Mexican Brick Mystery 2020

So I bought an ounce of Mexican Brick today out of curiosity to see what the Mexican cartel’s were using for seed stock these days I’ve had previous experiences growing Mexican brick seeds 15+ years ago and at the time they were either pure sativas or very heavy sativa leaning plants

So the plan is to keep 6 or so seeds to grow later in the year they may get culled very soon or they may get flowered all the way out we shall see

So the bud looks like this

And a piece broken open

No mold or any other contaminant that I can see

Smells like spices and chocolate

Tastes like uncured shit :unamused:

High is very sativa surprisingly stronger than I remember brick weed being then again I did just smoke 2 blunts back to back lol

My guess is that it’s gonna be pretty sativa heavy

If anyone else wants some of these seeds in the us that’s gonna actually grow them is welcome to some I’ll know in next couple days how many I get out of it


Oh man those super dry packed nugs, I’m having flashbacks lol.

It stands to reason that whoever is growing and smuggling all this weed would be using something good for their genetics, I think it ends up sucking because of poor growing and processing. Should be cool to see what comes out of the seeds!


Yeah the smell is definitely things I associate with sativas and it would only make sense to me for them to continue to use sativas for there climate but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t breed some Indica in along the way


Yeah those definitely have hybrid density. I think that’s not uncommon these days. I’ve seen the term “narcohybrid” in reference to the modern Mexican stuff.


Cool project :+1: it will be interesting to see what grows out of these.
Brings back memories. I wonder what an oz of next brick goes for these days?


Im always down to watch a brick seed reveal its true form.
The genetics are most likely the same commercial genetics as everywhere in the mainland usa.
I live in a state with cartels and mm and sa “factions”. Up until 2011-12 the bulk of the commercial came from canada, northern michigan, and mexico. Lots from kentucky and florida also. I see whats flosting around as mids and lower now and from what i see its a dice roll.

Word of caution: As a grower you can spot nanners. Take it bud by bud and seperate the seeds. if theres a sack on that bud, isolate it with the potential herm/fems.

Good luck tho. :v:


Yeah even being bricked it definitely isn’t what I would imagine could have ever been wispy but it definitely has sativa smell and high I’m sure whatever it is it’s a heavy producer and probably pest resistant


They most definitely mix in the kush in the fields. They still have reserva privadas of the heirlooms. Not in these bulk exports tho.
But the cartel runs grow houses on this side also.


I’d bet you’ll get decent yields and potency. I don’t think it’ll look like the classic Mexican sativas, but it might turn out something cool. I have some seeds from some Costa Rica brick I’m gonna pop someday. I think it’s gonna be kinda fun.


Yeah I know they do a higher quality version to closer to what beasters used to be like … decently grown just no proper cure


One of the ones I grew years ago was close to 14 feet tall never did fully mature by the time I had to chop it mid October pure classic sativa unfortunately it had a couple weeks or more left and it left the high very light :unamused:


:joy: yeah. I grew one from Thai brick and it had like 1ft+ internodes. I was trying to tame it indoors and it was rough. I couldn’t even get it to finish after like 5 months of flower and 11/13 lighting.

It filled the entire 3x3 tent, bottom to top and entire width. Just kept hacking it down from the top DURING flower and it just kept stretching forever.


Still.have a couple from the last brick I bought about 10 years ago…


A buddy took seeds out of some Jamaican press many years ago and grew some nice red haired weed out of it.
yes they may grow males, females, and herms all together also starting plants at different times and also may not be tending to there plants daily and it all gets pressed together.
I would consider not indirectly/directly supporting violent cartels. at least that is the conclusion I came to eventually years back.
all the biker weed I moved, generated them money they then used to expand there opiates and meth business some of the money I made the Triads when to more grow ops then eventually weed from those grow ops were traded in part for guns and blow in the States and sold back in my home Canada and my Russian gang connect (who actually is Chinese for some reason.) is in jail right now for murder. I personally rather invest in good Karma now.


Interesting! Haven’t seen brick weed in ages around here. How much did the oz run yah?


I am pretty sure they are running some decent genetics now, just poorly grown and cared for. It seemed to get stronger over the years, along with other bud. Who knows you may have a cup winner?!


I’m looking forward to watching this one.

I saved a bunch of unique brick seeds in the early 80s. Time and poor storage made them all just collectables after about 15 years.

I bet you will find something nice in them!


is that a pic of the late Dirt Dog, O.D.B


Probably are no good anymore. But… there is a great link to an icmag article on getting old seeds ( kept properly tho) to germ using FRESH worm castings. 67% for 25=30 yr old seed! It’s gotten me rethinking about my old stock. Good luck if you try. It’s under ( duh) germinating old seeds I think.


I’ve grown collected bagseed from Costa Rica over the past 20 years, looking for the old Columbian type weed of the 70’s. Like most say, I don’t think theres much old pure sativa, but there have been a couple pheno’s I liked. One gave its children a kushy earthy unique tasting crosses, with surprising consistency thru 40-50 seeds. The other gave a pungent huge leafed citrus tasting weed, I didn’t like the flavour, like some kid threw up a creamsicle. Yes neither came out like the smell of the original bags, but some interesting hybrid type crosses, def not a high percentage of old Sativas genes but some unique and worthy crosses came out of them. Its always fun sprouting ‘illegally imported’ bagseed. I don’t think old classic cultivars from Columbia, get shared with too many gringos, personal stash is personal stash. The searching is the fun. The Bri bri people are probably holding some choice cuts in southern CR, but I’m sure they succumb to the pressure of organized crime, and grow mostly hybrids too. POPO gets usually a million or so plants when they cleanse the area, but NO evidence of Organized crime is always the official statement…just sayin’