Despriate Times = Desperiate Measures _ Smkn The " Low on Paper's, Warning Paper" Review

Beats building a vaporizer out of a lightbulb, soda cap, and bic pen :man_shrugging:t2:

Could just use a page out of the Bible. I always chose the Pauline epistles because they’re bullshit anyways.

Agreed. I need life to flux, at my finger tips,stilling and drawing my very focus, to remind me. It’s all just a slow burn baby … I do want to try this decarb as a baseline to some doobage smokin. I de de carbed for butter , never tried just eating it straight after. 3 - 5 times longer. does that only work for crazy good weed?

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I’ve never intentionally decarbed weed to eat a spoonful but I’ve eaten vaped weed which is the same thing and it can definitely knock you on your ass! I don’t usually do it because I prefer to have an idea of dosage but if you just want to blast off it’ll do it.

lol eating pre dates fire. Eating monkey are not impressive, smoking monkeys will get you some views. lol I get your point of " They" all tho I never have had any “Theys” in my life. It is still slick information. Edibles vrs smoke buzz is a whole other topic. ( I vote smoke.)

You mean weed after it’s been in one of those vaporizers? there kinda fun , I tried a solo for a week or so, I used indoors at a girls house. So you ate the browned weed after it was heated? I like buzzes that aid walks, tv, creative hobbies. edibles need some knowledge cus either they do nothing or more sedated type thing, I am sure there is a balance, i just know my what to roll dosage and rely on the speed of a dube. I can stop half way through and know were i am at or even at a took or 2 , creepers aside With my experience smoking It is just way easier for me to predict smoking over eating. Ever tried THC pills? I hated those. you may like those.

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Yeah that weed still has thc in it and it’s been decarbed from vaping it. I put nutella on a graham cracker and put the weed on top of that.

THC pills? Like the gel ones? I regularly take infused MCT oil which may be close to those but I don’t take big doses of it. The best edibles I’ve had I made with this awesome OG Kush shake from a dispensary near me. I infused coconut oil with it and made cupcakes with the oil that were somewhere between 25-30 mgs a piece. The high was perfect and so clean, mellow but not sedating. If I could feel like that every time I used weed I would have no complaints.

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Edibles don’t work for everyone. I have tried gummies , chocolates, nothing. made my own butter , mellow, not worth it, so I just make bubble hash. Once, I tried a shot glass of melted cannabutter, a pound (of possibly moldy weed ) and a pound of butter, and probibly over cooked to a cbd heavy substance but I was really ripped from it. Like really. I walked home and sat, like no t.v on , no music, just sat. I don’t do


Seems like it was telling you to start meditating. Everyone can use some of that. There’s a whole list of benefits.

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If I could wake up with the same focus I harbor after midnight, that would be a meditative qoal I could use. lol

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