Free Seeds & Free Clones Thread Vol. 2 (Part 1)

Love the OG spirit! Way to go! You guys are awesome! @Floyd, @misterbee, @Instg8ter, @Badger!


Here’s the JW cut we have had since it won in MI cannabis cup. I get some S1 about a dozen per pound. It’s a closet hermie.


Beautiful ones! Congrats!

What’s JW? It sure looks good. Nice work!

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Beautiful. My S1 hasn’t hermied on me, but I gave a friend some cuts for an outdoor grow and he got some undeveloped seed at harvest. Its in the genes I guess.

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JW - Josey Wales RIP found GG4 and then spread the cut around the cannabis community for free.
RIP Josey Wales [11-18-1953 - 05-06-2020]


@HappyTrees23s pm me if you want some random landrace seeds.


Thank you @Floyd, and thank you @Trowertripper. I really appreciate that.

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I’ll have to look


PM your Personal Info, I’ll put together a “few” for ya. If you don’t like the selections, put 'em on the Trade Winds to get a “better” stash. Starting over can be a pain, been there/done that!!! May all you’ve gone through only strengthen your resolve. Cry if you must, but get back in the fight. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


@HappyTrees23s I’ve got a bunch of seeds I can send your way. Send me a PM with address.


Thank you @misterbee & @firehead

I keep thinking about how what I lost I can never replace. It is seriously depressing. I had a bunch of seeds I found in my dad altoids tins, and an entire film canister full that he had saved up over the years. I found them before he passed away and wanted to grow out and cross some to remember him with, but they are gone forever now and it really pains me. It might sound dumb, but I always felt I could smoke what he did and it would make me feel closer to him now that he is gone. Idk

Thank you all for the generosity. I realy do appreciate it. I will be paying it foward in the future. I have a few ideas and projects I want to complete soon, so if all works out ill be having a bunch of giveaways.
Stay Safe Everyone
:v: :smiley: :latin_cross: :heart:


@HappyTrees23s pm me, I’ll send you some OH X PAC (Huckleberry Crackers)…

Shitty deal with the Tree, I’m sure it ain’t cheap to fix a roof and damaged items & of course some of then can’t be replaced. Sorry to hear about your dad bro, I can relate. My Dad passed this year… Remembering and telling stories is helpful.


Im sorry to that :disappointed_relieved: It is something that hurts me anytime I think about it. I try and remember good memories, but it always just makes me more upset. Then my mind turns to regrets.
I know he is watching over me thou, as I know your dad is watching over you.
Sometimes things happen that I know could only been him doing it or guiding things in my life. Im sure you will experience this too. It lets me know he is still here. Maybe not on this plane, but he is still alive in existence.

If you ever need anything please let me know.
I have crazy insomnia, so im always awake.


I hear ya brother. Shit bites for sure. I just keep my mind busy to keep myself from getting down hard. It’s better some days then others…

I’m tryin to flip my sleep from nights to day shifts, It ain’t working tonight :sleeping:

Pm your addy and I’ll send this out Monday. It can help a little on the journey and addiction of seed collecting again.


Thank you. Keeping busy definitely helps. Im usaually up for a few days at a time thenpass out for 12 hours. So whenever you want send me a PM.


I typically pull a 20 hour day…unless i smoke myself to sleep…often you just get too tired to sleep…thats where the mj comes in. Best to get a full nights sleep every day…


I would, but like you said I get to a point that sleep isnt an option. I usaually work a full day, go home stay up, go to work again, go home and either stay up again that night, or study in my bed till I pass out.
Cannabis sometimes helps if I have the right stuff, but It usaually just gets my creative juices flowing and I end up filling notbooks with ideas and projects I want to complete.


How about a tribute strain rising from the ashes, like a Phoenix? What strains did he enjoy? Make a cross, and name it in his honor. If you project your sadness in another direction, it could help. Use it as motivation.


Yea sounds like you haven’t found the right strain. There is one out there trust me. About anything with indica in it will put me down when I’m not working but my job stresses me out. I work with disturbed teenagers and some nights it’s bourbon or nothing.
My favorite to island sweet skunk because it makes my body go through and inventory checklist it seems then my mind has to go through it’s checklist and then my soul gets a visit. Strong medicine it is? I don’t have extra seeds but maybe soon! Romulan grapefruit is nother favorite but it’s not quite as heavy, it’s more creative side weed…I am fortunate enough to have a stash of favorites that will help with going to sleep or help me wake up !