General Ethics FAQ

I suspect the only way this would come to light would be through open discussion and pattern recognition.


More likely (because I have seen it happen so many times) it would turn into a “he said, she said” situation where the truth is never known and popularity reigns. I have no interest in playing that game.


Any individual exchange may be “he said” “she said”. This is where the pattern recognition comes in. Repeted accusations against. Repeated, unsubstantiated accusations from…
Third party hearsay and gossip suck. But multiple first-hand voices paint clear pictures.


There is no real third party anything here.

If someone says “oh this person is saying or doing this” it is a name search and click away to bring up all their recent posts and find where the issue started, for a mod or leader.

Things go awry sometimes but mostly we keep it in check, seed trades are not moderated and are between the people trading, we don’t watch them or moderate them because then all trades would have to go through the two people trading and the moderator in charge of the seed trade to make sure things go the way they were supposed to and teaching people how to be a decent person is well last my pay grade lol


Which is why…waaaay back, I created the what’s your beef thread, to call out people you have beef with in a setting that can’t get you banned (easily) and @LemonadeJoe created the trade feedback category, to track and watch who is trading and if they are being honest in their trades by being able to post a thread telling them how good or bad they were and give them a star rating


I encourage all my trading partners to have one of these.

Mine is here:

If the seeds arrive well packed, in a timely manner and they are what has been discussed I will leave a positive review. If I do not want to leave a requested 5 star review (for whatever reason) I will discuss it in PM.
Given the norms I have observed here, I am currently disinclined to leave negative reviews beyond withholding my public feedback. That may change if I get unceremoniously ripped off but so far that probably hasn’t happened.


The simple words “I have heard of trades going bad” constitute 3rd party grumbling. Even if no names are mentioned… In fact, because no names are mentioned, this kind of utterance leaves a general bad taste and tends to normalize bad behavior.


I think people on here need to know who did who wrong so maybe that person that did the dirty won’t do it again IF anybody will ever have anything to do with them, again.


Truth! And that’s a big IF.

Once outted, people tend to not fuck with those people anymore and they generally piss off somewhere else


Would the community like a seed czar on trades…


That sounds like an eminently abusable position!
It may be useful to have a vetting hub. Someplace to ask, “does so-and-so have any unresolved complaints against them?” …

I haven’t felt the need so far but then I am new.

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We do have the Moderated Trades thread.

I am not sure what it adds but I suppose if a person who did you dirt was trading on that thread you could mention it to the counter-party.

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That’s more within the thread kinda moderated, like the collective threads have their own moderation

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The vetting hub idea is what lead to the creation of feedback category

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You can’t force people to post their negative feedback if they don’t want to though.


I love the feedback threads. However, several of my trading partners have not wanted so public an exchange. I get that, as the free seed hunters do come after those who show generosity.

Also, there is a norm of 5 stars or nothing. Which may boil down to Yes/No re trading with that person again.


Exactly that.

Sometimes people are just tired of being PMd for free seeds and hounded in their threads about them that they would just not have everyone one know that they had a few seeds to share with someone.

Which is why we don’t heavily moderate seed trade and at one point, I believe we had it outlawed as well

We just had a member catch a good long ban for spamming posts and PM’s with posts about wanting free seeds


My strategy is to just give and or trade with no expectations of return. Sometimes a person might not complete a trade but in most cases I beleive its that seeds get lost in postage or taken by customs/border nazis.

With the lost in postage ones it’s probably because alot of a wrong address on the envelope! I have found that when I get given an address it is likely to be in the wrong format or incomplete. Snail mail is probably something that isnt the norm anymore so people could be losing touch with its formatting.


I don’t think I’ve been shafted once yet, now I’m probably bad juju’d myself.
Except I think the postmaster lifted a pack of general ho that was to go some where.
I figured if I ever did they needed them worse than me.

If they’re a breeder they don’t want the publicity over what, seeds.


Everyone has been polite to me about it. But I do not trade much. Many will have more trades in their 1st month here than my whole stay. I only want what i can run right away, I am not into hoarding of seeds, just not my style. Takes me a few runs to ferret out good stuff anyways, so I go a bit slower. Taking 50 seeds per week is not my thing, but have nothing against it as long as the gifter does not care.