First time growing autos and doing it outdoors

This is my first time trying to grow some autos. I am going to be doing them outside. Currently I have some Hawaiian Haze going outside, my first grow ever, but like most on here I have the grow fever. Lol

I am doing Sour Diesel and Jack Herer from Demonic Genetics. I am also doing an Afghani and a Monster Kush from Mark. I put them in the Jiffy grow pods I use today.

I have been reading different threads about soil for growing autos outside. Lots of stuff out there. Any help is always appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Along the for the ride my man. :bus:


Sounds great!! Pulling up a chair.


What’s type and size of pots are you going to use? What fertilizer if any are you going to use. Good luck with your grow. I’ll be watching

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Good for you…CONGRATS!!!


Hey TreeTop. My plan is to use either a 3 or 5 gallon fabric pot. I am not sure about fertilizer. I figure the right soil mix may have enough to pull me through. I am still learning and experimenting.


Just be careful not to stunt them and you should be alright. Autos can be unforgiving of mistakes.

If your interested I can share a simple water only soil mix that will get you through flower in three gallon containers.


that sounds interesting


I would appreciate that very much. I am all about learning and would prefer not to screw it up.


I’m definitely interested. :grinning:


This recipe is for two cubic feet of soil (15 gallons)

Base Mix
7.5 gallons of peat moss
4.5 gallons of perlite
3 gallons of fresh EWC or compost
2.5 cups of dolomite lime

Ammend with
2 cups bone meal
1 cup blood meal
1 cup kelp meal
1 cup greensand (optional)

Save a few gallons of the base mix for seedlings and clones. Let the mix sit for 3-4 weeks before using keeping it slightly moist.


I really appreciate you doing that. I have some of the items, but the other stuff is easy enough to get.


Thanks for sharing that @ReikoX. :vulcan_salute:


I am now on my fifth auto grow. I was skeptical of the quality and/or worthiness of even growing autos before I grew some Dyviders produced originally by @ReikoX and then I grew the F2s made from them by @Scissor-Hanz . Even though this is the only version of autos I have ever grown, my experience with them has convinced me that they are quite worthwhile indeed. My limited overview of autos informs me that this particular variety is relatively small compared to many autos on the market currently. I nevertheless really like how they automatically begin to flower after only a few weeks from seed. They are finished in 60 to 70 days from seed. Amazing. Regardless of light cycle, or indoor outdoor. Now the potency and flavor of these little Dyviders is equal to, or better than many of the photo strains that I have grown both in and out.
I live and grow in SoFla, but I can enthusiastically recommend autos for anyone that lives in the North Country that needs to obtain an early harvest unscathed by impending inclement weather conditions.


It has been four and a half days since I put the seeds in the Jiffy starter pods. We had an unexpected rain on Monday night, although they were in a protected area, some rain got in. I think they may have drowned. Since I am extremely new to growing and auto seeds,do they take longer to germinate?

If I do not see anything by Sunday evening, then I am going to drop a few more. Is it better to use the wet paper towel method with autos?

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If your Jiffy pellets are in a tray outdoors and unsupervised, then it is possible that you drowned them. If you are going to leave the Jiffy pellets outdoors overnight, it would be best to put them onto a flat surface, so water cannot pool up around them, and it will drain off quickly, preventing potential drowning. I also noticed that you stated in your other thread that you place seeds “1 to 2 inches" deep in your pellets. IMO, this is too deep, there is no need to place them more than ¼ inches beneath the surface. I direct sow into the medium always, unless I suspect a viability deficiency, then I soak or use paper towels.


Thanks Calyzander. They were on a flat surface, in the tray with the cover, under a chair. Something told me to bring them in, but no rain was in the forecast so I left them out. The next morning there was a lot of rain water in the tray bottom. I will try not so deep next time.

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I want to clarify, do not use a tray outdoors over night, make sure they are on a surface which has no sides whatsoever, you want to avoid any possibility of water collecting on/in the surface.
Hopefully your seeds will still sprout.
Good luck and have fun!


OK. I will move them from the tray and just let them sit. I did this process with my plants I have outdoors now and had good success. However, I did bring them in at night and back out in the day. It was also in late May and the temperature was not so high. Thanks for the time and advice.

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Well, from what I have read in your threads, I think that you have a very large head start in growing cannabis successfully compared to most true pure newbie growers here on OG.

You have experience in growing non cannabis plants, whereas the majority of beginning cannabis growers here had zero experience growing anything at all.

I myself started growing cannabis without any prior experience growing anything. But once I became proficient in growing cannabis, I started getting curious about growing non cannabis plants from seed. So I began what became a lifelong hobby of gardening.

I am enamored of the very process of growing anything from seed, and have been for quite a long time now.