krippling Ganj-nam Style got a single seed as a freebie it is a Mekong High and Critical Mass cross

grows ez and yields big it is a keeper for me and I can smoke it day after day and still get stone

after a bit loving to remove any of the leaf mass that was damaged by the hard spraying

back in school I took an arboriculture a professor told us to always remember the four D’s

dead, diseased, damaged and dying when you are doing prune or trim a plant/tree

first things to go a dying stalk, damaged leaves etc. how much good are they doing a plant?

my guess would not much, a plant needs to build a cell wall to kill a stalk/leaf while it still has to feed them

cut them off and the plant has to heal the cut but not feed anything

gorilla glue 4 from a cali cut again beat up pretty, really I do grow better them all this

it truly is amazing how much abuse the weed can take and with care come back well

six GG4’s on a bench after some hacking

the plants in the green pots are a cross I made with some unknown plants, I like the smoke and the yield is very good

does not stretch and very little smell in flower, I still live in a state that frowns upon growing

high tech fan setup to move the air I have had it in many rooms and grows

I use a very basic reflector as i have never used a double ended bulb naked hung vertically

I have two light in the room one 1000 watt CMH and one watt HPS

I run them at 400 watts, the CMH can run at 600 and HPS is in a 600 ballast

breaker panel and ballasts on the wall, I am not big on timers but I do use on for my cloning lights and veg light

but I need to turn the flower lights on and off so I have to be in and look at the room twice

shelf for clones, enough for now my wife is washing the Harley right so I need to roll some bones

and hit the wind

all the best and stay free



Thanks for the tour man, got some tall ones in there


Hello My Friend thanks for stopping by and looking :slight_smile:

the plants are a bit on the beat up side right now between mites and my neglect the have had a bad summer

I on the other hand have had a great summer rode my bikes 25000 miles been all over new england

so for me good for them not so much

but as they say " life goes on within and without"

the are coming back, the tall ones in the 8 or 10 inch pots are a blueberry cross and the will be getting

shorten by half and re potted in a 5 gallon pot, the plants in veg will be put into flower for

8 weeks so I need to pick out 8 for my next run and everything else will get pruned

I have 3 blackberry Kush crosses, 3 buleberry crosses and 2 gangnam style about 5 days into 12/12

so the ones for the next cycle have awhile to come back

I turn flower crops over every 9 weeks more or less for the head

all the best and be safe



Yes summer grows are the hardest, indoors and out.
Sounds like some nice crosses, I never grew out either Blackberry Kush or Blueberry. Do you know what they’re crossed with?
I do have Blackberry Breath though and a Blueberry x Northern lights "Godzilla edition " to try out.
Only thing Blueberry I’ve grown out was Blue Widow from Dinafem.


The Blueberry was a DJ Short Mom the father was something I had made before I shut down so it is something unknown

same father on the Blackberry Kush which was from a Cali cut mom

when I started back up I started with beans I had made, which I did not store as well as I had thought

about 8 out of 100 popped and 5 died very quick 3 made it, a male and two females

one female grew nicely the other did not so I end up with female and male

the male I kept in my veg room and cut it back for about 16 months, kept it in the smallest pot I could

cut it back all time

I thought I had it not flowering :frowning: wrong it had some balls and I got some beans

love the female :heart: it makes big buds does not stretch when put into flower so I have hope for the male

but we will see