From SSeeDD to sail.. exploring SSDD, pollen chucks & Bodhi Crosses

Going to shift into this thread from my other which was more Goji focused. The goal will be to attempt to pollen chuck with some SSDD genetics (F1s and Crosses) assuming there are no problems or failures. Hope to try multiple different pollen sources over time. To be clear from the start I am not a breeder and I have no aspirations to be a breeder. I do find pollen chucking a good way to loosely preserve quality genetics without relying on mothers and it also keeps the hobby fun. That said any tips from those more knowledgeable about breeding and genetics feel free to provide input or correct any ignorant assumptions I may be displaying in my posts here. Always value when I can learn something and or improve.

First up will be a mother from my first pack of SSDD F1s and will hopefully be a recipient of pollen. I am referencing it as the 10% Bubbashine pheno as was described by Bodhi. Mother seed was popped in 2020 and one of the two last remaining of the pack. Really would like to get some F2s of multiple different males made with it if possible assuming life is cooperative with me.

So to start the thread here are a few quotes from Bodhi about SSDD. I have not had any official confirmation of this being a bubbashine pheno but based on the descriptions it checks all the boxes. Feel free to disagree or post opposing viewpoints, I’m open to changing my opinion.

bubbashine smells of hot buttered blueberry muffins and kush, grows like a big og covered in crystals, and has an amazing potent warm snuggly euphoric pain relieving effect,especially good for nerve pain.

it’s one of those rare varieties that sticks to the bag even after its dry, with a rich chemmy fruity berry kush terpene signature and stand out notes of sour butter. i have a pheno i call the butter cut because it smells of dank berries and butter. im really happy to get this one out there, it is beautiful natural healing medicine for the community…. super sticky kushy chemmy berry butter funk.

KNOWN PHENOS: 70% hybrid pheno, bubbashine smell with bigger buds, nervous system harmonizer… 20% appalachia pheno, tangy chemy buds with dulingl warm blanket high… 10% bubba/blue moonshine pheno tighter kushy nuggy dreamy pheno

  • Tight nugs :white_check_mark:
  • Covered in frost :white_check_mark:
  • Blueberry muffin smell :white_check_mark:
  • Grows like an OG. :white_check_mark:
  • Potent warm snuggly euphoric effect / dreamy :white_check_mark:

Other potentially relevant quotes from Bodhi



Flower review from 2021 here : Bodhi Plant and seed guide (Part 1) - #3824 by syzygy

Some pictures of the mother

SSDD seeded with Goji OG pollen

And now here is a Male SSDD F1. No selection took place. Only male out of 3 seeds that came directly from a reputable distributor.


This shot is showing double serrations on fan leaves on the male. Apparently a trait commonly seen in SSDD F1 and F2s.

To be continued.


with a bang! really nice pics and great project


I know @HolyAngel will be able to help you out with info.

This is awesomeness good luck, I’m right here with ya :metal:


Thanks guys.

Ya love the goal-oriented work he’s doing with his medicinal SSDD F2. His IX seems great, the crosses look spectacular as well and am looking forward to any future F3 work we get to watch unfold. Appreciate being able to interact with him and others prior to making this post public. Hopefully this male is stable and viable.


Great thread. I’m definitely along for the ride.


Thank You for starting this thread! Set to watching. Very grateful you and a few others are documenting your work with the SSDD line. I hope you find what you seek.


Sitting in on this one. Thanks!!


Do yo thang! Nice! Following your journey from seed to sail. Ha! SSDD and it’s crosses that I’ve tried have all been great. Very therapeutic and medicinal! Definitely helps sooth my inner savage! Sunshine4 has been my favorite so far…… Thanks for the detailed write up homie! Go @syzygy !!


This is great, I’ll be watching


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Good vibes on the chucking @syzygy!! Excited to see what you get!


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Had me at SSDD and Bodhi

Count me in on following your journey…

Nice Pics :call_me_hand:


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Awesome , I used the F3 Boysenberry Pheno Goji to hit my ssdd (butter cut ) mom

very nice x … Good luck

Peace GT


3-14 Day negative 7 of 12/12 - timer incorrectly programmed

4 SSDD F1 females transplanted last night into 1 GAL pots.
1 SSDD F1 male topped last night and is slightly droopy but I’m not concerned at the moment.


Interesting, is that something you found or cut you received? I pollen chucked a Goji male at my SSDD but haven’t tried it yet. 1 out of 2 people ( @DesertHeartGardens ) reported late stage nanners on that one so I’m glad to get some different pollen thrown at this.

Agree completely. I especially like the crosses B made with his SSDD male so far. Haven’t tried Sunshine 4 but I know that one gets a ton of praise…


morning …this was PJ’s ssdd cut , and I crossed it with a F3 Goji , I guess he’s the one that found it

let \s see if I can get a pic up i just pulled a run of it 3 weeks ago…

Goji dad x ssdd mom 67days 12x12 , sorry about the hair lmao

Peace GT


Nice colors on that one! As someone with dogs that shed a lot I’d love to be able to keep the flowers 100% hair free and can relate. Unfortunately in my case I don’t see that as ever being possible despite religious vacuuming & having a hepa filter.

In other news a fairly stressed, rootbound and female Waking Dream (Wifi 43 x SSDD) has joined the mix.


Ok here’s another

My cam skills are lousy



Quick update because I wanted to document the less-than perfect health of the plants at this stage. Currently plants aren’t up to my standards but am not going to abandon ship unless things get really bad. Only after some viable seed here so I have a lot more wiggle room in terms of quality.

SSDD "bubbashine pheno"

Some look better than others but I expect all to recover in a week or 2 once the roots colonize the new pot. I transplanted them a bit earlier than I should have and then stressed them putting them under substantially brighter light than they were previously exposed to. Too much effort to take a picture of all but the worst one has a bit of interveinal chlorosis going on. Doesn’t concern me at the moment but will update if things become problematic. Currently all new growth looks healthy and normal.

SSDD3 Male - droopy leaves and overall look a bit unhealthy.

This one is a bit stressed and I assume it’s due to a combo of being rootbound and light-stressed (Light too intense for restricted root growth). If anyone else has a different read on it I’m all ears though.

Going to provide some background on the medium used and the light for context as well.

Background on the Medium : Mixed a cheap peat/lite bale with rice hulls & store bought worm castings. Don’t remember what amendments I added at the time or how much. Definitely motivates me to start another worm bin but due to hectic life schedule I took a lazy approach.

Background on Light : Few years old COB lights have been really weak for the past few months and ultimately decided to cut off the potentiometer. The intensity is “like new” again and likely a bit too intense for the plants that are currently rootbound in my opinion. Always interested to hear if anyone has any strategies for keeping rootbound plants happy “organically”.

picture doesn’t fully give the same effect as seeing it in person. This is the most zoomed out I could get with my lens so it doesn’t showcase the unhealthy leaf posture as much as I’d like.

Triple Sunshine c joined the fun.

Triple Sunshine is tk x ssdd from Bodhi seeds. This pheno is on the lankier side and has some structural similarities to the tk veg pictures that I’ve seen on here.

Veg picture

female confirmed

She is sensitive to high levels of fertility and has shown a bit of clawing .

Topped & pruned to keep short → fast forward weeks later.