Extreme Appreciation Competition (closed til further notice)

Nice to see someone using BetaMax still… :smile: :film_frames: :vhs:

:evergreen_tree: or is that an 8-track?..

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I got there fast as I started out reading ALL the grow FAQ and every grow diary going. I realized how many hours a day I spent reading, when a badge popped up I had got a badge for reading a 100+ post. After that I started asking questioned and haven’t stopped to this day.

I just looked back and I have been here less than I year but seem like a life time, as it is a whole new world here.


I believe that Overgrow has an unlimited amount of knowledge and people with experience. It could very well be a breeder’s nest for all i know but whenever a new member comes over to overgrow, they practically stop being noobs in three or so weeks… People learn a lot and quick too in here.

I see that there are not many noobs at overgrow that could participate right now, so i was thinking how about tweaking the contest a little, maybe a “Grow Off” so anybody could participate. Just saying, we would have to lurk the noobs in to participate in the contest right now… It might also be a volatile situation with noobs not staying for long.

I am trying to think about the best way to make this contest move along and in a good way.

What do you guys think, if it was opened to a broader participation, the contest would be filled with people earger to win.

Just my 2 cents…

Sci :robot:


and as i sit and enjoy my coffee i was thinking about this exact thing.

the new people thats come on dont always have the means of starting right away and thats why theyre here

im gonna think on it a minute and we’ll see how it goes in a bit.


Enjoy your coffee man!

I need this…

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Having three pips is not necessarily the same as trust level three (Regulars).

It’s a bit easier to get three pips. Read some threads, leave likes, interact, etc. If you’ve posted in this thread as a new user, you are off to a good start. Newer OG members, be sure to introduce yourself if you haven’t already done so:

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So the rules have changed a bit to get more participation, but since the rules changed, so does the method of judgment in the contest.

A jury of your peers ( not involved in the contest) will judge proformance based on plant aesthetic, detail in your logs, and excitement of the individual to grow and learn!

Also an “Underdog” prize will be awarded to the dark horse in the competition.

Sorry to kinda change the whole outlook of the competition and it may seem like opening it up gives way to the loss of the original journey…but keep in mind, its also about togetherness and being a community and helping each other grow even in the midst of a competitive contest.

Bear with me because I feel like its about to take off!


I’ve always thought a Growlympics would be fun… :upside_down: even though I’d be unable to compete.

pH taste-testing (blind, water only)
Perfect No-Spill pouring & carrying of 5 gallon buckets (over a beam?)
Fastest fill & amend of 1000 gallon fabric-pot
Joint rolling competition(many avenues & options)
Punative stoning video-gaming(each round’s loser forced to smoke more)
Stoned Team Debate (moderated)
Fastest, Bestest Trimmer of an Elbow :lifter:

…like if Weird-Al ran a weed-based lumberjack competition. or something.

I could go on, but I shouldn’t.

:evergreen_tree: :trophy: :tropical_drink:


This should be fun to watch! I’d go head to head with my outdoor cheapy greenhouse grow, but I can’t start until after my vacation. Good luck to all!


keep in mind though, some of us (at least me lol) don’t actually partake of the bounty… I grow for my wife… but I do very much enjoy the aroma, and the parenting, and the culture of it all :smiley:


I dont even smoke more than once a week or two. Growing is just my hobby .

It does bring in some extra money when I need it but I have weed left from my first grow over a year ago .

In the intro it said it was started for beginning growers, but opened to everyone due to lack of a decent size pool to start.

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the contest is open to everyone now… reason being it wasn’t gaining much ground with the newer and small space growers as it was intended to be for…

instead I have opened it site wide to any and everyone to spread a little appreciation through the boards and have a little fun

the guidelines are set above(albiet, noy clearly at first) but everything is in order now and we are ready to get moving.

we just need to get more folks on board

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…even :black_large_square: squares :laughing:

:evergreen_tree: j/k as usual :wink:


Lol not a square, just not my thing… I’ve had my battles with manic depression and schizophrenia in the past, and as a process effect of rebuilding myself, I really really don’t like not being fully in control of myself… my wife of 15 years saw me drunk for the first time this year lol. But like I said, I’ve always loved the culture, close-knit, compassionate, and caring people in the cannabis culture, always have been. :smiley:



Betamax were top loaders.

Where are you looking? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Are you mocking my 20 year old pc that’s still going? :wink:


Thanks for all the replies guys. I was just wondering how to acquire the green dots… but think by the time im ready to grow it will be too late anyway. @toastyjakes i have sorted a picture for my profile (hope everyone likes it, combines 2 of my loves! :stuck_out_tongue: haha)

Either way when i start growing (hopefully some point next month) i will keep a diary & get it posted up here :smile:



@toastyjakes I’m seeing a trend here… :slight_smile:

I guess there’ll always be the “fashionably late” arrivals but it seems that a longer lead-up time or earlier announcement before starting will help.

The same thing happened with the co-operative seed projects that are popping up. :seedling: At first only the OG Temple Web Junkies notice but after a week or two the word spreads and… :smile:

I hope I’m being constructive here…by no means do I want to discourage-- it’s a great thing. :thumbsup:

Overgrow never sleeps but most of us do a bit. hehe


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Not only does OG permit a variety of weirdos from many walks of life, it tolerates troll-blooded assholes such as myself. :blush:

My jab may seem like I was drunk before the party started.


:evergreen_tree: that guy…


I just came to see what I needed to do to enter.
Im not a noob but thinking I could do an outdoor hydroponic light deprivation or something.

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