Do you smoke Thai?

So I wanted to start a thread on Thai and South East Asian types as I am
currently living in the area and I have been smoking these types
since the 90s when I first started to smoke weed. I have always liked
the NLD types better in general as I like to get high rather than
stoned but as with all aspects of cannabis consumption, the “beauty”
lays in the eye of the beholder. We are all different and we all have
slightly different cannabinoid systems and preferences that makes us
respond and react to cannabis in different ways.

I have been smoking these outdoor grown and narrow leafed drug types
almost exclusively for the last four-five years as it is really
expensive to grow indoors and and it’s really expensive to buy indoor
or imported flowers though I have done so at times. I don’t consider
myself to be any kind of expert on this subject but I have some
experience with these types and I have seen them grow and they come
in many forms. Usually the quality of the flowers depend heavily on
how they were grown, just like with indoor seed bank varieties. I
have had some really exceptional experiences with locally grown and I
have had some less than desirable experiences with really shitty,
commercial bricks as well. Unfortunately the latter would be the
norm, especially if one travel to the more tourist ridden places.

I usually divide the NLD types I have encountered here in two broad
categories. The green and the brown types and they are quite
different and there are a lot of variation within both categories as
well. Most of the stuff here has no names but if you’re lucky you
might find out where it came from and hence it can have a regional
name tagged to it but names like “lemon thai” or “chocolate
thai” are western thought up names that are not used by the locals.
They (thais in the south where I live) call all weed ganja (it is
actually what it is named in their language) and they have some
“street names” for it like “neua” which means meat or beef as
it often comes pressed in bricks. In the south they also call the
best green type “kiaow waan” which translated to english is
“Green Sweet”. I have never seen it wrapped around any sticks and
naturally I have never heard anyone refer to weed as “thai sticks”
here though if one brings up cannabis from thailand on forums people
immediately starts talking about “thai sticks”. I have seen some
brick weed pressed and then wrapped with red string and in some cases
the string has been blue or yellow as well. I have seen it wrapped in
some kind of thin foil and in plastic.

There’s a big difference between the commercial and the private or amateur
style of cannabis here and I always prefer the latter. Commercial
weed is grown in large fields, in this country or one of the three
neighboring ones (Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar formerly Burma) and it is
always pressed. Sometimes the commercial quantities are ok to smoke
and sometimes (very rarely) they also have some smell and flavor
other than damp, moldy grass. This is what 99% of the people coming
as tourists will encounter.

If you go deeper into the culture and to places where there’s not much
tourism it is much harder to find the cannabis as you can’t simply
look for reggae flags on the beach and go up and ask in broken
english. You have to know people and you got to know the language.
Though when you find some local pockets it can be very rewarding. The
care taken for some weed that are to be consumed rather than sold in
large masses makes for a world of difference. Some if it really can
smell super nice and you even get the right types of pungent flavors
along with a much stronger and less generic high. It’s simple logic,
if you have fields of it and you’re selling it, there’s little
individual care taken for each pant and especially post harvest.

If I can figure out how to post pictures easily I will put some up,
mostly commercial batches that were ok…

puff puff pass!


Welcome to OG , interesting story, thanks for sharing. You can just drag and drop an image where the cursor is, never seen those thai strains … :sunglasses:


Thanks for the help! This is some pictures of a plant just outside a house,
not a field and I am not sure of the origin of the seed but it was
definitely NLD both in looks and effects, I got a little branch cut
off by the owner as I was smelling the plant for 10 minutes hahaha


Last year I got this brown type that was cured and preserved much better
than the general weed bought in this region. The tropical weather is
not very good for keeping weed or seeds long term but this guy had
some real nice “brown” type which was different I effect than
most of the other “green” or “brown” I had tried before… I
still miss it as it had these savory kind of flavors and it felt much
fresher than most anything that isn’t cut off a plant a day or two
ago here…


This is how the usual brick weed looks which is one of the major factors
that gives modern thai or south east Asian types such a bad rep I
think… the post harvest care is virtually zero and the climate is
brutal for everything here… your cloths will mold on the line in no
time if not brought inside and worn/washed again soon…


That’s really cool. That brown stuff above looks very similar to the old Thai
Stick weed in color. It was all about the curing process that made it special. And, boy was it special.

Is pot legal there? You talk about commercial fields…

Welcome and thanks for the story and pics! peace


I would agree that the curing process seemed very different for the
brown I posted above to almost anything I have had to smoke here so
it might definitely be one of the main facors for the color… the
guy I bought it from said it came from the north, where most of the
old stuff came from… this was good… not the best I have had here
though but really good and consistent so I am sure my local buddy at
that place took good care of it when he got it to.

They have amended parts of the law for medicinal cannabis but it is far
from legal and it’s not clear to me how they’re moving forward with
their legalization process… for now it’s only a few farms that got
a license to grow and supply the medicinal cannabis and it’s not
small, local farmers that got it but more their agricultural ministry
controlled farms… I don’t see it being free for anyone anytime
soon. They don’t want to make it “rec” at all from what I have
gathered out of the public information available but I have also seen
papers another local friend had stamped with seals of the government
as he was in the process of applying for licenses to grow, sell and
export but I heard nothing on it the past year or so since I saw his

To be clear, I am not in any way connected to any commercial fields, my
statement was just a logical one where commercially grown fields
usually, no matter what crop, has a lower quality than a small
private garden. I suspect that most of the commercial stuff comes
over the mountains in the north from close by countries as it is
dangerous or very, very expensive to do such things here and weed is
still pretty cheap…

thanks for the welcome!


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I have been traveling and been back home (north of the globe) and came
back to this wonderful world at the 8th parallel (north or
the equator). I had literally and figuratively speaking sown seeds of
weed in this place before leaving. Not to dwell too deep into my
character but I have ties to this place and will for the rest of my
life as part of my immediate family hales from this place. A local
friend put a few of the seeds in his ground and when I returned he
gave me a jar of some cut and dried and he still had a few plants
under the sun.

The one he cut and dried was really seeded and it wasn’t at all that good
to be honest. Still on part with the normal commercial stuff, it will
get you high, but no wonderful flavors or smells. The youngest plant
(pictured) was different though with a sharp smell of lime/lemon and
that sweet candy kind of cannabis aroma that I remember from many of
my indoor ladies through out the years back home. It is also very
sticky. I know those two parameters usually points to some nice
smoke.This definitely seem to be one of the “green” types. Can’t
wait to cut it and dry it and smoke it.


Spent all christmas eve (24th) trimming flowers from stems,
seeds and leafs. This plant was real sticky and next one in line,
after it has dried will be even stickier. I got a nice few bowls of
trim hash to smoke yesterday. The plant I trimmed yesterday didn’t
look much but it was actually quite nice. The first hit in the pipe
my wife said I got all red under my eyes form it and I could feel
kind of warmed my face a bit. I totally understand why most weed
around is not trimmed to my liking where I have at least 96% flower
in the mix. It is a tedious job if you don’t want a single fucking
seeds to slip by and ruin a joint later down the road. This kind of
care can simply not be put to 10 000 plants but damn I like my result
quite a lot. Definitely better quality than most commercial you can
buy but I think the plant probably should have flowered for a month
or so more. But it is strong enough already now. Just a
day-brightening effect, I was singing along to some old reggae and
just trimming on. Merry Christmas to everyone. Make sure to smoke and
have a good time I sure am…


Merry Christmas from the opposite end of the earth brother.


Merry Christmas everybody!

This thread is a good Christmas :gift:


Thanks Happy Hollidays and a merry boxingday to you too!


thanks have a great holiday!

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Thank you, I’ll do my best!:+1::v:

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Today I am enjoying the fruits of my past days labour. The processing of a
semi-seeded thai plant is time consuming and the yield is not a
quantitate one but the quality of this flower is superior to all the
commercial weed I have tried the last couple of years. No seeds, no
stems, no leafs just flowers. It has a nice sticky and no too sweet
fruity tone to the aroma but the flavors are not very pronounced.
It’s a smooth smoke but it’s not that flavorful. The effects are
pretty strong, warm and happy kind of up high, perfect for family
days in the countryside or going to the beach like I am today.

The local beach here where I live, on the mainland and in the south,
there are almost no tourists. I live outside a small village outside
a slightly larger village. It’s only a few locals and me. The whole
beach is empty for miles. No stress or cambodian children trying to
sell you flowers for a hundred bath. You got to speak thai to get
around here. Almost no one speaks english. It’s all cool for me. They
know me here and I speak enough to get by and to make a few friends
at times. They are often impressed that I can speak a little, and
with the southern accent as well. It’s such a relief coming to places
like this compared to the tourist destinations like Phuket or great
big cities like Bangkok. The food down here is lovely, very spicy and
they have tons of fresh sea food as it is literally on the ocean
front. There are no bar streets or working ladyboys roaming about and
in general this place is empty and quiet by eight pm most nights if
there’s not a wedding or some big party like new years.

Probably going to start harvesting the last big plant tonight. It won’t be
ready for new years but it will be ready to smoke for next year.
Today was a partial solar eclipse here. Think it could be seen from
India and through out south-east Asia and I saw it. I don’t know how
many percent we got here but the southern most district would get
81%. I could feel it during the peak of the eclipse, it wasn’t as hot
in the sun as it usually is but it was still pretty nice daytime
light. Lazy days with good weed and good food…


Curious, what kind of flowers would they be selling?

thanks for the interesting info !

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Hey @StocktonT it’s nice to see you! I am doing a preservation run of Tom Hills X-18, and mixed in a bunch of landrace strains from the middle east and SE Asia.

I also had some Mango Thai from The Real Seed Company, and just had to start a couple! While I was not planning on running a long flowering satty with this Indy run, there was something telling me that crossing it to the X-18 might make some nice hybrids, and tame it a bit.

I think it is more of an outdoor strain so we’ll see how I do with it indoors.

Here is the write up and picture from RSC. It is from the Laos region bordering Burma but there is some talk about the seeds being brought there from another area of Thailand for the locals to grow so it it probably difficult to say for sure what region these seeds were from originally.

A classic Lao – Thai landrace strain that’s powerfully aromatic and can exhibit intense potency. There are two main variants, one with strong fruit scents redolent of mango and papaya, the other with ‘darker’ and earthier aromas akin to tobacco, leather, spices, and musk.

The mango plants tend to be lighter and softer green in colour. The richer, more tobacco-scented forms typically have darker-coloured bracts, a trait that’s enhanced on curing. Buds are resinous and will coat a joint in oil during smoking. Smoke is thick, flavourful, and smooth.

This particular ganja landrace is most closely associated with Central Laos, particularly Vientiane Province, though it can be found cultivated in Isan, Northeast Thailand. Whether it’s Thai or Lao is open to interpretation. Northern Isan and Central Laos face each other on opposite banks of the Mekong River, which functions to connect the the two regions economically and culturally. The language of northern Isan is Lao, and local people often refer to the region collectively as ‘Meuang Lao’.

This particular accession was in fact made further north in Laos, where an ethnic minority village had been contracted to raise the crop by Thais. These Thai ganja smugglers had provided the farmers with seed. They also instructed farmers in key techniques such as the correct spacing of plants, when to harvest, and how to identify and rogue out males. Buds were skillfully grown, only very lightly seeded, and correctly cured.

Highly recommended to breeders, essential for collectors.

I think the plants are going to be huge. Right now they are only 8" tall, and the leaves are already 8" long! Here is a picture of a couple of the leaves. It is hard to get a perceptive on size but the one on the left is 8" tip to end.

I’ll post a picture when they start going into flower. I’m looking forward to these, and am hopeful it will be like some of the rare thai weed we got back in the midwest in the late 70s and early 80s!


no that’s just regular flower, like one of them… they try to get tourists to buy flowers from them
as they are poor children. They’re not thai kids, they come from the countries around and are told
what to do by adults which is the horrible thing about it… nothing good at all.

Hey @Comacus very nice to see you again bro. Cool project indeed. That
description of the two types of that Laotian sounds pretty much like
my description of the two basic south east asian types. Green and
Brown. Central Laos, Vientiane City which would make it the same area
as northern Isaan (Udon Thani City on the Thai side of the border). I
would also say that someone speaking the thai dialect of Isaan also
could communicate very effectively with someone speaking Lao. I am
not sure the Isaan people would agree they speak Lao though,
hehehehe, but most of the other information seem to be right.

I do fear that the war on drugs has in part taken out the collective
knowledge of growing ganja crops. As stated it moved into Laos
further as it was becoming dangerous and expensive to do it on the
other side of the Mekong river. Wonder what tribe that could be but
it doesn’t really matter as there are a few areas with people that
kind of cross borders. That river is still to this day known for its

Those are some big leafs for such small plants. They do not have the
ultimate structure and build for indoor growing these types. Planted
in the right time of year and cared for it can be huge outside. They
tend to stretch a lot indoors as well. There’s always going to be
that individual variation and I don’t really know what the good to
bad ratios are on those. Most of the stuff from Laos that I have
tried came in brick weed to me. That means that I am not even sure it
came from Laos or that area. A lot of the commercial comes that route
of the the river.

Really cool project. Hope you keep us updated on it, would be nice to see
those thai/laotians grow elsewhere. Always nice to see you bro! All
the best!