Going forward with forward growing!

First off, I need to give credit where credit is due! Big thanks goes out to @Jetdro. Words can not explain how appreciative i am of his extreme generosity. From the cuts he is sending me to him taking the time to mentor me on a method called Forward Growing. I will get into forward growing later. Thanks to jet, today i will receive cuts of OHGA(amnesia haze x orange goji), Orange Goji(50state) and Amnesia Haze! So excited about all 3 of these cuts. Credit goes out to @50State as well for breeding and sharing the Orange Goji with the overgrow community. I have not had any interactions with 50 on overgrow but i hope to in the future. Also, gotta give a shout out to @ifish and @DesertGrown for any mentorship i have or will receive from them along with jet. This topic was created to document my hopeful success transitioning to Forward Growing through mentorship from above mentioned members. Not only is it to document my journey. But, also to serve as a guide to anyone who wants to learn the method of Forward Growing. In this topic i will document everytime step of Forward Growing in great detail. The soil recipes, nutrient selection and npk ratios im gonna be using and documenting were provided by @Jetdro and @ifish. Along with potting techniques, feeding techniques and many other tips and suggestions im sure they are gonna provide. This topic will be updated daily with pics of plants and results from Forward Growing techniques. Im expected the cuts to arrive anytime now today. First thing documented on this topic will be my attempt at rooting cuts supplied by @Jetdro. They will be placed in a aerocliner running 2 gallons of tap water, half cup of h202 and 30ml of clonex rooting solution. Pics will be posted of cuts once they arrive. Later on when i have more time i will start to explain forward growing. @Jetdro, @ifish and @DesertGrown feel free to post on this topic about forward growing and point out anything im doing incorrectly.


Sounds like it could be a very informative grow.
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That is the plan. After seeing my sick little raspberry sunshines and finding out that i grew in fox farm soils @Jetdro decided to help a brotha and enlisted other members to help out as well. I plan on documenting everything in great detail with instructions for anyone who is interested. Now, Im just waiting on the postman to get those cuts to me.


the cuts have arrived. I dont think im gonna have any issues getting them rooted. They arrived with the towel wrapped around the stalks still wet so im optimistic.


They look great and that’s a killer lineup of strains. Should confirm with @Jetdro, but I’m pretty sure you want to recut the bottoms of those before putting into rooting medium. Good luck!


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Yes sir i found them. Much appreciated. Yea. I had to go back to work. Didnt have time. Figured i let em soak until tonight. Got my worm dirt. Just waiting on TVF. Im guessing it will make it sooner then the tracking says.

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The stems are in good shape. They did not go soft on me. I will recut at the lowest node. Already had that planned.


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After applying clonex gel I alway recut the stem so the cut is not clogged with gel


In a PM you asked me about starting the seeds> The ones I set you??? You have my Mother’s from both of the seed batches I sent you. Wanting to do a big run??? Not that I care, yours do as you wish, just trying to figure out your strategy. Be plenty of time to talk after work, so do not get in trouble there! We can talk L8R!

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I thought you wanted me to pop them now to see what phenos i get. I will hold on to them for now if your okay with that. No need to stress myself. That way i can focus solely on the cuts.


BTW @Grohio great introduction and set up! Tells me your serious about all this, good deal!!!

Just KISS, do not add anything to the feed we did not talk about, no boosters, no additives, nothing but the TVF and water that has sat out 24-48 hours.

I know you want to start seeds, but your mix is not made yet, you just got the worm dirt, so just hang on a bit.
Remember you have clones of both of the Mom’s I sent you seeds of. 3 terrific Mom’s. My suggestion, unless you want to do breeding of your own with these, is to root the Mom’s, then grow a minute till you can pull cuts of them. Will be proven cuts, female , and would not put you any further behind than if you dropped seeds now.

Take a good 6 weeks or so before seeds could go into flower, or should go into flower.

Will take 10 days to root those cuts, then another 15 days or so to pull cuts off them. Another 10 days or so, you got ladies ready to fire. Before the seedlings are ready to be flipped.

IF you want to drop a bunch of seeds, hunt through them, and keep the cuts as Mom’s for taking clones later on, go for it.

You do as you want to do, it is all yours man!!! I just hate running from seed and sexing and then finding a god plant. I would much rather come from a known producing clone…but that is just me, you may want to start from seed,

it’s all good broster, do as you please with them .

GREAT START, looking forward, as always, lol, to seeing you kill this run!!! YOU WILL!!!


Thanks @Jetdro for the kind words. Im so motivated and devoted to this endeavor.


I might have said that…LMAO…but now, after running 18 of OHGA and as many of OG, I REALIZE my 2 Mom’s of them ARE GREAT MOM’s!!! Not seen anything better , nor even close to the equal of my OHGA Mom.

As I said above, do as you want to with them. I have no clue how much room you have. Personally I would re pot the lil ones one, save them, get those ladies rooted and happy in the new mix and THEN pull cuts off of them. THAT is what I would do.
You still have flowering ladies do you not???


Yes. I still have a tent full of flowering girls. 3 different finish times on them as i staggered them into flower to ease the stress of trimming them. Lol


I actually have a buddy coming over here in the near future to wire me up another circuit breaker so i can run another flower tent.


You have at least 3 of each of those cuts. IF you get all to root, you would keep 3 as MOMS and could run 6 of the cuts right away. 6 OF THOSE plants would give you a great harvest.