Favorite seed bank and breeders

I’m just getting back into things after taking 10yrs off but I know others newer than myself may be wondering who they cant trust for good beans. Plus I’m going to ordering plenty more I would like some input myself.
My first ever seeds were from our very own B.O.G. seeds and lifesaver strain I would highly recommend B.O.G. and seedsman for their quality stable genetics.
I dont know if he offers any bundles but I would love to try sour strawberry and blue kush. Just make me a mixed bag. Lol


@BogSeeds you can ask him yourself @Dank-D . He usually responds ina few days or less.


Sure we have a lotta good offers…just email me at bogland72@gmail.com and ask for seed info. Bog :sunglasses::+1::heart:


i started this topic over there…in the breeders lounge

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Doc D. He’s got a mailing list you can buy from: docdseeds@gmail.com

Overall seedbank is probably Headie Gardens. DM me for a password.

Great Lakes Genetics is great as well.


I was in your exact shoes a few weeks ago.

My last grow was in 2011 ish.

At this point it probably seems like I am a shill because I have recommended it a couple of times now, but I went with Greybeard Seeds.

I went with them for a variety of reasons ranging from them being in the U.S., to the ability to pay with a debit card. There were some mixed reviews, but I gave it a shot. Seeds arrived in 3 days and were all in breeder’s original packaging (Barney’s in this case). They even threw in a few freebies from their “private reserve” which I think are just repackaged breeder seeds but idk for sure. All of them germinated good and I guess we will see if they all end up female.

Cant go wrong with BOG in terms of his genetics. I will be contacting him next time I have the space.

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I’ve created separate topics, so you can discuss individual seedbanks: