Romanos SEAsian Vietnamese Tripweed grow


All i try is to trip on Weed. I just show you some fotos of my Plants.
Write something or watch.


Vietblack x Romulan-something:

Another Strain (Vietnamese they say):

Hoabac (viet):

Thai Cross:

Hoabac x Vietblack (Albino):

Another Hoa-Vietb. :

Took a Cut from the Albino to place inside Vietblack-Spot. So my Plan is to get it dusted by Vietblack again, so its 3/4 Vietblack Geneticwise. Meaning, i have good Chance to find one of the dark black Vietnamese Phenos, hopefully with White Tigerstripes!!

Short illustration (morphed a Albinopic with Vietblack-blackpheno in Paintprog.) :


For Shure i keep all Lines separate. All i doo is reproduce right now. Probably not all Lines shown are pure (Thaicross). I try to get the best i can.
There are more thin Vietnamese and other SEAsian-Lines to come. Quiet shure. They will, and could look much better , than what i presenting you out of middle European Valleys…

So: just say something, watch, whatever. Just DM.


Awesome look forward to watching you grow with us

You posted in the wrong section though for a grow diary this section is for seed run co ops @LemonadeJoe should be able to help you move it to the right spot

Chair pulled up though look forward to your next report


Im not shure if its wrong Section. Each Pic shows a reproduction, open Pollination in Process. And not only open, but also crosses of highly planned Combinations.


Hi guys.
Really nice plants @romanoweed I am excited to watch this show.

I have moved this to the Outdoor Section until Joe can take a look at correct location.


Seed run co ops are for seed runs for the community so unless your making seeds for all who sign up it’s in the wrong section

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@romanoweed speaking of seeds you now have unlocked that feature that allows you to sign up for seed runs so be sure to check out the section there’s normally atleast 4 or 5 going on at a time and you can sign up for as many as you like :grin::grin::v:


What were your thoughts on last year’s harvest? I’ll pull up a chair.

Hmm. Most important: i had 85 Percent Germination after short putting into freezer.
Problematic: i made to less Seeds. I need to make F2 open Pollination, as sad as it is. I was getting seeds late.
They were selected, so, atleast i dont think i will have to much Wildish/Hempy progeny in F2. When harvesting, all Plants brown, Thc stopped buiding since Month, Seeds progressed! All good.

Our Climate is not quiet suiting them. but worked just roundabout.


Very interesting man! I hope this year brings you good results. Always cool to watch someone on the other side of the world grow weed :v: did you get any samples from the harvest last year that didn’t have many seeds? Just curious on effects and potency. Look incredible :drooling_face:


No, i only grow seeds, haha.
I had only brown bud, all brown, with viable Seeds. I felt it while deseeding the Plants. The hash on Fingers made me so nicely high just by Absorption. I just have 0,000 Tolerance.

Vietblack: like just about entering the otherside, but never truely. Vietblack is a lone survivor, but not uncompromised… outcrossed to chinese type Weed. Thats why it isnt tripweed. But gives no Confusion from FAR Outcrossing, makes it very in one Direction. The dreamy SEAsian direction, thats the positive on her. This SEAsian makes you happy, like a sunny evening, warm basically. Would be more hot i guess if grown in powerfull light. But for low tolerance that absorbed Fingerhash felt enhancing i would call.

Hoabac: she is shorter than vietblack , therefore actually was grilled bit stronger from sun. So it had step more bite than vietblack, is very static energy in her. A deep-forest feel in her. Authentic.

The other (Vietnamese) Strain:
Otherworldly Skateparkfeel. Was also short like the Hoabac, so there was this Edge too. Gives me some Peaks, i absolutely love. Glowing neoncolors apearing. Alltho she brings some far outcrossing Confusion with her i guess…

Comparison to 70s Vietnamese real Tripweed:
These Strains i spoke now together are not 70s vietnamese , but even grown outdoor in central Europe, they took, or lifted me up. A 70s vietnamese would push you up to the last Edge of Imagination, with a snip. My Strains were more a wobbly lift to a certain Height. Nice.


Hey @romanoweed. I’m interested to watch this.

Good growing man. :slight_smile:


this translates beautifully. :heart_eyes:

excellent name idea too. “Otherworld Skatepark” :alien: :wave:



A dreamy magic Substance it is. Also a happy one. You know? happy weed, thats what i need.


Pulling up a cushion , love da Trippy weed , good luck brother


You got my attention @romanoweed!
:chair: :popcorn:



Got my attention as well


Here’s the lone black that took out of three dropped. Put in 2/12 to sex it. Female will grow out. Male will paint other strains lowers for x’s and save some pollen. For future females.


i found my germrate changed all time. one time 50 percent , one time 85 percent.
only one of three? i suggest to crack shells at day 2. thiker end pointed towards you, press with thumb and indexfinger .


and give them warm, like constantly warm, thats way to go! Signals them, its time to sprout


But i wanna clarify, your Blacks are only 7/8 Vietbalck. Just so that it doesent sound like i have a Hybridized Vietblack. Mine are pure, the ones you have nearly. Call me perfectionist or not…

new Vietblacks: