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Don’t know if it is ready for harvest? Want to hear a second opinion?

Post your pics here and get advise from experienced members…



I know- cloudy to amber trichomes is most people’s choice time for harvesting-

That being said, can anyone help me with this particular plant? Last time I didn;t have much of a problem knowing when to harvest because all of my plants were, more or less, on the same schedule but I had some very staggered germination issues during the winter so each of the plants is on it’s on timeline.

This one is starting to really shed it’s leaves to the point i’m getting a little bit worried about the browning around the buds- i dont want it to degrade as I’m working with CFL lighting and will not have a huge yeild as it is

FYI i did a forum search and did not find a thread with this topic, my bad if I missed one;

Can someone give me their take on these two pictures?
I’m thinking this should be coming down in the next few days: (sorry for the quality,didnt want to take it out of the closet so it’s under 2700 and the focus is not great)

edit: I’ll pull her out later and get her under some bright lighting and update… these pcitres are terrible, my bad


Looks like she is going out hungry.

To feed or not to feed?



i think i heard they’ll stop drinking as much when they’re done


Been giving that one just water for a couple weeks as it is by far the closest… the fan leaves have been yellowing and browning for a good few weeks now. She was totally dry this morning so i watered a little thinking i might harvest (didn’t do a full water but she needed a bit, bone dry)

I don’t think it would be a horrible thing to harvest her but im going to take a closer look under some actual lighting and post a couple of better pics.

Thank you guys


I am not a believer in starving a plant (water only) prior to harvest.

Give it everything it wants.

It will return the favor in the flavor.


Oh really? Thats good to know because I’ve mostly read to flush plants for a good couple weeks but it didn’t make that much sense (in my mind) to flush out organics… I could meet in the middle and give some molasses … been using FF big bloom for easy flowering nutrients.


If you should feed this plant now, she may revive and want more time.

To feed or not to feed?



No no to flush if your into organics !


You are probably right 99, just did the math and I’m at 8 weeks, 2 days into flower and that plant is leaning sativa (based in extremely skinny leaflets). I bet another week or so wouldn’t hurt it.

As far as the fan leaves browning…Is that something to worry about or do some strains just do that more when they get near harvest? I know during my last grow none of the strains browned up quite like that but many posts ive seen around the web show that a lot…

I always just assumed my results would vary slightly from the norm because of the CFL lighting I’m currently using.

Just gave it some big bloom and a touch of compost tea


The plant is more worried than you should be.

If you feed it, that will slow.

I would feed it once, small amount and give it the week. Let this one stop taking water, as suggested above. Keep ventilation at max to keep it from molding. Watch for bud rot!!


Rofl. See this is why i am so thankful for OG (the people here). I come on here with a question and get professional-grade advice within minutes of posting…Thanks man

Part of me thought it was nute burn because the browning started during heavy feeding so i slowly tapered it off and it’s gotten pure water for a couple feeds now (roughly 1.5 weeks). None of the others are browning up quite like that and they’ve all been on more-or-less the same feed… This is the learning process though - 6 plants, 6 different strains


I guess for me this is just part of the learning process right now,- getting a feel for the plant - when it matures and starts to yellow because it’s actually aborting its leaves fall-style versus nute burn / nute hunger.

It all will come together in time.

I’ll update this in an hour with a full picture of the plant- it is VERY top heavy - probably the weirdest out of the 6 - stretched really high, etc.


I would harvest it, the pistils are 80-90% gold and the yellowing of leaves is starting to reach into the bud leaves, that is a sure sign to harvest for me.


I would not make a final decision after checking the trichomes with a loop / microscope.

Have one available or can you buy one?

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Hey @sneaky ,
If it’s worse tomorrow then I’d pluck the fkr mate… looks like it’s dying slowly … possible lockout.?
Happy growing ,

Edit: it’s not that bad…, seen worse :arrow_lower_left:


I agree, it looks BAD.

But that loop / scope could be useful in the later grows too! :slight_smile:


For sure- this was my second indoor grow of all time so I’m definitely still in the trial and error process.

I’m not too worried about it,more curious so i can take a mental note for the next grow… These were grown with 100% CFL lumens so it’s a hustle in and of itself. The other 5 are not looking anything like this (though it could be that this one is just maturing faster…could be an array of issues from rootbound, nutrients, etc) s far as the leaves yellowing and browning… They are just yellowing so far.

Here are a few pictures in non-orange light:

Literally went horizontal bringing that up the stairs… without the wire ties those below avg sized colas would bend that branch to the ground. The plant is near ready.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in

And yes i will absolutely be purchasing a 30x for next grow (doing a complete remodel of my lower floor and getting real lights)… I have a 10x i can take a look right now. they all look cloudy to me but as noted, i don’t like the brown moving in toward the bud.

I would happily cook this one into some butter no problem


you could experiment and allow one plant to go longer and see how it works. Over the years I haven’t noticed much difference in the high by harvesting a week early or later, it usually seems the same. Other people say the high gets more heavy/relaxing as you go longer.


Ive got a total of six and that - and one other - are the only two with yellowing/browning and it’s 6 different strains.

Good call though - that’s exactly the type of thing im doing right now.

I don’t think it looks that bad, tbh… its definitely the unhealthiest of the 6 but it still has a few popcorn buds im looking forward to burning and it looks to be sativa dominant. I think I’ll give her a couple more days and see how she looks.

One thing ive been wondering to myself is whether to cut browning tips off or if the plant just recovers itself.

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