PNG-Papua New Guinea Pics from various growers

PNG grown in Hawaii by DirtBoy
photosensitive pheno

Current Indoor PNG at 5 months flowering by djimb
photosensitive pheno


PNG at 5 months grown by Dave Coulier
photosensitive pheno


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Wow! Is it done after 5 months? What’s the smoke like?


Awesome thread! Great pictures! Can’t wait to add my own at some point. It buds heavy. Any smells you all can share?


CTG said, “Got to sample some of the png from dirtyboy,
Taste is astringent cat piss type flavor not bad in any way. Like I have tasted in other pure sativa no sweet in it at all. High takes a bit to come on fully kind of creeper, visual effects the eyes slightly trippy like a light mushroom high but real Stoney as well. Pretty potent, all in all a real nice pure sativa with loads of breeding potential both from the males and fems.”

DAVE C: “Been smoking it in my fury 2 as I prepared the photos and lets just say it’s been difficult to focus on my task. Im experiencing a spacey-delirium like high at the moment. One moment Im here typing, the next im off in lala land completely spaced out. Progress is made during moments of lucidity…”


There’s a few aromas. Catpiss, Citrus, Floral and Fruity.
I came across the catpiss and the fruity.

There is also separate PNG “autoflower” pheno which was found during in my first PNG grow. This female started flowering under 18 hour light schedule and stayed a true female.
The one PNG stud pollinated both the PNG photoperiod female and the auto female.
Hush was given the Photoperiod PNG because all the autoflower phenos had already been sent out at.
Since then, DirtBoy reproduced this “autoflower” pheno and sent me a 1000 seeds.


Unreal…a 5 month ‘autoflower’ lol. I’m sure something interesting could be done with that pheno though, I wonder what would come out if crossed with a regular auto.

This strain crossed with anything really should produce crazy results, and help introduce some pure genetics back into our tired hybrid lines. Very cool :+1:


Oh my God! An auto flower New Guinea!!! Have any seeds from that line left? I was planning on using a landrace from Sudan that autoflowers, in order to get this New Guinea’ strain to Autoflower. Of course that would have been a separate project, as keeping it pure is number one. If I start early enough, I can do these outdoors in New York! Please tell me you have some left… and call me crude, but I love my cat piss phenos LOL!


There are plenty of the autoflower seeds left.


MadMac indoor PNG photosensitive pheno


MadMac was first to document PNG Female Flower Balls coming out of the node.
At first these balls make the plant appear to be male but they are stable females.
MadMac, “well the other that looked like a male is a girl…
never judge before you see it real… the ball becoming white pistils… :slightly_smiling_face:
so now two PNG in flower room :slightly_smiling_face:
PNG flowers like boy’s -> look @ my thumb around 2 weeks 11/13”


Welcome to OG @Azure
Good looking out on the original reproduction.


Thanks. My idea was to reproduce some seeds and get them to the sativa experts. My traveler friend told me how the land in Papua is being developed and missionaries are taking native people out of their villages.
He took pictures of the natives in the city which were completely muddy, filthy with piles of trash everywhere.
In contrast, the native villages were beautifully crafted, clean and the people were in their traditional clothing and paint.
In addition to the cannabis, my buddy brought back some really great coffee!


Thank god we have missionaries to make sure all native cultures can be as unhappy and dirty as us. Maybe we can start mailing prozac, booze and high fructose corn syrup over there to ensure they are properly civilized!


CTG was doing just that. But he went on a vacation and his “friend” never watered them so when he got back, everything was dead!


Crazy Red nugs on that PNG Autoflower! Cool! I have read of autoflowering tropicals. (I really don’t know what to call them, but they do flower automatically). Very cool!


That’s a shame we’re screwing with the Natives, yet again. Doesn’t anybody read a history book? And what is the whole point of life if it’s not to be happy and healthy. If these native villages already have happiness and healthiness, then we can learn more from their way of life than they can learn from ours. We should leave them be, and protect their culture.


WELCOME to OG @Azure awesome thread and awesome pics i absolutely love that madmac pic is that the png auto? Either way i want some of that