NY and Massachusetts piff from back in the day

I have been trying to find this ny piff or haze this was back from 2003-2010 it’s probably still around now but just can’t find it used to be $20 for a .7 and I lived in southeastern Massachusetts,it was floral but kinda had a cat piss smell on just trying to find something that resembles it if I cant find the real thing and people get confused because people do say yo I got that piff or this is piff but this was an actual strain we referred to as piff or NY piff and I have a nice vault for trade so please reply or message me


Any chance you know Outkast or TOH also from south eastern ma ?

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No neither name sounds familiar

I was asking this same question recently and some good people on here were able to assist. Bandaid Haze is going to give you what you’re looking for. I haven’t had a chance to run it yet, but you can read up on it and its traits matchthe church, piff, haze of the stuff you used to find in NY and the east coast.

Doc D is going to have some seeds in July and some folks on here may be able to help you as well.

@vernal and @minitiger can tell you more about the BAH :v:t2:


I won’t be running any Bandaid Haze until September 1, which’ll be my first time, so I can’t say. But from everything I’ve read, yes, there are some piff-type phenos in those seeds.

@Patriots781 Check out the Doc D thread. Or is it vernal’s thread? I’m not sure, but there are some pics and growing notes of the Bandaid Haze somewhere here on OG. Just type it into the search bar.


How do you know which Piff is the actual strain?

Long story short. Piff is a pheno of nl5hz now which haze c or a…so yeah your best bet is bandaid hz. Its Cuban blk hz×A5hz/thai


You don’t. “Piff” is just a term applied to several haze varieties sold in NYC. In a world of chem, kush, sour, cookies, etc…it’s very different. There’s other names for the same thing as well…Frankie’s, Church, Brown haze, etc.

Most common one is Cuban Black Haze aka Miami Haze/Black Haze, but there are others, and plants found in bagseeds from the “NYC piff” cuttings such as Hailey Piff and “piff S1”.

I’ve made a few posts about it, pictures of bandaid haze and other NYC haze derivatives. Top Dawg and Doc D seeds are your best bet for finding it. You can find similar expressions in older haze lines like Neville’s Haze, SSH, and Mango Haze as well. It’s floral, soapy, woody, catpissy, incensey, perfume-like. No citrus, no kush, no skunk smell…way different.


Today could be your lucky day.


Oh yeah and piff coast farms. Duh​:man_facepalming:t5::joy:


Only thing I can find out a bandaid haze 3 .0 is that it?


I tried some of piff coasts Cuban black at the event today and it’s solid stuff. JJ was selling piff but I was tapped out at that point.


Unfortunately it’s all sold out on the site

Im from SE MA and I know what youre referring to. Used to get from some kid named Lenny. 0.8 for $20


Doc D has offered different versions of the Bandaid Haze, but yeah, the ix 3.0 is, I think, the current version. Or the most recent version. It’s the one I have two packs of, anyway.

I think he’s gonna be offering them again soon. Or maybe he is already. If you sign up for his newsletter, he sends it out the first of the month. I’m eagerly awaiting June’s; he has a lot of good stuff besides the Bandaid Haze.


This is spot on. I grew up in Jersey and was part of the trade from the mid 80’s to mid 2000’s. I’d always ask for elbows of piff or Sour D. The Piff was always some kind of brown or black Haze. Tasted like mustard or something not weed like. Strongest weed back in the day and something I’m always interested in growing.


I ended up finding some good ones guys first black piff top dawg seeds they have em at neptune also top dawg is giving out free packs of seeds to veterans and people who are disabled if you contact him through ig he has alotta strains those heavy sour D’s and good medical strains then the seed source has some awesome Bandaid haze crosses with Shaka Zulu which is actually top Dawgs uptown brown bx,I went all in lol the diesel kartel has a strain called puday holiday also at seed source I reached out to doc d he has alot of bandaid haze crosses and haze in general right now $40 a pack more bandaid haze I think end of summer also I found world trade genetics you buy a pack for a hundred and you get 2 5 pack testers they have the wash heights haze crossed with dosidos #18,also a wash heights kush diesel, I believe the flower time is 60 something days for the crosses popped those immediately,if anyone needs any help finding this stuff pm me I’d be glad to help I’m gonna be doing a big hunt with all these strains at some point


I’d go top dawg


Same… Top dawg is the haze og. I just sprouted three black a5 piff seeds.


His standard is out of this world.