FirstCavApache64 ongoing grow journal and pollen chucks

This will pickup where my first journal ended. There are several clones I’m running this time around; Motorbreath 15, Bubblegum BX and Purple Punch from Shoreline, Useful Seeds Genius Thai Extreme x Chocolate Trip and GMO x Granny Skunk from @imstinky I got a few months back in a trade.
I’ll be selectively pollinating with BOG Seeds Blue Moon Rocks pollen I received as a contest win from @DougDawson and hoping for some good crosses. Here where we are now at week 1 from flip.



Count me in! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know I’m sitting in for this one! Bean bag chair up front and center. Good luck!!!

Make sure you have the GMO x Granny Skunk in a place where you can get some smells off of it. It’ll start becoming this crazy artificial sour apple candy smell. But end of flower it’ll be that sour aftershave/shaving cream scent.


I’m subbed as well,you will rock it like you do!

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The GMO x Granny Skunk is really a nice plant to grow. Been feeding Jacks 5-12-26, CalNit and Epsom at half strength or right around 700 ppm’s and it’s been loving it.

The Genius Thai Extreme x Chocolate Trip you gave me looks really happy as well.


Gmo granny skunk (aka Granny’s Cunt) loves to be topped to make her wide. She will def stretch more than the GTExCT so if you are trying to keep everything level, you might need to supercrop it. I’ve had to do that before and she won’t miss a beat.


Here are some future mom’s in the blurple hell that is my clone tent for now.

Pre 98 Bubba Kush

Triangle Kush

Trinity from Cannaventure

Bubblegum, Purple Punch, Motorbreath 15, GMO x Granny Skunk, Smaller Triangle Kush and Trinity.

I hope to be doing some reversals this year with the Motorbreath 15 and Triangle Kush clones and making some S1 seeds along with some crosses.


Awesome brother! You know I’m down! Stoked for all of these! Looking forward to the show!


Looks like this is off to a GR8 start like the last one, plants are looking very healthy and bursting with energy! :sunglasses::peace_symbol:


Good luck reversing the Triangle’s, I hear they are an absolute bitch to reverse.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll do a run of just flower first so I can see what it looks like and what the stretch is like on it. Then I’ll give the reversal a shot. I’ve never tried before so I’m sure there will be a learning curve as to what strength STS to use and how many applications. I’m honestly just excited as hell to finally have the cut.


Talk to @HolyAngel about his TKs and reversal efforts. He’s the local expert on the Triangle as far as I’m concerned.


Setting this thread to “watching” :metal:
Lot of :fire: in those tents, excited to see this run!


Looks like you got a good start with this one too!

:green_heart: :seedling:


Things are running smoothly for now with the possible exception of how big the MB 15 is going to be after stretch. Keeping it away from the light will be a struggle but it should be doable. Purple Punch has stretched a decent bit and should be a nice yielding plant looking at the developing bud sites. GMO x Granny Skunk is a really nice plant and I’m looking forward to seeing it develop through flower. Bubblegum is sparse on bud sites with big internodes. I’m thinking I’ll top it next run and give it more light in veg. Here’s a couple pics and hope y’all are having a great weekend.

My old girl Pumpkin looking for kitty treats

Purple Punch

GMO x Granny Skunk

Bubblegum in the back corner

Whole tent with MB 15 in the front left


You are always killing it, GR8 looking :eyes: plants :evergreen_tree: :+1::sunglasses::v:


Garden’s looking great. :v:t3::herb:
Wishing you a rocking weekend as well…
Pumpkin looks cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks great bro! Getting big and beautiful in there! Awesome


Nice choices, great mix. I love the whole tent shot. Wait a few weeks it’ll be as colorful as a box of crayons.


I was planning on doing the first pollination today but the bud development is taking it’s time and I hate to dust little pom pom buds. I’m going to wait until day 28 from flip, next Sunday, and give em hell then.
The garden looks really happy and I had to do some supercropping on MB 15 as it was 10" from the light and needs 18-22 inches of clearance to not bleach out. Hoping it was enough but I’d kill for another foot of vertical space right now.

MB 15 after supercropping

MB 15 on the day of the breaks

Genius Thai Extreme x Chocolate Trip
Purple Punch Everybody

GMO x Granny Skunk

Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone’s plants are doing great!