Fighting Buddha gets Cobb’d & 2023 deBauchery

Here goes with my first project as an OG’r. With a Generous harvest this year, from a few plants, dealing with Bulk is always a wonderful issue. And fermenting some Hung weed for so it can Last for the next year, and so it can evolve into something I’ve never done before
As promoted by @Gpaw and @Haxixandoamente, I prepared the first Cobb tonight and will finish prepping a few more tomorrow. Then its Sous-vid time. Thanks to everybody for chipping in.


Would love if you explained the process and the reasoning so I could give it a shot too! Looks like a cannabis time capsule.


Here is some Literature that I saw earlier, Thanks partner!

I am going to use the Sous-Vid method of Sweating the Buds in the first stage.

I broke 1.5 oz of bud up coursley, and between parchment paper and a sushi roller, I applied pressure and rolled it back and forth. In no time at all it was a pretty good cylinder.

Parchment was carefully /tightly wrapped around the Log. And it was vacuum-sealed. Inside the baggie, I included a naked Bud. Or a Canary as its called. It will show Bud Rot or Mold quickly.

I will find who had provided the next two procedure pages… and Thank them. enjoy!
** @US3RNAM3 gets credit for posting the directions I’m following. Thanks for that!


weed2 weed2
Amazing Bro !! Good luck …
TamoJunto …

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It’s like a science project but fun, I love it :+1:


Psyched to see and hear the final results.


Today, Fighting Buddha gets company. Here is the CloudWalker offering.
39 net grams of Bud, rolled into a solid column of Cannabis.

Alaskan Purple will be the next one to join this Couple.
Roof ‘95 will be represented as well


The whole process is quite interesting. I’ve never done it before. It’s neat.

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I agree its a kinda radical way to treat Bud. I’ve only shown Love not Squirreling her away for Later in the Year.
2 down Bro, 3rd of 4 is in progress and each one has felt better, as a solid column

“ Pressure “


The sushi mat is a genius idea.


@Foreigner, Sushi mat rocks, its the Parchment paper that is the Bomb.

Any Silicone mat will provide the same “rolling” function.

The paper will also handle a fair share of tugging and tension


Prep is done. Firing-up the Water after dinner. Finding a decent spot for the rig… and Fighting Buddha/ CloudWalker / Roof95 / Alaskan Purple

I also prepared a pkg of Panama Red as well, why not. 5 total now


Nearly reached for my Lighter when I saw how that roof95 Rolling-Job turned out (1 1/2 oz.)


17hrs down 7 to go.
Here is a Sous-Vid machine in-progress. 40c programmed for 24 hours. It heats and circulates the water. I thought that with so little air in the 5 samples, that they would Not be bouyant.

Wrong on that one. Just like Corks, still. So that is a big can of Beans… and a waste basket, with just enough water in it, to keep the bundles submerged… and below the high-level mark

It’s working


Looks interesting should be good always wanted to con some bud . I’ll be following along .


The buds would turn out :fire::fire::fire:

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While my Buds cook and marinate, I’m gonna dig through this great thread on Cob Curing, by one of our own.


Love the thread - wishing you


Curious how the Cloud Walker will evolve through the cure.

That diagram was created by repuk on icmag, I just wanted to be sure that others over here could refer to something simplified.

Presuming you’ll be working with the range on the diagram but how long are you intending doing the initial sweat & the secondary sweat/ferment? What temperature are you shooting for in initial and secondary?


What does this process do?Never read or Heard of It.A lot curious

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My goal is simply to Follow the instructions, at least on this initial Pass.

Its all completely new to me, lets just say I love Congo weed, and its always been an old method spoken of.

The CloudWalker has proven to be a beautiful strong hitting plant, with the occasional sharp/harsh bud… thats one of the reasons I shuffled her to the front of the line. See if there is any difference down the road.

Putting a little science to my inventory…

Thanks for checking in. Nice to know I can ask questions