Gold Star x Snow Lotus (CLOSED)

Thanks for pointing that out @grohio, that should be corrected as per the rules for co-op sign ups.
Hopefully people will correct that themselves, if not a co-op volunteer can go in and clean it up later.

To everyone signing up, please read the rules and correct any mistakes. It’s your responsibility to read the rules and take part in these giveaways responsibly.

Sorry to any level 2 members who may have missed the chance to sign up on the correct list.


Good point. I took myself off the list. I pointed this out before in one of the seed runs but nothing really happened :stuck_out_tongue: I vaguely remeber joe or someone else mentioning in a thread that once you have the regular “badge” that you can participate in these as a reg? It could just me not remembering right though. Stoner brain lol.


There is a list for trust level 2(member) to sign up. Its right below the list for trust level 3(regular)


Thanks, I am aware but I’m one of the many disgruntled former “regulars” that still pretends they are trust level 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I should have signed up on 2 when there was room but my mistake.

This one sounds delicious.


Thanks @neogitus. The easiest way to tell if you are level 3 is to click on your own user name. If you are level 3, you will see the word “regular” in the bottom left hand corner of the popup.

And I’m sure we will be able to complete an f3 seed run and share these with everyone who didn’t get the opportunity this time.


The agreement was that once regular, you keep the badge even if downgraded, and that is enough for a level 3 signup. But after the software upgrade, the bug/feature of keeping the regular badge when downgraded was gone and there has not been any update to how we are going to proceed as far as I remember.

In my opinion there should be a replacement for the permanent regular badge that you keep once you made it to level 3 and seed run status is based on this. Not sure if the software can do it though. I’ll try to find the relevant thread later, it’s kind of off topic in this thread.

Just wanted to say, the wrong signups are probably not caused by bad intention.


Hey all, I would have pollinated a few more branches had I known I would be offering them up to the community ahead of time. Honestly I had no idea that pollinating a few flowers would result in way more seeds than I needed.

Looks like there are only about 350 seeds spoken for so far. Packs of 10 will probably be best to give people a good chance of finding something and I still have 5 or 6 of the originals that I may F2 again in the future.


Thanks ElGalloBlanco for sharing this with us, they look gorgeous, I would go also for a 10 seeds packet, that also gives you the opportunity to share some with people that may have missed this thread … beer3|nullxnull


Dude, I’ve logged on to overgrow literally every single day since I joined until yesterday. I dunno why, just felt like having a complete and total day free of social media, even overgrow. And this is what I missed. Lesson learned.

@ElGalloBlanco You KNOW I’m interested in this! I just signed up, but I dunno if I did it correctly. Either way, thanks for this, brother. Very cool.

Edit: my name’s not in boldface like every other person who signed up. Did I do it wrong?


What size pots do you have them in and how long do they go outside. Beautiful work!

Edit: disregard timing, 12-13 weeks :v:


25 gallon bags, that is all I can reasonably fit on my patio unfortunately… The pheno this year didn’t flower as long as last year and it went into flower sooner than last year’s as well.


I thought that was how it was too. Signed up to a couple runs on TL3 before I realized I lost the regular badge somehow. Just putting my name on TL2 now until I get it back tho.

Edit: got TL3 back today lol


Hey guys,
I signed up on wrong list, but will re-edit in the A.M keep noddin off. I need to reorder trust level3 list.
Pleased to donate for S&H let me know.

Grace and Peace, Iggy

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Someone can edit me out and take that spot. I’ll jump on the f3s if someone does em… peeesh

I reached out so I can take care of distribution for this run. :slight_smile:


Made a mistake…sorry

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Hey bro @MrToast if you dont get on the list i will split my pack with you.5 seeds be enough to get me a nice lady.


Very thoughtful dude…appreciate the thought

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Its all about sharing the love and will kick in a few others in my collection to


Yeah…but expect to receive some in return… :slight_smile:

Gotta keep the beans hoarding even between friends right…chuckle