Extreme Appreciation Competition (closed til further notice)

:musical_note:Listen Up Everyone!!:musical_note:
For now the contest is on hold due to lack of participation so it shall reopen at a later date!


this was supposed to be a competition for newer growers but with the power of better thinking, the decision to open it to everyone has been made.

Must be able to start Germination from Oct. 7 - Oct 14 (number of seeds and plants doesnt matter, i just wanna see how you grow them, start to finish)

Must be an active member on the site

Must tell me about your grows, what you hope to achieve and how you’ve been doing with your setup

Must link me a current or past grow log

Must be able to run 37 days of veg (7 days for germ beginning October 7th, then veg cycle starting on October 14th) and 75 days of flower (beginning November 13th ending January 27th)

During Germ and Veg I expect to see at least one update every two weeks.

During Flower, I expect at least one update per week until finished.

As far as the rules go, “Have Fun” trumps the rest… except i want updates

I want you to tell me what you are currently running: space, medium, lights and nutrients ( if applicable)

there wont be a limit to how many people can compete but there will only be one Grand prize because honestly… its kind of a big one. but tiers will be created for winners

some generous members have stepped up to offer some prizes as well

@Jellypowered -TBD
@ReikoX - Some of his amazing seeds!
@Northern_Loki - offered up some seeds as well
Myself - some Agent K F2s
@Beerus - choice of nutrients
@MadScientist - HCG (Asphalt OG BX1)
Also contest is open to ALL territories!!

the Prize

For all of you wondering and waiting for the TL;DR here it is.

The winner of the Appreciation Competition will be awarded this!

It’s a 24" x 24" x 48" Tent that will come with a “300w” blurple and a 4" filter/fan combo.
I know, its a blurple but it’s a step in the right direction for someone wanting to get out of their closets and cabinets and get into something a bit bigger!!

Again, I’d like to thank all that have helped me here and in the real world… I’m not gonna name drop but you guys know who you are! you’ve gotten me so far and now its time for me to give back!!:gift::gift:

Current Contestants

Rules and dates have been changed to open the contest for everyone for a wider turnout…

At the end of the contest, all participants best photos (start to finish) will be placed in an individual post in a seperate thread and voted on by a group of peers as yet to be decided.

The contest will be judged by 3 aspects that will affect overall score: Look of the plant, thoroughness of detail in the grow, and enthusiasm of the grower.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There will also be an “Underdog” prize, so keep that in mind! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Count me in. Low budget grower thanks to Hurricane Harvey and the loss of my job. I run SILs and MegaCrop.



Toast. I don’t know what exactly yet, but I will throw something in to the winner as well.

Great comp idea.


Let’s do this!


for sure! the winner will also get a hefty pack of Agent K f2s as well!

this contest could get huge!!



I’ll throw a pack of seeds at the winner.


You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir!

the pot keeps growing!

now if we could get the rush in here to get some more entrants!!


This is why I love OG so much. Honest you guys are the best. Best of luck to all that enter :trophy:


Amazing contest @toastyjakes. That should get someone of to a great start.

The sharing and caring on this site is astounding.

Viva la OG!



Ditto. I’ll ante up a pack to the cause, as well.


Sounds like it is going to be a great contest @toastyjakes


How beginner/small do you have to be? I will be dropping some auto October 1st and would like to play, just to play,


i think put your name in the hat, pop some seeds and lets get started!

i wanna see that new light work for you… its far better than the bundle im offering lol


Can I contribute?

I have a 4x4 vivosun grow tent.

If the winner has the space of course.
I’m new here but I’ve been growing for over a year so I’ll stay out if this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I guess that wouldnt make sense considering theres already a 2x2 tent for winning

Oh… I know! I can contribute with nutrients!


Nutes sound good sir!

dang near a complete package to the winner!


I have. .
House and gardens, unopened .
Emerald harvest ( green goddess, honey comb, and king cola )
Or roots organic full line ( some opened ) both liquid and powder . With some Aurora nutrients as well .

Which do you think ? Or should we let the winner choose.
I also have mills but I really wanna keep that to run against nectar

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we can let the winner pick that one lol

I’ll also include a bottle of mammoth p .

Roots organic liquid has been used the most but all are well over half full. Dry nutrients are full.
Emerald harvest barely used.
House and gardens only roots excel and bud xl opened used once

Sounds good. Keep me in the loop. The winner can decide what they want. I’ll stop using them all until a winner is announced so they get as much as possible.

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LOL I started my first grow too soon :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck new growers!!!