First ever grow… little nervous and overwhelmed

Have been lurking here for a bit and am blown away and also intimidated by everyone’s expert knowledge but also very excited and inspired by most everything I read here. Love it. But anyway I won a couple seeds in a contest from a very generous member here 6 months ago or so and wanted to gain as much info as I could before I tried to grow them but then decide that the best thing to do would be to just dive in…. Had 3 seeds and popped 2. So far one looks very healthy (started in better soil) and one looks a little frumpy and I had to remove a few burnt leaves from the plant. I guess I need to transfer these pretty soon??? Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated as I am an idiot and know nothing but very eager to learn.


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What are your environment stats?Do you have a box or want to put Them outside?


We need pictures to help and the deets. :wink::sunglasses::v:


Post any questions you have bud, lots of help out here for you. Good luck with your grow.


Everyone has to start growing at the beginning.
Ask plenty of questions, Pics always help if you need an honest opinion or plant diagnosis.
It should be fun. Remember there’s no stupid questions. :+1: :+1: :+1:

edit*** remember sometimes we all have to fail to succeed.
Einstein failed math before he got good at it.
But we all would rather you not fail!!!


Give the pictures enough time to finish uploading buddy.
Growing in soil is perfect for beginners. No messing around with ph and ppm levels for the first few weeks. Just water and watch them grow.
You’ve not mentioned if your an outdoors grower or under artificial light indoors.


Good luck and good growing bud! I started my first ever solo grow back in March and out of 50 seeds popped only 4 survived. I wish you better results than I have seen.


Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, no matter how simple they might be, in the pursuit of knowledge theres no stupid questions really. Well I’m sure there might be some :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but you get what I mean. If you don’t know, you don’t know.

Everyone here, even the experts and gurus started from nothing, and had to learn.
You’re in good company here on OG and there’ll always be a bunch of people willing to help you out!

Good luck with the grow!



No matter how much you read, or learn, or study, or write things down, you have to literally make mistakes in order to learn practically. DO NOT be discouraged, every single one of us messed up our first grow and/or many plants along the way. I’ve been growing a lil over 3 yrs now, and every once in a while this shit still overwhelms or stumps me on occasion.



Thank you guys. Was trying to load the pics in bad service but here are my two little babies


I haven’t even decided this part yet. It’s probably way too far along in the season for an outdoor grow in Jersey. I have some lighting but will probably have to upgrade to continue here. They’ve just been in a windowsill since sprouting


For now, go with less water, instead of more. If they droop over then they are really thirsty.

But, if you really over water, they’ll rot and drown in the excess water. That’s because the brand new root system is very small and it’s just not possible for it to consume too much water. They don’t have the leaf growth on top to help with all of the extra water yet. Slow as you go. it will literally droop over if too dry but won’t die if you get it the same day or sooner. If too wet, the sprout will drown and rot before you get it.

Best luck! And, welcome to OG! :v:


Thank you ! putting some drainage in and slowing down on water


They look good! I would suggest getting them under lighting as soon as you’re able. Better lighting has made a big difference for me. It’s a process, you will find what works for you. Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Definitely get some drainage holes in those cups.

No, I would not transplant them for a while. They can get pretty big just in solo cups.

As far as lighting. Do you have any fluorescents lying around?


I’ll send a pic of the $25 light I got from Amazon i forget what kind of specs it has


Welcome back @JerseyGrower it has been a minute. You can do it with all the great help here!