Freakshow strain?

Here’s my Freakshow lady, planted DWC 4/20/20



Savage, bro!! Are those leaves crazy or what, eh!?!!! What kind of light? What nutes?

Welcome to OG!!! Hope you stick around for a while!!!


This is under a Miracle Punchy light.

Nutrients in DWC - Flora Series 3 part nutrients.

I’m trying to find out how long I need to let it veg…

Check the roots size in the pot, if they will almost fill it I would flip it, looking good so far … :sunglasses:

That freak show is pretty neat…Reminds me of my own project…

A friends gave me seeds for a strange strain he came across while traveling…some have called it Wally Duck…others said Dutch Passion had a version called Frisian Duck…Whatever it is…it’s not of any practical use unless it has some strength…

So whatever it was…it’s now different…:+1:

I’ve crossed it will GSC, GG4, and Tangiematic Auto and am now doing f2’s to recapture both the Autoflower and Webbed recessive.(.approx 1 in 16 plants.)
The traits coming are cool and diverse…
Webbed leaf…crinkled leaf, Maple leaf, purple buds, green buds, photo period, Auto…The f3’s I’ll have various options that will begin to stabilize…Here’s a few snaps…I simply top the one that has neither trait rather than pull them…to see if they create anything interesting…
I started breeding this thinking it would be useful in areas of the world where cannabis is questionable or possibly prone to short seasons

Cheers to diversity…

image image image image image image


ducks foot .
I remember about 20 years back it was popular cool plant.


I remember Sannies was sent ducksfoot years ago
Its pretty cool leaves

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Has pretty big buds actually, there was a post on here earlier this year around March and they were doing a seed run with it

Looking for these seeds if anyone has any!!

They are in stock at a few different seedbanks. Not cheap though.

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@Tappy has made a run together.


Wally duck was playing around with that strain a couple years back was always gonna ask for a few just to see what the hype was about .