Freakshow strain?

Anyone ever hear of this one before??


Nope, never seen it or heard of it…looks strange to me!


Looks like it was crossed with a fern, heh. Very strange. I’m definitely not that target market for something like this. :smiley:


Lmfao yeah seriously some ferny ass leafs lol! What a trip - almost hard to believe it’s real


Wtf @Grease_Monkey check this out.
Looks like a lot more light would get into the bottoms

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Lol perfect fridge strain?

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That’s some crazy looking stuff

Savage!! When will these seeds be available? Only 6XX views?..was this video released today?

yeah but, hows it smoke?


Vid is only 12 hours old. Looks cool. That would be a great one to grow out, for science…

I bet the buds are fluffy. Those leaves, I just don’t trust haha :v:

WTF ! That shit it wack man! Lol

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This is interesting. The cops won’t know what to look for. :laughing:


They say it’s a fruity sativa smoke and go out of their way to say it isn’t Australian Bastard Cannabis (i.e. low quality).

I will probably buy it. Looks cool and unique to me, even if it is just a novelty.

But speaking of ABC and seed addictions… I am currently growing Subterfuge 1 by Hybri-tech out. An ABC hybrid. Pretty slow growing, and I just flipped it to flower. He markets it as a stealth, mid quality smoke or hash strain. I could walk by it in someone’s yard or outside (at least so far in veg) and not know it is Cannabis. Someone unfamiliar with Cannabis would have an extremely tough time id’ing it as such.


Do an OG seed run! :thumbsup:

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Yea it probably needs a good breeder to fix it

Yeah I’ve been following them on ig for forever now. I get the feeling these plants don’t produce “buds” as we’re used to. They’re smart to build up hype and sell them based off the leaf shape

Dragonfly earth medicine have a very similar variety apparently:

Doesn’t sound like they have it locked down though.


Oh yeah i think i remember seeing something like this on dragonearthfly medicine IG. I really dig those guys.

What a weird ass strain… lol


Seeds are available now… saw them for ~$218/20p seed pack. I want to grow them… but I also have hundred of seeds in my fridge to grow out with no time, so hard to justify :grimacing: