Garden-Buddy's Basement

Gonna start doing regular updates here.

I have been growing in a coots style mix trying to maintain a living soil in big fabric pots for about two years. I water with rainwater when it is warm and the barrel is full, and switch to a carbon filter on municipal water as needed, all on a blumat watering system using blusoak tape.

I have been vegging under flourescents in a 2x4 and flowering under DIY leds
I made out of discounted quantum boards from HLG. I also tossed a little 100w hps in there because I had it.

I’ve accumulated a nice little collection of seeds from friends, several from @Sebring, and I bought several discount packs from Snowhigh. Will be trying to get a few plants out of the Snowhigh stuff early January.

Currently running Snowhigh Big Mountain Gold and Black Triangle. Here they are on day 46(derp day 39, was looking at the wrong date on the calendar)


They look healthy and happy @Garden-Buddy.


They look beautiful! We recently started doing living soil, love it!


I reamended with rock dust, crustacean meal, insect frass, karanja, and rabbit manure after the last run. I also use, worms, malted barley, rootwise microbe complete, coconut powder, and buildabloom. Just gonna coast on into the finish line now. Temp and humidity sits around 70f and 55-70%. They are all very happy this round. The last round of forum stomper autos were not, but still put out some nice buds.


Your plants are ‘happy campers’ :+1:
‘Rabbit Raisins’ are magical…



Nice little grow!

Buildasoil also has a bunch of great info regarding organic, and no-till style growing…

Keep up the good work!



Have learned a lot from the BAS YouTube channel, I’m also into the cannabis cultivation and science podcast, shaping fire, and growcast.


Tagging along for the ride, looking good :wink:


I have a simmering population of slugs and isopods. I suspect the slugs came in with the rabbit poo I topdressed with several weeks ago and I’ve had a colony of isopods in one of my larger pots for the last couple cycles. Been just removing the slugs since they are small and like to congregate on the blusoak tape, and I’ve put diatomaceous earth around the bases of the plants and on the main trunk to discourage any upward mobility.

Added some goodies the other day to get through the 2nd half of flowering: Build a Bloom, freeze dried coconut, rootwise microbe complete. Pretty much coasting now. Day 42 on the Black Triangle and Big Mountain Gold.

Thinking about next round, looking at trying to get more of these Snowhigh genetics going.


Your garden is looking great and a nice haul on the Snowhigh gear!


Thanks, there are some awesome genetics in those seeds, if I can get them to pop and grow. The BMG I have going right now is super Hardy and smells wonderful. I’ve had some luck with blackberry space wreck and another one called quicksilver. The hope is to get one or two growing and do a seed increase.


Day 49 on these guys. Some Big Mountain Gold and Black Triangle.

I’m really excited about the BMG. It is Big Mountain Blue(whatever that is?)x Aculpulco Gold x C99 seems to be finishing up pretty fast, probably give it a couple more weeks.

The BT I’m thinking, is gonna get turned into hash mostly.

And BT


They are looking good, lots of milky trichs, still seem to be slinging out a lot of new pistil growth though :+1:


Pistils are just starting to recede. Definitely giving them another couple weeks


Pulling up a chair, looking good. Best of luck.


Current round is finishing up. I’m psyched about maybe getting some of this Snowhigh stuff going. I have a lot of fresh aloe around and some of these root riot cubes so I think I’m going try scuffing them, then stuffing them in some aloe for a day before planting in the cubes and crossing my fingers.


Here are some pics of the Black Triangle. I grew it from from seed last time and this is a clone from that, not sure if it is having issues, from seed it’s leaves didn’t start yellowing at all really and here we are at day 57 with yellowing/spotted leaves. Could chop any day now but I think another week or two will do them good, I’ll just keep plucking leaves as they turn, not much else I want to do for it at this point. Here is before and after I strung some stuff up that was flopping over.


…and some close ups of the Snowhigh Blue Mountain Gold


That’s what I do, chop an aloe leaf, make it gooey squishing the end and then stuff as many cuts as I can in it for 24 hours. I also blend up the aloe and add it to the water I soak the jiffy peat pucks in.


Been thinking about garden goals for 2022. Definitely gonna try to F2 whatever I can get to sprout out of the Snowhigh stuff I have.

I’m also interested in acquiring some new gear, eventually. My wishlist would include:
Anvil from Gnome Automatics
C99 from Baudelaire
Freakshow via Humboldt Seed Company

Very curious about Agseedco’s 100% Columbian Haze, but have heard mixed results.

I would grow anything from Humboldt Seed Company, they have hunted through thousands of plants on multiple farms and analyzed terps onsite to guide their breeding.

Also very interested in the stuff CSI is doing with classic heirlooms, would be fun to hunt through some of that.

Would love to grow some landrace stuff too. Some NLD Thai, Cambodian, or vietnamese would be exciting or some African heirloom varieties like Transkei, Malawi, Congo, or Rooribaard. Probably getting ahead of myself though, someday.