Kosher Tangie Kush Grow

So here goes…

Since building my growing closet at the beginning this year and my first attempt at a scrog in the closet that grow is nearing it’s end.
The girls still have about 2-3 weeks left before harvest. After a bad year last year i’ve totally gotten back into the groove of growing this year. And since i still had the tent up in the room next to the closet grow and an LED hanging around i decided to start my next grow already.

I figured the pros are some extra time saved in the new grow, and it’ll keep me busy and away from messing around too much with my flowering girls. The anticipation of a harvest sometimes makes me stupid.

Bought 9 kosher tangie kush beans from Amsterdam Genetics a few weeks ago.
Ps: from belgium so metrics. Sorry

So to start them off i’m using:
Secret jardin Lodge 90 tent (0.6x0.6m)
Viparspectra V450 LED (only VEG-switch on)
Simple garden store soil for seedlings & cuttings (with added perlite)
Bio-degradable cups
Tap-water, ph’d down from 8.2 to 6.5

Later on they’ll be moving to the closet:
Growroom 0.95m x 0.85m, slanted roof at the lowest 1m35 and highest 2m10
Lumatek dimmable ballast 600w (dimmable to 400 and 250w)
Using fabric grow bags, but i still need to decide on the size will probably use ±18l
Lumatec dual spectrum 600w bulb
Cli-mate mini humi for environmental control
Softbox outtake fan 500m3
Other stuff (carbon filter, mini fans…)

Planning on topping them very early and making a 4-way split.
Will be using soil and feeding schedule from a dutch grower named Sannie for the grow.
Great source for beginning organic growers.
Got some great quality beans as well.
My thanks to those people for helping me on my way when i started.
So here’s what i’ll be using:
Plagron light mix soil

Bought myself a timelapse cam too. Saw it online and couldn’t resist :rofl:
I"ll try making a weekly update/edit on here. I kept detailed logs of all my first grows but hit a bit of a low last year. I’m really feeling the joy again now and i’d like to try keeping a log again. I absolutely love to be able to look back at it afterwards and see a timelapse of my girl when smoking her :sweat_smile:

'Till next week guys.
I hope i can make it interesting.

Any tips or ideas, feedback etc are always welcomed


Been spraying the soil with plain water daily.
Addeda little water to the tray every few days if it all looked too dry.

8/9 of the beans germinated.
Not a bad result. Nothing special to report so far.
Kiddies are looking healthy.

Just sprayed the soil so it’s looking moist.

This week the soil and some other stuff also got delivered.

2 bags of light mix, (1 royal mix for other purposes) and still have some soil left for my 8 new girls. But i’m still in doubt what size pots i should use.

My growroom is just under 1m x 1m
For 8 plants i could use fabric pots from 11, 15, 19 or 25l.

I’m thinking 25 could be a little much. Im leaning towards 15 or 19. I’m planning on a scrog(-ish) grow again and last time (still running) i’m using 25l for 4 plants. Now i have double that.
I’m also planning on putting the trellig quite low this time (let’s see if i can cut back a little on the time spent in the vegetative stage that way)

The timelapse cam is okay. Quality of the first try still needs to imprve. I still need to get a feel for the settings, distance to the plants etc. I also think the very close distance of the lamp to the plants and camera is screwing with my image quality.
But improvements shall be made :muscle:!AhQFgPj6N3ifi4YanQqsl36HLu43Aw

See yall next week.
I’m homing to harvest my other grow then too but i fear i’ll still have to wait a week more.



I am going away for the weekend so i decided to repot my plants this week.
In the small biodegradable cups they dry out really fast so this will be the best way to keep them from drying out i thought.

Unfortunately for reasons unknown one of the babys died on me. Came back fromwork one day and all that was left was a shriveled up piece of disappointment.
Still have 7 left. Will probably use 6 in the scrog. Don’t know what i’ll do with the last one yet. Might try my luck at a bonsaï :rofl:

So the repotting:

I decided on the 15l bags.
Used a mixture of 75% plagron light mix, 25% royal mix.
Added my mycorizza and bacto, 3 buffertabs per pot? Some perfect start as a topfeed and some extra kelp-extract and micromixture.

Cut the bottom off the biodegradable cups and that was about it.
Ow i’m leaving for about 2 days. Lamps are still on 24/24. When i get back i’m switching them to 18/6.


I emptied the closet this week.
Harvested my RQS Criticals, cleaned out the growroom and moved my new girls in there.

I’m still keeping the 7th (extra) plant just in case. I have a little deformities on my leaves with one of the others so i’d like a backup.

I noticed i was a little careless watering them this week. Some burnt spots on the leaves probably from water droplets laying on there. :roll_eyes:

Babies are growing up to 4 or 5 nodes so i cut them all down today (sunday) to leave only the bottom 2 nodes.
I might be a little early for some of them but i’m sure they’ll recover.


An afterthought:

I’m assuming my plants will need some time to adjust to the new environment when moved to the closet. I’ll probably try to match the timing with repotting them to the grow bags.

It’s my first time working with the biodegradable cups though. I’m going to have to check up on how to handle that exactly :sweat_smile:


I’ve been thinking of getting a time lapse camera as well. Which one did you get? I was going to get a Wyze

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Heard about the wyze before.
It’s probably better than the one i have but i was able to get this one pretty cheap so…

It’s running in the growroom now.
I’m hoping in a couple of days i’ll have some decent shots of my beans popping but for now it’s still just a waiting game


Edit: WEEK 1

  • germination

Edit: week 2


Edit: WEEK 3

  • Move to the closet.
  • Topping to 2 nodes

Short update:

God dammit.
There’s always one… :roll_eyes:

At least the others weren’t harmed.

Bigger edit to follow at the end of the week.