Despriate Times = Desperiate Measures _ Smkn The " Low on Paper's, Warning Paper" Review

I am in the middle of my, only tolerable once a week, far walk to the store, to get grocery’s and I

am outta of rolling papers, it’s snowy and I am solar powered. I don’t want to go. Soooo…That is

the back story and here is the Review…

I am smoking the " Yellow Warning, Low on Papers," paper, in the pack, and here is my review lol

It is not much worse then what I remember a  Players/Export/Vogue/any staled flavored rolling  

papers, to have ever tasted…

all day smoking, on this old, never cleaned, will lose it’s wax seal if i mess with it

bong, from the last time this happened, tastes more like wax then this paper tastes

like yellow. Now if only Jeff Bezos would start selling smoke accessories, this would not happen

as often.



Bro? That’s gross! Just smoke out of an apple bro!


:joy: been there man, definitely need some real papers… but you can definitely get all kinds of smokin accessories from Amazon… just gotta make sure they don’t actually ship from China and take a month :sweat_smile: there’s plenty of other sites tho too if there isn’t anything local.


Amazon does sell papers lol and pipes and bongs, I buy my RAW by the case.


Brooooahhh. Just take a freaking pop can, on its side, bend it into a V shape slightly in the middle. Poke some holes in it and its a pipe.


No. That’s crackhead shit. Use a apple or go to a gas station and get a pack of papers. I don’t care for the raw papers I like Afghanhemp, they are perfect! And you get lil paper things to roll up. Lol.

In prison guys use those little bibles for papers. You can sell 3 pages for a soup(25 cents) each page is 4/5 papers. They work surprisingly well. Weed was 50 bucks for a chapstick cap full. Not even packed… just full.


Went to the store! It is just how it is in a 1 store town, a non-24-hour store, you know if you’re a night hawk. like me. I seriously assumed Amazon didn’t sell papers after not finding vape supplies or any of the one’s I need a long time ago, Just assumed they avoided such things. Good tip Rizla is more my brand but still sweet. I tried to order from Rizla on line didn’t work…

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Never again. Via Amazon.


I like this because it works and can easily disposed of. The 50 cent cans of pop from Safeway or superstore in a quick pinch


It may be some crackhead shit BUT its cleaner then smoking some yellow paper that’s never ment for your lungs.


Heard of the old boys in the clink using pages from the Bible…but that seems kind of…well…wrong around Christmas.


The paint on the can and hot aluminum has to be better right Everybody has their own line


My go to was always a small socket shoved into pen body metal if I had one but oh the plastic fumes I’ve taken in lol tasty

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Op needs to post photos of a real joint made with appropriate rolling methods lol

LOL agreed but That is a real joint and a real bong , Takes a real smoker to know they have never needed the glue on a paper and wax can be used for a seal and for the record not everyone has cans of pop. lol a method once had to use at a camping trip… preferably if i had a 2 liter bottle, I would have made a bucket toker.

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No worries brother, I’ve done some sketchy shit myself to get my Cannabis fix… I don’t pass judgment, Just laugh at the things people do, mostly cause it brings back memories of things I’ve done lol

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All Good! I wont lie, It took me back to grade 7 smoking tea in news paper or even after Halloween , after chewing a lolly pop I use to light one end and smoke thru the tube pretend I was a tuff dude. lol

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I know this is an old thread and I didn’t mean to single you out but I realized both posts I quoted were you after the fact lol

I used to do this shit all the time back in the day so no judgement, but what I didn’t know back in the day is that there’s a plastic liner inside soda cans!

As many fond memories as I have of improvising a can bowl I wouldn’t do if someone paid me to now that I know!

Or … you can decarb your bud “au bain marie” in a covered cooking pot and just eat a teaspoon, be stoned for 8 to 12 hours, depending on potency, and have your stash last 3 to 5 times longer. No rolling papers, lighter or ashtray needed. No one can smell it. And it’s less likely to show up in drugtests because they look for delta-9-THC, which when eaten, your liver upgrades to 11-hydroxy-THC, a more potent and sophisticated molecule.

Smoking is so… primitive. :upside_down_face:

But old habits die hard, I understand that. :sweat_smile:


When I want to feel better then vaping, vaporizing or eating it is great and obviously I can get pretty high off any of them. When I want to get stoned smoking has no rivals. That plus the feeling of sitting down and casually smoking a joint is the unrivaled ritual for me personally. I don’t do bong rips anymore, a bowl is nice, a joint is zen.

I knew it was metabolized differently when you ate it but I didn’t know it actually changed the molecule like that. Pretty interesting stuff!

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