Growing Autos in Germany 5th Go

Hola Badfishy,

yes we will brother! :sunrise:

Fasten your seatbelts :green_heart:

DAY 12

She is not looking healthy, what do you mean? What can it be?

I gave all in 2 liter water 1 ml Cannazym and 1 ml Rootbastic today first time :slight_smile:


they look healthy to me bro, where in Germany are you from?
My late grandparents lived in Berlin for many years after ww2 my grandfather used to fly supplies into Berlin in the airlift when the soviets blockaded the city.


Holy funkyjunky :slight_smile:

I cannot tell you the city but its in the pfalz near Saarbrücken, the other end of germany :wink:

Thank you bro for dropping in and leave a note :heart:

We are now at DAY 19

See here the new pics, and I am very happy for now it seems the nutes are “in” now!!!


Wow!!! Looks fantastic!!! Have you seen @Jetdro setup…growing forward? You seem to be doing awesome!!! I love seeing that luscious, emerald green!!! <3
Are you doing the no-till with cover?


Hola senior :wink:

Front seat heh? :heart:

No but I will check :wink:

What do you mean please? :pray:


Like this guy…

Lots of people are doing this…but I may have confused your mulch with no-till


Ah, no, its swiss stone pine chips :slight_smile:

Its for saving humidity on the soil surface and prevent fungus gnats :wink:

My soil is enhanced with more here

ups, at least 22 characters hihi LOL :slight_smile:



Namaste my dear friends,

welcome back to the show that never ends :wink: Was that not ELP :slight_smile:

My ladies are now at DAY 22 and 4 older ones are showing already pre flowers, yeah Baby :slight_smile:

Now I am so happy that they show no big signs of overnuting

ere is what I smoke right now

@ReikoX hey mate, your Sugar/Toof is awesome - look how big the stem is ans she is thetallest and strongest, but the others as well!

and as you can easily see that I have still those little s****:rage:,

bit tomorrow they will get Nematodes :wink:

Here is Night Queen harvest 12.12.19 wonderfully cured and very strong stoned, and the spliff smells afghani mmmh :slight_smile:

… and here we have the infamous :wink: Fugue State, boy I love that strain, it has so much GSC in ith, strong and satisfieng on the lungs, and a head buzz like a fresh winter brise at the mediterranian see, sativaaaaabababbabbabbabbabbbabaaba


lookin great ,AUM…strong & happy plants you´ve got goinh there
…(Auto)NightQueen?? i´m pretty curious bout this one…we had the old NQ back in the mid 90´ ,when we start growing


Thank you for being here saxo,

always a pleasure seeing you here :green_heart: at my house :wink:

here are new pics BrandNew so to speak:

DAY 24


Dear @ReikoX,

your Sugar Black Rose / Ghost Toof is a real First Lady :slight_smile: She has the strongest stem and first sign uppps my teawater is cooo…

Puhh :wink: All is well, but all is wet as well …wth(what the heaven)… hahahahahaaa oh man those space cookies of mine are really … how can I …ups sorry … they are strong euphoric :wink: :slight_smile:

Now where we AH Such a fine plant so far, all have more and bigger pre flowering and they are up to 60 cm high and gues who is the highest?

Yes sir! She is!! Thank you again and I AM really looking forward to see her developing and I will make extra pics for you :heart:


Thanks you for helping me test these. Be diligent looking for male flowers on the lower branches. Not expecting any from these.


You are very welcome, and yes I will have an eye on that :wink:


Hi My friends, Hi Reiko,

update on the Sugar Black Rose/Ghost Toof Strain from @ReikoX Pics from her to you :wink:


Ah, we are at DAY 26


So far so good, that cross has such nice branching. :+1::seedling:


yes sir, a bit more sativa like :slight_smile:

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DAY 27


Looking BEAUTIFUL as always, kind sir! There are certain people on this site that just have setups and plants that not only look healthy and vibrant but also are presented in a thoughtful way. These folks’ postings are the ones I look forward to seeing when I’m in need of a little boost of motivation or whatnot. You, my friend, are one of those people! I have yet to see a leaf that wasn’t happy in your grows and your enthusiasm for growing them really shines through in ur threads! So, thanks @AUM! :wink:


Hey Rand my friend :green_heart:

Hope you are doing wonderfully brother for that lies only in your thinking :wink:

Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words you bestow on me again :slight_smile:

Yeah I am happy as well about how the things are running :slight_smile:

I love you too! :green_heart:

I do not know if you know that I AM a spiritual teacher and mental Life Coach…

Here some Food for more divine Thought:

Your are blessed in truth, when you think about it, so be a blessing unto this world in becoming a master in your own right and then in stepping into Spiritual Leadership and planetary world service to help others and to shape the golden future of this beautiful planet! :heart:


<3 Only looking at your past and past lifes does not do anything in mastering your lessons.

No healing happens if you just know about your past.

The healing comes only with the appropriate progressive spiritual prozessing, Sai Baba called it Self - Inquiry, self examination.

You have to understand, digest, synthesize and apply and embody and demonstrate your lessons of the past.

Otherwise they will come back.

You heal yourself by proper processing your unresolved spiritual issues, lessons and tests and this lead to a complete energetic configuration of your very self!

And so, by healing your pasts unresolved business, you become more Soul Conscious, vitalized and you grow in your spiritual evolution and so you change your future and that is a great wonderful thing.

This will lead to your aspired evolutionary Goal!

This will lead to mastership, harmony and divine bliss, love and peace within and without in your life.:heart:


Brother, I couldn’t remember what I posted to get ur response, because I may not have a problem with people knowing OF me, like my name obviously, but I am usually NOT open about myself, and so when I read ur recent post, and the words really resonated with me and it seems that u have picked up on something with me because you are not far off track! :wink:

Ps…isn’t it AMAZING how people can see and feel cues from people halfway around the world, who they will never prolly utter a word to or glance a look at, but thru 1’s and 0’s can sense more than our conscious minds want to admit!

Enjoy ur Wednesday my friend