Dont plant these seeds!

So some may remember me posting on some cannabis seeds being sold on Amazon. They were cheap and was curious and couldn’t resist buying them. When I got the shipping info they were being sent from China. I received my packages even though amazon deleted the sender’s account. Of the four types I order three contained cannabis seeds which I noticed were hemp seeds for a food source type cultivar. The last pack did not contain cannabis seeds. They looked like poppy seeds but i was unsure. Put them up but now I think we will do the exact opposite that the news says to do.

Saw this on the news about a year after I ordered them.

I know that to germ poppy seeds you need to plant in a thin layer of ash. Which I provided then applied the seeds. I opened them when I received them so I know that danger has now passed. Time to see what kind of monsters pop from these horrible and dangerous seeds!

Stay tuned for updates…


I’ll hang out for the ride, bound to be fun


The tiny seed thread reminded me of them. So I was like imma do it! Little shop of horrors here we come…


I think I found a lead on Pinterest

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: the curiosity killed the cat type thing. But then again, you did order them, so it’s not unsolicited mystery seeds exactly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this is how we get invasive species.


Well maybe…but I’m sure someone made these seeds with tender love and care just like anyone here at OG would too… :wink:
So by invasive species you think it’ll be GMO? I don’t really want to fuck up the environment either by any means. Would you be so kind to elaborate more @KarmaFPS?

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They look to me to be poppy. And not bad looking seeds really. But the shape is slightly off. And the seeds are more red than brown or black like poppy. What do you think they could be? Anyone really. I know someones awake. I added a close up. To me it would resemble a very very small Apple seed and some look like a very small mushroomed cannabis seeds would get when they’re nuit def.

Invasive species are supposed to have fast germ rates. Poppies are over 20 days. Thats not gonna qualify.

Invasive species is not GMO…

We have major problems with invasive plants here in EU too… You can’t eradicate them… For example we have this dangerous invasive plant brought from Asia:

We have even used an army to fight this invasion. This plant is toxic and harms our ecosystems.

Yes, fast germination, fast growth. It creates cover to gain some advantage over smaller plants.

P.S. I’m not against experimenting with any seeds in controlled environment by experienced grower :slight_smile:


Thanks for hitting me back @LemonadeJoe. That doesnt sound like a good thing to be planting…
Well I do think we should at least do some investigating to see what the hell these guys are. If theyre invasive I’ll cull the lot. But for at least a scientific prospective we should try to germ them and see what they look like. They have to produce pollen, stamen and seeds to be a real environmental treat. Promise I will keep everyone as updated on these buggers as I can. Germ time rates, germ ratios ECT.
I figure the harder to germ the less likely to spread and if its poppy then I aint the only one or the first in this area to grow them.


Poppy seeds are much smaller than that. I am not sure what those are. Looks closer to Millet or Amaranth.

The Chinese hemp is probably one of their varieties bred for food/oilseed production. You’re not gonna get drug types off them, that’s why the seeds are so big.


I can get pretty close with the 4k camera. Objects may appear larger then they actually are. But they are indeed the size of several variants of poppy. Not the baked to shit seeds you see on bagels. What are these other plants you think they are? I could just google it but I think you got the low down @vernal on the ones you mentioned. Ok already did it. Grasses and grains basicly. So we should know pretty quickly what the hell it is after it germs. But if its either of the ones you mentioned then the germ rates would be much quicker then poppies.

They’re not poppies, somniferum or rhoeas, IDK what to tell you.

Many seeds appear very similar, can’t say what they are for sure.

I am leaning mustard seed, something Brassica at least.


Wild mustard is on the spread, effects worse than any poison plant.
2nd 3rd degree burns
This is an invasive


You’re thinking of wild parsnip.

Mustard is harmless.


I was gonna grow some poppies and try to score them and get the latex or whatever as an experiment/just cause, but then got scared I would try it and become an addict, so decided against it.


Probably for the best. Opiates are best left on the shelf if you haven’t tried them already.


Who knows. If they germ I’ll post up again. Maybe someone else received a pack they didnt order. Whatever the case im interested to see what they are.

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I was half kidding, @LemonadeJoe explained it well