Fill_Watertank Introduces

High all,

it s time to introduce myself. After a turbulent life with up s and downs, I ended up in Central Switzerland.
I m “retired” (from what?) so I have plenty of time to watch the clouds wander over the sky and to fly with my paraglider…
I smoke weed since the 70-ties of last century but am quite new to serious growing… I had some plants outdoors the last couple of years here on the small alp where I live, but the weather is quite rough here on 4300 feet above sea level (1300 m) and the crop lasted only about round chrismas :frowning:

Because of the weather and my prostate cancer I decided to start growing inside… I have no idea about indoor growing but I saw that there are many folks around here with lots of experience and lots of good tipps…

So soon you will hear more from me in the indoor growing section of this superb forum !
Be assured that I will enjoy your company. I m here to learn and cannot contribute much, except some picts of my soon to be garden and the plants in there…
I try to upload some picts of the 3 plants I have still outdoors. They are ready to be harvested any day now…!

High times ahead ! :slight_smile:


Nice looking plants! Paragliding looks really fun but I wouldn’t have the nerve to try it lol. Ever tried paramotoring? I somehow ended up hooked on watching people doing that on YouTube, I can’t believe how high they can get and the distances they cover.


nope. Never tried paramotoring cause it s forbidden in Switzerland. Too densely populated. Second argument against is the weight of the engine and the noise. What I like most on paragliding is the immediate contact with nature, wind and weather - powered by thermals not engines… :wink: I started 23 years ago and I still do it passionately… No accident thought. One needs to respect the weather cause paraglider can collaps in heavy turbulences…


That’s awesome, must be a ton of fun


Welcom to OG Fill_Watertank, I was nearly born in Switzerland, my father for his sins, worked for Nestle, he was a tax specialist accountant, and used to audit there tax stuff, we lived in Vevey, on lake Geneva for 4 months of the year, the other 8, split between the UK and the USA. My parents had just got back to the UK for 2 days when I was born prematurely. We stopped going there when I was 5 years old.

I have been back a couple of times Switzerland is so clean and tidy, you guys even mow the grass half way up your mountains lol.

Out door growing must have been real tricky weather wise, shouldn’t take you long to get a handle on indoor gardening, lots of great info here.


Welcome @Fill_Watertank! Glad to have you bro. Lots of us old 70’s teenagers here and we have fun. I’m sure you’ll warm right up.

I’d love to visit Switzerland. I live in Colorado in the foothills of the mountains. 6400ft. elevation for me. I grow outdoors in summer but it can be tricky.

Prayers and vibes for your cancer man. Take your RSO every day! Cannabis has the power to cure. peace


Being born in Switzerland has many advantages… Nice and clean like you said. Then a good education system, good medical treatements and so on. Must have had a good karma being born here…

I realised that there is plenty of great infos here ! I already love this place ! It s great to meet you all here. Thanks for being here.


Welcome to the OG Crew!! Tons of awesome people here willing/wanting to help!! People from all over the world congregate here. I bet you can find someone from Switzerland that can hook you up with clones or seeds.


time will tell, Tappy, but I would nt mind… not at all… :slight_smile:

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thank you for the warm welcome and the good wishes, GMan ! make shure you contact me in case you ll come to Switzerland. It will be my pleasure to give you food, a bed and some fine herbs… :slight_smile:

You grow on 6400 ft ? sounds like quite a challenge…! do you use a glass house or are your plants really outside ?

My cancer is not that bad, you know. It sounds awfull but I handle it quite well.
The stage of prostate cancer is measured in PSA (prostateSpecificAntigen). Last year this marker was over 20 points. Then I changed and fine tuned my eating and other habits. Now the marker is down on 3.04. The reference value is <3.41 I think. So for the moment, no cancer can be found !

It s not the time to lay back and fall into old habits. My cancer is still here - just sleeping… I ll do many things to keep it this way.
Part of my growing plan is to make my own RSO ! But for this I need lots and lots of buds ! :deciduous_tree:

This is why I m planning quite big. As big as possible… I ll keep you informed…

BTW. cancer treatement with chemo therapy is a big big scam ! chemo is destroying your immune system instead of helping him…! so most patients are dying from the treatement - not from cancer !!! It s big money for the international chemical cartel ! You read right - it s a CARTEL !!

They fight natural cures like vitamin B-17, also called Laetrile because it cannot be patented and therefore no profit can be made…


Dr.sebi died for a reason. Welcome to OG bro look forward to see what goodness ya pull out of all the advice :rofl:


how you tried growing autoflowers there are some that get pretty big and we’ll handle inconsistent weather


What latitude you at bro and what’s humidity like?
Super autos can be useful in England where I live as an alternative to traditional because of our season and humidity.
It will depend on your particular environment whether they could help you.
They have there uses but are a compromise on traditional crops.
But some of the super autos being sativa don may give the an answer to the slight lack of potency.
Let me know I might be able to help?


High @Fill_Watertank, great country Switzerland (except for the food, reminds me the UK :grin:). I’ve been in Zurich and it’s amazing how all the monuments are conserved (no war, no bombs).

The landscape is overwhelming but no “joy of life” around as here in Spain :sunglasses:. Positive thinking is the best way to handle your illness, hope you take good care of it and keeps in low profile.

The place you live is a good asset to fight it. For your growing purposes you’ve also found the right place, really tolerant with my noob condition :sweat_smile:, helpful and patient people …


right to the point, @George1969 ! positiv thinking, keeping a positive attitude is very important in my situation ! I m aware of this !

joy of live and our food arent the best sides of this country… I lived some years in Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand) and became a curry man there :wink:

So no typical swiss cuisine at my place :wink: A few steps outside my flat I m in full nature. A forest for fresh air is 100 ft away. I really feel priviledged to live here. It s a little paradise and a place of strenght ! Nearly impossible to top. This is why I will not leave here - unless they carry me out in a casket :slight_smile:

Live is quite easy during summertime. Last winter, we had about 4 to 5 ft of snow. And no one came to plow it away… you see - one could not live much closer to nature then me…


I know what you mean, japanese have a specific verb for “walk in the wood”. I also live in the countryside, near the coast, once you get used to wilderness and silence there’s no way back.


I live at about 47`05 latitude, 1250 m (4000 ft) asl. Weather can be quite humid during April and there can be frost till middle of may. Untill now I started my seeds around middle of march and kept them on the window sills of my flat. By middle of May they are about 10 cm (0.4 ft).
Normally the feminised seeds (fotoperiod) I use are starting flowering middle of August and are ready to be taken by the end of September. Final heigh was never higher, then 120 cm ( 4 ft)

Never heard about super autos, @Funkjunky. Pls tell me more about…


there s no way back, right ! Everytime I visit my daughter in the city, I m glad I can get back to my little paradise… :smile:


Hi @Fill_Watertank, no greenhouse, and it can be a challenge with the weather and sun. But overall the plants do really well. We have very low humidity but they handle things fine if you keep them watered.

Glad to hear you have the cancer at bay. You can make strong RSO even with just the best trim. I make it regularly. And I smoke my buds, heh.

Your environment is similar to mine except our humidity stays on the low side. I get less snow than you but we get it so all growing is indoors then.

Thanks for the invite. I would love to be able to go one day. I have a lot of friends in Europe from the forums that I talk and trade with and would sure like to meet them in person one day. One friend is in Geneva. He does seeds as Le rat, The Rat’s Stock.



Well I’m about 52n and have to choose wisely in my endeavours. It’s damp here and if you have a garden with a little eco system or green house with ventilation your possibilitys are more.
When you have to gorilla grow in one of the most densely populated countries in Europe the rules change.
There’s normally a compromise.
I played around with autos for a while as way to do a darkened greenhouse sort of thing.
Normal autos nice little patio plant but shit in the wild too close too ground subsceptible to mould . I only bought 1 super auto and never got to smoke it as I got a little sloppy with my pursuit of more light less security.
This thing did not comply with the listed terpene profile it went all tropical mango on me. If I remember correctly the description was more mint. Not keen on mint so must have been hedging bets.
When I realised I’d been compromised I lugged this thing through the woods but had to find new home. Had perfect place km away got about half of that. Zig zagging limboing under branches with an 8-9 ft plant in a 50 litre pot. Got half way found it spot with some light and had to give up. No light getting dark. Next day plant gone found it not far away harvested for bud.
Never mind I cot cocky that year.
But morale of the story is if you can Finnish a plant mid august you will be fine, flash seeds have a look they have some autos that can grow three metres I think?s