Ever get tired of growing?

This is an odd experience for me, but I currently feel like growing is a chore. Zero pleasure. No hopeful anticipation. Nothing. It is resulting in me not paying nearly enough attention to my plants. I’m not even smoking weed any more. Last time I did, my heart rate went to 114 and I absolutely hated it. Couldn’t wait for it to be over. I think this experience has made me dislike the plants in my tent. The weed I smoked was very weak and about 50:50 THC:CBD but it absolutely fucked me up. I can’t wait for this grow to be done so I can just walk away from it all.

Ever happen to you?


Taking a break is ok.

I get burned out on most everything at some point, maybe a bit of OCD helps that along. Plenty of projects half completed. But after some rest, will usually will get back to it.

I still have boxes from the last move to unpack (ummm, 8 years ago) :slight_smile:

Switch it up a bit? Go from soil to hydro or the other way around?


I often get frustrated by the anxieties of growing, dealing with issues/problems etc. But I don’t grow just for myself so I remember I have people who depend on me and that tends to balance it out.


Oh yeah. Definitely been there, and kinda am there now. I work on plants all freaking day at work - only to come home and work on plants all freaking night. Give yourself a little break and the joy will come back imho. :v:


Lol this is me exactly.


Sure like everything. Take a break from smoking weed and growing it, just don’t give away your supplies and growing equipment, you’ll regret it later


Thanks all. Glad to know I’m not alone in this feeling. Weird time to go through it with the virus shit and summer growing season coming up. I might just focus on growing food instead…


I’ll be the odd man out in this thread. I’ve been growing since 1980 and have never gotten tired of it… even after 40 years of doing so and hundreds of thousands of plants later, I still get excited when I germinate seeds.

Boredom makes me plant more seeds!


Oh yeah.
I’m going thru a similar sitch…in shutdown at the moment.
After 18 months of indoor, was getting burned out. I have much automated, but it’s still like having a bunch of pets that I’m responsible for…and must give them attention. lol

The plan. Was to harvest, then completely shutdown for the spring summer - including mothers. Vacation time! Family, solo, redwoods, vegas, tahoe, eureka, long beach.
F. Bad Timing.
Now here I sit with not a plant in site. And the world is shutdown. Plenty of stash to last.
Dang. Wah wah wah. :laughing:


Is your grow method time-intensive?

Removing a lot of the hassle involved often increases enjoyment. Is there something you could buy or automate that would remove the chorin’ sense? Tell me about your grow and I perhaps I can cut some corners.

Tired of trimming? Screw it, run the whole crop into hash in 2 hours.

I feel like weed is best enjoyed if you have a tolerance. No-tolerance smoking is more like an “experience”.


What about trying something new or weird? I find what keeps it fresh and exciting for me is to keep trying new things. I just started some Syrian seeds. I’ll probably never be able to visit there, but I can find out what kind of weed they’re puffing. :joy:


Make sure you keep active, sleep, and eat well during this @cogitech. Whether its just the blues or Farmers burnout, take care of your health during these times mate. Weed can wait, we’ll always be here for you, and each other. Peace.


Do i ever get tired of growing or disliking the plants im growing yep, but its usually cause i have other stressors going on in life, and it influences the growing.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back, look at it with a critical eye and go back to basics in following only that which brings you joy or excitement, and get out of the expectation or forced idea feed back loop, and just enjoy life and growing for what it is, if that requires a break, or growing some veggies, houseplants, or nothing at all, it really doesn’t matter, just do what will help set you into a positive light.


I get tired of growing but not bc of the plants. I hate the fact that my hard work gets unappreciated by all that smoke it. Just bc I grew it and it didn’t come from CO or Cali it’s bunk. We’ll smoke a joint of mine n everyones all meh. Smoke some they paid 80$ for and wow. Even though it’s just as strong as mine. I’ve got the ebb n flow with Samsung diode lights the 9. Try explaining to people you get seeds from the same place any med shop does n they’ll roll their eyes. Maybe it’ll b different now that I can get it tested n prove it’s top notch. Yet with close friends should I have to? I don’t even smoke enough to justify growing more than every other year ugh.


Absolutely not. Addictive personality here and can’t stop won’t stop attitude. I feel connected to the earth in my grow room and outdoor patches. It’s a religion for me :rofl::rofl:

If I were you I’d take a break and start up again one rainy day when your bored :v:


When I first attempted to grow the inscrutable ganja plant, I had no idea that growing plants would become a lifelong hobby/passion. Once I was able to understand and thereby create productive cannabis plants, I developed an interest in trying to grow other types of plants from seed.
I moved from the North East US to South FL (40 years ago) primarily because I wanted to grow outdoors and go fishing year ‘round. I don’t fish as much as I used to, but I keep on popping seeds like a maniac. If anything, I have become increasingly passionate about growing plants as the decades have unfolded. Herbs, veggies and especially flowers are always being cultivated, as I cannot help myself. Nurturing plants is absorbing and relaxing, I can’t imagine not doing it for as long as I am capable.


I shut everything down for five weeks last spring. Gave my clones to a buddy. I think I was a little depressed because of life. I took three weeks off and the itch came back about three weeks later. Then a Bodhi seed drop came and I was BACK IN BUSINESS.
I do remember being depressed because growing gave me so much pleasure. And I felt like I hated my hobby. I was like “what am I going to do if I hate growing now…?” Just remember you are probably in a slump because of what’s happening in the world. Things will come back around.


All nice comments & :hugs: @cogitech

Maybe we pause to remember the ‘inverse’ :thinking:

When/what you/we were excited, anticipating & hopefull about it…what was different?

The :bike: for parallel example. When you didn’t have one & couldn’t ride one, you sure wanted one, right?.. :grin: But now you’re an industry titan & demigod, so these trivial contraptions are burdensome! :sweat_smile: :sweat_drops::couch_and_lamp: :zzz:


The enjoyment of THC is kinda separate from growing, IMO. Even if I give up using the weed I’ll still grow it I think. It makes people smile more than my :tomato: tomatos did. :laughing:

Plainly, if weed makes you feel bad-- STOP! Or try changing the mode & dose like small dose CBD edibles?

I sympathize buddy.

Before I became an auto mechanic I had the luxury of time & asked other mechanics via an internet forum whether I should stick to I.T. or follow my passion. Only 2 of 100 said ‘go for it’-- a porsche tech in hawaii & a vw foreman in santa monica :laughing:. Everyone else said “You’ll RUIN your hobby if you make it your career”. :worried: They were right. I still enjoy the diagnosis intellectually but, have no desire for pain & filth (well, filth maybe :laughing:). I’m like Jay Leno with no money or cars. :smiley:




Can’t say I’m tired of growing…just tired of growing regular seeds. Tossing 5 of 6 plants because they turned male hurts…definitely discouraging. Makes me want to open up my wallet and get a bulk pack of femmed seeds.


Doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You’ve spent years developing skills to grow plants. Seems like you just no longer enjoy the end product so the labor to get there also became unenjoyable. If you grew something you liked then you could put your skills to use for a positive end result and the process itself would maybe be more enjoyable. Just my .02$. I have similar tolerance issues and if I ever hang it up, I’m at least going to try to grow some chilis and peppers and stuff before I quit growing plants altogether :slight_smile:

Good luck whatever you decide bro!