Nagel420 - Third Times A Charm!

Yup, this is my virgin online grow journal. New to the site, but not to gardening. Figured I would share my setup, thoughts, etc and maybe get some useful feedback. So far, what I am doing has worked for me, but who knows, there are always other ways to skin a cat :smiley: lol

Ok, so, for starters, jumped back into the growing foray a little late this year, but better late than never, right? I grew back in college (guerilla grows for personal), and did ok, then I did some indoor growing maybe 10 years ago and did ok, but it was always bag seed. This go-round, I figured I would pony up for some good seed, and well, that’s where my story begins I guess…

Decided to order seeds online, did a bit of research on who would ship to me, etc etc, thought I had done enough research, and wanting to keep within a budget, and not wanting 10 seeds ea of any variety (just gimme 3 and I’ll be happy), it took a bit of searching to find seed banks with lower quantities. Of course… “He who has the biggest marketing, wins”. And I placed an order thru Pacific Seed Bank in April.

3 pack of seeds each, for : Alaskan Thunderfuck, Sour Diesel, White Widow, Purple Kush, (all photos) and Jack Herer (autoflowers). It took maybe two weeks to get them, but I had all but one germinated by May 18 (trusty soak and into a paper towel in a baggie on top of the router method lol), and they were put into soil then.

They all germninated except one Alaskan Thunderfuck between 5/18 - 5/19, and were planted into starter cups.

By June 1st we had these little ones…

And by June 25th they had grown a little:

(Back row) Sour Diesel, Alaskan Thunderfuck, White Widow (front right) Purple Kush. The little guys (Blueberry, Alaskan Purple and Pineapple Express II came from Seedsman and were planted mid June). These are supposed to become moms… (1 of each)

I also put the other 2 of each outside. BOY did they stretch (12 noon until 7pm direct sun, dappled shade in the am).

Also put the 3 Jack Herer Autos in my veggie garden at the same time:


Had to do a little re-arranging in my grow area last night, moving a few tents around before the girls get too big. The back row is the PSB plants from above, and the front two rows are from Seedsman (2 ea blueberry, alaskan purple, pineapple express II, black cream, blackberry). The blackberry and black creams are autos.

Funny looking plant for 18/6 if its a photoperiod Sour Diesel. HMM. Perhaps its NOT???

Need to finish up my little “space adjustment”, then I’ll snap pics of the girls all in their new homes…


The 6 in the back are photos (2 ea pineapple express II, blueberry, alaskan purple). The 4 in the front are autos (2ea blackberry, black cream).

43 days in… Funny how all these photoperiod buds look under 18/6 lighting, huh? Me thinks I have no clue what they really are other than being auto and female and weed. Pacific Seed Bank CLEARLY sent whatever they had… And not what I ordered. Reached out to them, they asked for pics of the flowering buds. ROFL. uhm like I couldn’t take pics of ANY buds? Really don’t think I’m gonna get far with them, so BE FOREWARNED. I sure did get some seeds, but NOT what I paid for.

Here’s a few more pics of the “flowers that shouldn’t be”:

I’ll take 'em, but they don’t work for me as mothers, and since I now question genetics entirely, they are well, useless for any breeding projects and strictly to grow and be surprised with what comes out I guess. At least the Jack Herer’s outside finally started to bud, I was starting to think my entire order was reversed. My biggest complaint though was not realizing they were autos, I transplanted, topped, basically exactly what you dont wanna do to an auto. Because I thought it was a photo. Ahh well. The “sour diesel” actually developed a nice little canopy as a result, but the ATF took off in a huge stretch…

Got a feeling that the seedsman seeds are gonna be what they are supposed to be. And if I am lucky in the July 4th drawing, that would be sweet as well! Just like knowing WHAT I have, not wondering what it was supposed to be, ya know what I’m sayin??


So I figured a rundown of my setup might be helpful.

Tent 1 - 36x36x72 “Motley Home”, Mars Hydro TSW2000 light, 4" 195CFM exhaust vent fan, 6" circulation fan, iTvanilla 2.7L Humidifier, ESP32 sensors for temp, humidity, soil moisture and CO2. Currently has 4 ladies (from PSB) in it in 5 gallon fabric pots with a mixture of some REALLY awesome local black dirt, perlite, coco and sand. The dirt is heavy, and needs serious amendments for aeration, but is super rich in organics and grows things like they are on steroids!

Tent 2 - 48x36x72 “Kingso 2-in-1”, Viparspectra P4000 light, 4" 195CFM exhaust vent fan, 6" circulation fan, iTvanilla 2.7L Humidifier, ESP32 sensors for temp, humidity, soil moisture and CO2. Currently has 10 little ladies (from seedsman) in it in 5 gallon fabric pots in the same soil mixture.

Honestly think I need to amend the soil more for future plantings. Its been a while since I made soil, and I still think this soil is a bit too wet. I know there’s some great mixes out there, but they cost $$$… I get a cubic yard of this stuff delivered for $150, and use it everywhere. Its like miracle grow, without the chemicals. But its heavy, organic and stays wet. Definitely going to double my coco / perlite in my next batch. In the veggie garden, this stuff is literally black gold. Rootcrops like radishes and carrots just love it… Tomatoes go nuts. Yeah, I like the soil, but gotta work on drainage for the ladies…


Welcome to OG online journaling.
What a good start.


Sounds like you have this well thought out.
:green_heart: :seedling:


Little update and more pics!

I finally “settled in” to one of my old grow spaces. Over the last few years it had become a catch all storage room, and took me a bit to empty out. I knew having just two tents wasn’t gonna tide me over :smiley: lol I am trying to keep it contained to only that grow space though (in the past I had double the space setup here but the other room is now the catch-all storage). After what seemed like the biggest game of shuffle the 5G pot around, I’m set. For now :wink:

Lets talk about this little lady for starters. Purchased as an Alaskan Thunderfuck Photo, its clear that its an Auto, and DAYUM she stretched. She had previously been in the 3x3. but to accommodate her height the lights would be too high for the other 3 ladies. I decided to pull her out and give her her own lights. She’s a little unhappy today, but getting better.

This is the remaining 3 ladies in my 3x3. Again, what were supposedly Photos, all turned out to be Autos. Supposedly this is a White Widow photo, Purple Kush photo and Sour Diesel photo, but who knows truly. They ARENT photos, so everything else about their genetics is in question. Kinda sucks, as the “sour diesel” (lower right) seems to be kickin some ass, with just some red petioles, not sure if thats phenome or nutrients (other plants aren’t showing the red)…

Top down on the “SD”. If you recall, I topped her before I found out she was an auto. But she developed a nice canopy on her own anyway in despite of it, it seems.

The 3x4 Tent. Top row and bottom row are (l-r) Pineapple Express II, Blueberry and Alaskan Purple photos from seedsman. The interesting thing to note is the back row is growing like mad, and the front row are hating life at the moment. All were germ’d at the same time, but I think the front row were the three that were previously under my Marshydro TSW2000 in the 3x3 (and are now under the Viparspectra P4000). Might have pissed em off a bit with the lights. But it also looks like a little Cal Mag deficiency, even though ALL the plants in there are in the same medium / fertilized the same? Gonna pick up some Cal Mag to address the issue, good to have anyway.

The 4 plants in the middle are 2 Black Creams, and 2 Blackberrys, all autos. Everything in this tent came from seedsman, so I am a little more positive on the genetics here.

Got my ILGM order today and FINALLY got hold of my favorites, GDP. So, I am currently soaking a single seed of White Widow from seedsman (the white widow from PSB I question if it really is), and a single seed of Purple Haze, Purple Kush, GDP and Goldleaf from ILGM.

Who says you can’t have more than one hobby? The little trays have 8 types of lettuce, and a bunch of cleome flowers germinating right now. (in the future my DIY aerocloner will go there).

Two more shots of “the room” :smiley:

And a shameless plug. I designed and printed my own grow tent shelves (17mm poles right now). I’ve seen others now listing em on ebay, but I think my design is stronger, I wanted it to hold up a 2.7L humidifier, not just a 2 ounce thermometer! What do you guys think? Would people want a shelf in the tent, I really don’t see any majorly manufactured options, and only some smaller, not as secure, versions on ebay.


Definitely have a Cal Mag issue, which I never had in the past. The fix will be here Saturday. Also picking up a pair of new oscillating fans. One of my old ones finally broke the oscillating mechanism, and one of my ladies got a little wind burn :frowning:

Good news though, the soaked beans from yesterday all cracked, and I now have them spending the next 24-48 hrs tucked in between some moist paper towels to grow a little tail before I finally drop em in pots with some seed starter mix. I find with an 18-24 hr soak in water, then a 24-48 hr period tucked between moist paper towels in a plastic ziploc gives me great rates from the seed splitting to a sprout. So… within a few days hopefully there will be 5 new little sprouts here who wanna do amazing things for me :slight_smile: And It will be more than a week before my beans arrive from @HaRdRoC 's server fund raffle, (and there are a few in there I am looking forward to growing!), so these new little ladies will be spoiled. Particularly looking forward to the Grandaddy Purple from ILGM. Curious how it stacks up compared to other GDP’s I have had, and if its what I remember it being.

Didn’t wanna pop too many beans with the server fund ones on the way (The purple malawi, lucky charms, strawberry gum, blue cookies, bc pinewarp and UFS #18 I can’t WAIT to pop!). So many ladies, so little space. LOL


Update time! In the 3x4 we have a litltle bit of windburn, and a little bit of a cal-mag issue, both being rectified tomorrow, new fans and some cal mag solution.

The Black Creams and Blackberrys in the center are autos, and they don’t look too bad so far. Just into the first week seeing flowers, and those four in the center are only 32 days old.

The 3x3 tent with the unknown autos from PSB. These ladies are 52 days old. Glad they sent me Photos like I asked for :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A tiny bit of LST, but not much on this little lady. I topped her at the 5th node before she showed any flowers, when I still thought it was a photo. Canopy is developing nicely and only minimal tie-downs.

A few nug shots from the Mystery PSB seeds… Not too bad so far…

AND… Last but not least, we have some new babies! Soaked em Wednesday, popped em in a wet paper towel yesterday and today I had two tails! So, into the seed starting mix they went, and keeping my fingers crossed we see more life in the next few days. Purple Kush, Gold Leaf and White Widow are still in their plastic bags waiting to grow tails (maybe another day), but the Purple Haze and Grandaddy Purple wanted to say HI to the world today!


Outside Update:

Believe it or not, these are the “same” seeds as whats in the 3x3 tent above. 2 “white widows” outside barely have a pre-flower, 1 under 18/6 is halfway thru flower, all germed same day… I’m wondering if they are even from the same strain at this point. I do think I need to move them to get more hours of direct sun, right now its 7 1/2 hrs, shaded till late morning. Have a place in mind, 200 ft away, but its much more visible and I have some work being done at the house and won’t move them till thats finished. UGH. there’s always a delay… Them 20g fabric pots are gonna be heavy with all the rain lately as well…

Outside nugs are developing nicely…

Here we have the smallest flowering clone. Gonna shock it tomorrow when I pot it up, I’m sure of it, but I know there’s roots down there since those flowers were NOT there when I cut and stuck it… The sand is always misted, so any nutrients “in place” will quickly be rinsed away, and she is showing some nutrient deficiencies, who knows, could be a cute little lady…

The others in the sand bed, they were cut about 2 weeks ago:

My ladies in the veggie garden blending in nicely. Supposedly a Jack Herer Auto, so far, the only Auto I ordered from PSB, and it was actually an auto.

Their nugs are coming along nicely:

And finally… The white widows, that just might be photos. 3 seeds in the pack, 1 is in full flower inside (clearly an auto), these 2 are just veggin out outside instead.


Happy Birthday you beautiful little lady! Feminized granddaddy purple from from ILGM… Can’t wait to grow her out and start making some clones.

What you are looking at is the very beginning of my genetics education. And considering I have some very interesting strains coming from @HaRdRoC 's Server raffle, I definitely think I’m gonna play. Doing some research on the purple Malawi, BC Pine and UFS #18. Ooo I feel like a mad scientist again. When I was younger I bred guppies for lines and color , I have a feeling this is gonna be much more fulfilling lol


Nice group of plants you have there! Following along

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Did you make those stakes or buy them?
:green_heart: :seedling:


I made them :slight_smile: Have another kind of “farm” here as well, several 3D printers! This way I can label all my ladies properly, plus I love the look of them. They are not painted, the different colors are different colored filaments, so they won’t fade really (I have a few labels baking in the full sun in Cozumel, MX going on for over two years with no fade). Surprisingly a Sharpie marker will fade faster! I also have several in my veggie garden (peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers).

I was thinking on offering them on ebay, but with so many options, and only a certain amount of character space, I won’t be fitting “Grandaddy Purple X Uncle Fester Skunk #18” on a tag LOL…

Another thought I had was to maybe trade labels for seeds :slight_smile: I would always love to increase my seedbank here! If you’re interested in a trade, let me know. I’m here for the knowledge, not to shill products, so I won’t be posting them for sale here. To be honest, I dont even know what I would charge LOL. Just did them for myself really, but several people like em, so who knows.



This is one of two “Black Cream” that I got from seedsman. (well, I got 7, only planted two). The first to start turning colors. The pics on seedsman are VERY dark, hence its name. This won’t finish till the end of August, and BOY I can’t wait now!!!

Just look at those Calyxs! I know there’s a bit of purple in the stem, but I think its the plant and its colors, none of my “non black creams” have the purple stems / petioles. I have been using the fox farms fertilizers every other watering (1 - 2x a week, this soil doesn’t dry quickly), and the others are all green.

I was sitting on the floor looking at the ladies earlier, and noticed a distinct darkening on her buds. Closer inspection revealed lots of purple calyxs :slight_smile: This made my day for sure!

Oh the purple nugs she’s gonna give to me. YUM YUM YUM!!


Very nice! Love the purple!


Me too! We never got nice purple nugs here, still barely see em unless someone ships from the left coast.

These are autos… And I haven’t seen black cream as photos (hence why I got the auto version). Honestly, I’m not minding the autos, sure clones are nice, but there’s something easy about the autos. Big negative is the seed cost, but I guess thats gonna prompt me to play with colloidial silver and breeding. I just might have to pop a few of the Black Cream beans, hit one with CS and do a seed run (I assume that should hopefully keep both the color, and the auto gene, as well as feminize? still learning genetics for sure). If that’s the case, I may try to find some GDP autos, and cross with the black creams. maybe cross the black cream auto with clones from my future GDP mom (she’s a photo), that would result in both auto / photo seeds, correct?. Oooo the potential is exciting!!!


I have reg autos and just bought a 2x2 for one girl and one boy auto to make seed in it.


That’s kind of what I was thinking of doing. Putting 2 by 2 together and calling it the love shack :slight_smile: lol


Tonight I took my pops old jeweler’s loupe, held it against the phone, and actually got ok pics. Focus isn’t easy, as the phone is zoomed in and I’m magnifying with the loupe, and no tripod or anything to steady myself on. Coming along nicely, getting closer :slight_smile:

Still hard to tell on the trichs with my eyes, but zooming in on a big 55" screen, it looks like a mix of clear and just starting to get cloudy, and no amber trichs. My original estimates were finishing the first week of August.

Not too bad for using a jewelers loupe and a samsung A42…

Almost all of the pics above are from the plant in the front (I think she’ll be done a few days / week before the other two behind her):

She developed a pretty nice canopy for me not doing much other than topping her before she showed that she was an auto. I wanna say there’s now 12 colas on that one plant, pretty dang even canopy. The back right has 10 Colas, almost perfectly in line with the front canopy, and back left has 11 colas, just a tad bit taller than the others. What strains? Mystery budz, because they ain’t what they’re supposed to be!

The purple on these Black Creams is making me VERY happy. Planted a month after the ones above, I’m guessing likely pull 8/27 based on the provided estimates (subject to a visual inspection).

And, I welcomed another little girl into the world, a fem / photo White Widow from seedsman decided to pop up and say hello :slight_smile: Pic to follow, the helmet pic was blurry as all hell LOL…


I am in love with your purple lady
:green_heart: :seedling:

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