Introducing Regular Emeritus

Some community activities are based on trust and therefore we have put forum trust levels in use (see Explaining user trust levels and permissions)

Especially the distinction between Member and Regular is the line that can put you in priority queue for seed-run, etc. That is why it is important to know how to reach the status (see here).

What you need to be aware of is that Regular status can be lost when you stop being active in the forums and no longer meet the criteria. That can pose a problem when signing up for community seed-runs (namely here, and lately here and here). To bring some level of certainty, I’ve introduced Regular Emeritus badge.

You will earn Regular Emeritus badge when you first get to the Regular status / trust level 3. This badge is permanent and this badge will authorize you for the seed-run purposes.

Your Regular Emeritus badge can be seen in your profile. Seed-run distributors can also verify all holders of Regular Emeritus badge here on this page. You can navigate to badges by clicking on the “hamburger” menu in top right corner and selecting “Badges”.


:mega: Please note that Regular Emeritus will be granted from now on, we cannot grant them to users who had been Regulars but have lost their status prior to this post.


I love it!

Awards in Latin are the shyte!



Nice to be on the list with so many excellent people and growers


Thanks Joe. I think this will help to eliminate some of the shuffling and problems with seed run lists.


Thanks for the title :sunglasses: :face_with_monocle: :monkey_face:


Seems a fine addition. Does this completely defang the automatic demotion mechanism?
I suppose there are some editing powers that are lost.


Sounds like a good idea to me!


Thanks for this, Joe. :slight_smile: I think it will be useful for some folks, especially when signing up to receive seeds.

I did think it was odd that people who joined the site this summer were already Regulars by just posting a lot, yet people who’ve been around for years weren’t. I’m glad I read to the end of your post because in the middle of your post I was curious if I would see the Emeritus badge. I even checked my badges, since I attained Regular status in 2018, but then lost it in the interim, and didn’t retain the title of Regular. And now I understand I’ll probably never become an Emeritus because I just don’t post or browse enough to become a Regular under the new rules. That’s OK though; I’m not complaining. Thanks for clarifying for us. :slight_smile:


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Excellent solution, thanks a lot @LemonadeJoe!


Automatic demotion is still there, you will lose your Regular status and also Regular batch when you become passive member (visit or read less).

Only seed runs and other activities based on member seniority should be tied to Regular Emeritus.


What I have noticed lately is that many Regular people has chosen Regular Emeritus as title when it is “less” than Regular, it means you have lost it. For instance in Spain the king Juan Carlos I abdicated in his son Felipe VI, so he is now “king emeritus” and his son king. That happened also with the pope that resigned and is now “pope emeritus”. Wish to see now more Regulars and less demoted Regular Emeritus … beer3|nullxnull


By your definition then George, I (and numerous others who shall remain nameless) definitely qualify for Regular Emeritus; for I have long ago “lost it.”



Yes, that’s why I say it is sad for me to see them (the real ones), what I don’t understand is a Regular having Regular Emeritus as title icon_e_confused|nullxnull, that’s why I tried to explain it … beer3|nullxnull


It sounds like something extra. :laughing:


I still gotta figure out how to get back to regular again so I can get the emeritus badge lol

maybe the mods could set it up so that anyone who has posted in the private lounge automatically gets a regular emeritus badge. The same as how anyone who posts in the original overgrow members thread gets an “old school” badge.

That would solve the problem for some of the people who lost their regular status before the emeritus badge was introduced.


That’s honestly the part that sucks about it, losing access to the private lounge. I still don’t even know what caused me to drop down.

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Regular Emeritus let’s you keep your Regular status privileges without having to be glued on OG.