First grow diary for Mechelle. X

Hi guys , just my daily up date ,to how my babies are doing .:blush::slight_smile:…All are actually doing really well. ! My 2 wee runts have picked up , and is growing ,a lot better now ,so still got 9 out the 10 I germinated. Some pics .x mechelle x


Awwww put some of yestardays pics … Sox .mechelle x here’s 1more x


Don’t throw away those crisped up plants!!! I bet you could easily make a killer batch of potent butter out of that … silver lining.

Do you have a crock pot?

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I’ve still got them … I just don’t know how to make it … I’ve got bubble bags too , as I said I’ve not got a clue … X yeah I’ve got a cook pot . what else do I need ? Please! Thank you . mechelle x

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Oh just seen you said crock pot , ! Is that the same thing , a cooking pot ?.. :slight_smile:mecjhelle x


You can also use it to make Green Dragon tincture. Check out my thread for details.


I will do doll, thanx for that mechelle x


Only thing is , would I need to put them in oven still, as they’ve been cooked under a 600 watt HP’s and a heater turn on max 3 of them are pure dry apart from ,there is sticky in middle of them , but pretty much dryer up , all those plants are 4 ft , but …! When I touch them I know they’ll crumble. Well 2 other s aren’t as dryer up , all were nearly finished and covered n frost, just leaving them for they 5days .still got somothers that I hope I’ve saved ,if not , oh well …oh and I’ll Ned to look on line for that 95’% alchoal as ,you can’t get it here, but good thread doll. Mechelle x


So, if it were me, I would cut the plants, remove any material that is of no use, dry everything else by hanging it until it is truly dry (1 week +/-), and follow the instructions in the tincture thread.


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Yes, still use the oven it is not just for drying. :+1::seedling:


Decarbs it too, I was bit quick there on answering that.mechelle x


Thanx doll, I think I’m going to try that, will be good if it works out . ha Mechelle?le x

Personally I would dry them out and grind them up with a blender (or food processor if you have one)… put them in a crockpot with 1lb~ of butter and cook on low/warm for 12/12 (24) hours.

Then you would just need a strainer to strain the butter from the plant material/water.

It’s an extremely easy process that I do every time i grow, multiple times.

I then put the butter in the fridge and drop it in my coffee/tea and it gets me all day every day.
My favorite way to ingest THC, to be honest.

There are a lot of people on here with probably better methods (haven’t read anything below your response to me) …but I would do whatever is easiest for you… I’ll copy and paste the instructions I first used:

"1 pound of butter per 30-40 grams plant matter

1 cup of water and plant material in pot

Cook low in crockpot for 8-9:30 hours (or 12 on low and 12 on warm in my case), stirring at least once an hour during low part, less during warm

Use cheese cloth to squeeze and strain butter out of plant matter into bowl

Put in fridge for couple hours so butter hardens and separates from water

Take out and separate the butter from the water (might have to use a knife as it should be hard)- store in wax paper in tupperware in refrigerator

Butter is all done"

The reason i like this process is because the grinding / slow cook does everything for you including de-carb. May not be THE most efficient but it’s easy and works.


My main point was to not get rid of it because i would bet ggood money that there is still plenty of usable material there.

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I’ve seen that done before years ago, but I think that probs sounds the easyest way for me and lots more simpler sounding. Lol. Thanx everyone for there input. Mechelle x

Just read the other posts from 99 and Reiko- DEFINITELY not knocking any other methods… again my main point was to save it.

Crockpot method is far far from the cleanest but it works for me every time… Cheese cloth is important though because you definitely want to give the plant matter a tight squeeze (I use a vice grip) to ring all of the butter out after cooking… I used a combination of cheese cloth and a handheld kitchen strainer under the vice… you can use your hands to ring it out too, just wear some gloves.

It’s very oldschool but it’s simple and works. De-carbing via the oven might be beneficial too, I just have never used high end material in butter so I’ve never bothered with it considering they are in the crock for ~24 hours.

Seriously though, you have a lot of material there- you might be surprised what you can salvage! :slight_smile:


Not at all the 95% alchoal would be harder to get a hold of .and I don’t drink and don’t know if the taste of alcohol will be there… And just sounds harder to do ( for me ) as I’m so thick , most of the time … Thanx again everyone . mechelle x

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It’s actually a brand of “slow cooker”-

It just sort of autopilotes the cooking part (i just like the fact i can leave it on over night and it automatically turns over to “warm” for 12 hours after 12 on low)… you can always do the cooking in a pot as well but you may want to take a look at some other threads that use kitchen stove top cooker because it’s usually a faster process (doubt you’re going to sit there for 12+ hours stirring a pot… but i mean it’s the same thing in the end, a heated pot with a lid).

If you end up doing a faster cooking method, definitely look into the de-carb process. That’s about all I can say on the topic as I have only done the slow cooking method via crockpot myself :slight_smile: Good luck! You shouldn’t need much :wink:


Thanx again doll and I will do. Mechelle x

No problem- I forgot to add 1 cup of water per lb of butter on that recipe- having a lid on it to keep the water in there (to keep the butter from actually cooking/burning) is very important…

As long as you stick to that, you really can’t mess it up as long as it is strained well. Enjoy!!!

Also- if you arent happy with the straining (think thre is butter in there but it hardened a little/cant squeeze it out), you can always put the matter back on the stove (adding a little more water just ot be safe), warm it back up and strain it again. I usually strain 2 - 3 times to make sure i got it all (and then put the leftover in my Mr.Coffee underneath the grinds to make SUPER sure i got it all; hot coffee will pull the rest right out, especially with its own oils… none wasted :slight_smile:)

Ignore that last paragraph if it’s getting to complicated.

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