The Central American landrace and heirloom thread

This Thread is designed to be a showcase for Central American, Mexican, Northern South American, and Caribbean landraces and heirlooms. Meant to be a go to thread for those doing research on strains from this part of the world. It is hoped that documentation will occur starting with pictures of the seeds to be germinated… anyone interested in genetics from this part of the world is not only welcome but encouraged to join in the fun. And since this is the Mexican Christmas run, the more the merrier! Let the seed cracking commence!


To get things rolling, I would like anyone that is interested in joining in the fun to write down the name of their landrace or heirloom that they will be growing, starting now through the New Year give or take. This will allow people looking to join in to see what is already being grown, so they can better pick what they would choose to grow. I’ll start the list off. If there is anyone that has no seeds that fit the bill, but they would like to join in, I have an extra pack of Highland Guerrero, and a pack of what is called vintage Mexican, an open pollination of Central and South American landraces from the 70s. Due to the Rarity of these landraces, I am asking anyone interested in these two packs to make a few seeds. A branch would be plenty. If I have offered someone Highland Guerrero, I remember that offer, but just can’t remember who you are. dm me

  1. Panama ( Snowhigh) Upstate
  2. Oaxacan ( Cryptic Labs)Upstate
  3. Red Snake ( cannabiogen) Lefthandseeds
  4. Lambsbread( Exotic Alchemy) Rootfarmer

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It should be a fun thread… by the time I got into smoking, Mexican landraces were a thing of the past. Only brickweed not affectionately known as dirt weed was around my area by the early 90s. But I grew up hearing the stories of the legendary Central American weed. For me this is a dream come true to finally be able to grow some.


I’ll get some seed photos here shortly


@Upstate are you by chance going to collect any pollen from your Cryptic Labs Oaxacan? If so, can I offer you a trade?

I think @8k_feet and I might be joining the the fun a few weeks late. We were talking about doing an Eldorado project, and I wanted to collect some Cryptic Labs Oaxacan pollen for part of it. Eldorado is a strain Nirvana / Sativa Seedbank.


You know I’ll have pollen brother! Since the oaxacan will be a faster flowering strain than the Panama, I will be flowering that one slightly earlier. I don’t plan on starting the seeds for another week or so, to give people time to get ready to join in. When will you be needing the pollen?


If I had to guess, plants won’t be ready to take it until early Feb. I am thinking through the details now.

My tent is flowering for about 2 more months. About 3 weeks before that (mid-Jan), I’m going to start my 5x Red Snake seeds (Punto Rojo x Oaxacan), collecting pollen from males and cloning females. Depending on space, I want to try and get a few Oaxacan Gold females cloned as well. After that, starting all the Eldorado seeds, and flowering everything at the same time between me and @8k_feet


Timing should be perfect. @lefthandseeds.



Oaxacan seeds are either gray or dark in color and have some speckles. Pointed on one end, round on the other.
Highland Guerrero seeds are almost all dark in color and have Speckles, which in some cases extend to become very short lines. Seeds are pointed on one end.
The Vintage Mexican, an open pollination preservation of 1970s Central and South American landrace’s have seeds varying from grayish, to dark in color, and are the smallest of the three. Most seeds have some Speckles, but some have no patterns at all.
All in all, the seeds are looking similar, with the two Mexican landrace is being the most similar to each other.


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@Upstate, leave the door slightly ajar, I’ll slither in after dark and take my normal seat over there in the corner. Got a fresh Mug of African Nectar Tea, a Twinkie or two and, a healthy curiosity. Work your magic, Sage, do pass on your knowledge. Have a most pleasant week, take care, stay EXTRA safe and, indeed, be well…mister :honeybee:


The closest I ever came to having anything from that region was the brick weed we used to get. I actually have some seeds from a friend that still gets some every so often.
Those are also the seeds, brick weed in general, that I started growing with. Although none of those took longer than 10 weeks so I doubt they would be a pure landrace.


Great topic @Upstate. Will definitely be following this along. Fortunately I am old enough I smoked some of the weed in the 70’s

One of the top smokes I ever had was in 1978. They called it Chocolate Columbian. It was dark like chocolate, just as addictive, and you were high as hell for hours.

I have never had any weed like that ever again. Had many a good smoke, but nothing like that.


Wonder if that is what’s known as choco Chiba? The brothers of eternal love were known for using Thai genetics in Latin America. Perhaps chocolate Thai and Colombian were crossed? Sounds like a good one…may have to remake it😁. You are fortunate to have gotten to try it. It’s my personal belief that a lot of the most potent weed tried during the 70s was indeed hybrid smoke. I will be spending the better part of the rest of my life Crossing sativas once I get to know them better.


Definitely not going to miss any of this. There is a big chunk of my love for this plant right here.


I’m not sure how to make a post so that anybody can edit it,( wiki?)but go ahead and add your strain to the list on the 2nd post if you are able to. Edit…I just did it. @ Rootfarmer, I added yours as well. Where are you @Instg8ter? What are you running?


Any interest in joining in the fun? I have some extra seeds…


@MrToast, if your situation has changed at all I still have seeds for you.