Growing out the seeds that were gifted to me

You MUST remove all organic material from the seeds and paper towel before getting them wet. Do you use plain tap? I would switch to bottled or distilled water for the seeds. The brown spot on the root tip is probably not good. hopefully it will live. You can add a few drops of H2O2 as well. ( please check how many drops, I don’t remember) Other than that your plants are looking good.


…anybody use a kitchen microwave for sterilization?.. experiences?


@cannabissequoia, the last 2 days there have been thunderstorms on/off and my youngest dog is severely disturbed by thunder. It has been a very stressful time here lately. I love the dogs! I love my plants too, but as you pointed out, the dogs are irreplaceable.

@Viva_Mexico, that is just one of the things I should have done but forgot with the way I am feeling lately. I know to do it, I’ve just have been a mess since my son moved so far away. I’ve gone from seeing him everyday to just getting to talk with him on the phone every few days. Time will make it easier, but not yet…

I use distilled water with seeds.

My feelings exactly. I only left the one with the darkened root in tray with the 8 seeds to photograph it. I already know it would not make it. I removed it right after taking the shots. I also removed 2 others that looked mushy looking in the cracks of the shells.


I still have many years before I have to experience that and dread the day. Cheer up amigo!!!


@Viva_Mexico,wWe hope they will grow up to be self confident and able to stand on their own 2 feet. I’m glad he can, but I wish he was standing on his own 2 feet less than a 100 miles away. The dogs and I miss the hell out of him.

Thank you brother. It gets a microscopic bit better each day.


Time is getting away on me lately, it’s been 12 days since my last post.:astonished: My dogs are just going to need to get used to me spending 1-4 hours a day in my grows and here at OG.

Here are my Durban females (@Baudelaire’s FDM Seeds Durban mix from @Jellypowered) :

Judging by how they look, they have a minimum 2 more weeks, probably a bit more, to go.

And closeups on top colas:

The larger cola (on #74) looked much better with flash, while the scrawny one (on the fully seeded out#75) looked better without flash.

I bent over the top of #75 a week ago. It bent very cooperatively. I have a soft twist tie holding it in a nearly 90° angle and the branch is putting slight pressure on it. I need to keep an eye on the ground around it since it also got as soon as it showed primordia and the seeds are extremely mature, 45 days of mature.

Next is a photo of #80, the LR x LD auto (seeds from @ReikoX):

This plant was also pollinated as soon as she displayed primordia. Her seeds are so mature the seed pods are splitting. That’s why there is a plastic pan under her. Today I found 3 seeds in the pan.

Her pistils haven’t even changed yet, so she probably has about 2 weeks to go as well. She is so sticky, when I started to remove the yellowed fan leaves, I only got 7 off and I was too sticky to continue. I’ll take more off later when I am gloved up. The fans leaves are very large and removing the yellowed ones should allow more light to the lower and inside buds. That is undoubtedly what #80 has in mind anyway. :wink:

I mentioned at the last update that I had started more of the LR x LDs because it was taking so long to germinate the Headbands seeds (from @Scissor-Hanz) that my schedule was thrown off. I have 3 above coco, in 8" pots. They are 21 days since germination. I’m waiting for them to start growing more quickly before posting pics of them.

I’m still monitoring the Headband seeds. I have one that I buried from the neck down 6 days ago it neither looks like it is growing nor dying. Got my fingers crossed! Here is what it looked like 6-16-18. It looks exactly the same right now.

I am not going to try more until I have tried the techniques people are describing in this thread:

I ran across about 500, maybe more, old seeds ranging from 11-15 years old. I’ll be trying these techniques out on these seeds. Not so much to see if any of them will pop (they weren’t stored anywhere near properly) as to practice the techniques to get them right. Then I’ll return to the Headband seeds. However, if I do get some to pop, I’ve got some White Widow, White Russian, Karpov, Neville’s Haze, and one I can’t remember. I wrote SRL on the container and I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is. To make matters worse, I never saved a copy of the CBay web page for that one either. It was most likely the last seeds I bought back then. It definitely has the youngest date on it.

I also have a bunch of bag seed, with the oldest date on it, which makes sense. Once I had started buying seeds back then, I didn’t grow out bag seeds again until sometime around 2008/2009.

I also am going to put off trying the OG Kush seeds I got from @Sebring recently until finding a good method for popping old seeds to avoid wasting anymore than necessary. I only have 20-30 of them and the strainbases all say It is mostly, if not 100%, indica. Interestingly, I have more indica dominant strains than sativa dominant or strains that are listed as 50/50.

My next seed grow is going to be seeds from @Jellypowered again. They are @Kalgrae’s seeds from his pollen chucked giveaway. The ones I’ll grow out next are BC Mango Night Nurse Diesel Moonshine ((BC Mango x BC Night Nurse) x Deisel Moonshine). I’ll be starting 4 or 5 of them after I’ve slept. It’s been damn hot and humid around here lately and sleep doesn’t come easy. :tired_face:

That’s all for now.



Hello OverGrow! :smile:

The 1st plants we are looking at today are the Durbans @Jellypowered gifted me. They were originally from @Baudelaire’s FDM Seeds Durban mix breeder’s pack.

I took these next 3 pics in my flowering room 10 minutes before the HPS came on.

Both #74 and #75 are getting very close to harvest. Pistils haven’t change yet in this photo, but today, 3 days later, 74 has some pistils turning. Probably still has 10ish days. #75’s pistils still haven’t changed yet today.

I tried taking some photos last night with the HPS on. I was able to get enough of the light from the flash on a closeup to counteract the HPS a little. Let me know what you think…

The cola on #74 is HUGE, the largest cola I’ve ever grown. Yet, It is not a hard bud yet. I Wonder if it will get hard. My Blonde strain greatly favored sativa and it never really made hard buds, but it also didn’t make any buds ever that were that big! I didn’t shoot it, but I held a bic lighter sideways against the bud. I could see plant on each side of it. The leaves look like nutrient burn. This surprises me because if you look at the first pic, the one of the entire flowering room, every plant in there is very green except this one. Even its sister plant that has been side by side with #74 from day 1 getting the same food at the same amount (actually, the tall one got about a cup more because she was drinking heavily). Its probably one of those things that is individual to the plant, like a personality.

Speaking of her sister:

The way #75’s horizontal branch’s buds are growing reminds me of when I was growing ScrOG. That was a very useful technique, but it doesn’t work very well on tall plants. Spreading out their branches puts a lot of buds out of the working area of my lamp. Funny thing, the reason I don’t ScrOG is because since I changed over to coco and changed the nutes I was using as well, not to mention using a root innoculant, My plants at minimum double their size now in Flowering. I can no longer put an 15-18" plant in and have it only put on 4-6 inches.

Next comes the gorgeous LowRyder x LaDiva auto from @ReikoX. She will finish just before the Durbans from the look of her, even though she was germinated a month later.

She really is a pretty little girl! I love her colors! And, she has give me 22 seeds already. Big seeds too! She just couldn’t hold on to them anymore.

@cannabissequoia, I didn’t think to mention it before, but I did freeze enough pollen to do many back crossings with the father. BTW, I’m pretty certain autos can’t be cloned.
One more picture of LR x LD.

Here are the 3 babies I put in to bring my schedule back in line. They are just about over the boring time. Two have 3 hands the last has tiny leaves sprouting for its third hand.

Bad news on the Headband front. The one I had in a pot didn’t survive. I have been spending time on the old seeds thread and watching videos. The best advice I’ve found comes from a video uploaded there by @Enstromentals.

I am making some sprouted seed tea and I have some gibberellic acid coming. These are both ideas from the video. I did a search on gibberellic acid and it apparently is an amazing substance and actually should be a giant help germinating really old seeds. I also have some fulvic acid arriving tomorrow. (How did Amazon get the USPS to do Sunday deliveries, anyway?)

I do have 3 (BC Mango x BC Night Nurse) x Diesel Moonshine seeds peeking out of their shells. I’ll be planting them in a day or so.

That’s it for now.



Damn- that’s an essay! Nice nice nice.

The bud structure on the shorter plant(on the orange milk crate)edit #74 is so very nice, my favorite. the one to it’s right, edit #75 taller, thinner is a lot like my cut of DurbanP…which is such a dainty girl unless environmental conditions are ideal. now that it’s :fire: hot they love it under 50% shade…easily grow trees & it’s nodes-a-plenty, a clone-maker’s cut obviously…(anyone else notice that dispensary clones are cut from “factory -farm” mothers that are clone machines but not necessarily nice cuts? i think it’s a more recent years phenomenon here in CA since there’s so much weed going on.

i couldn’t believe seeing people camp out the night before a darkheart nursery drop…signing up the night before to wait in line…lined up around a building, like 200 people. by the end of the day if there was anything left it was some sad looking ones of strains nobody’s heard of or don’t want. Big Bud Cookies. hehehe

:thinking: hmmm



Is Number 74 is ST4? That’s one of them 2-liter colas in the making lol. Looking fantastic! So glad to see seeds i’ve gifted actually being grown out :smiley:


She gets that from her momma, I suspect she will get a decent fade with a flush of purple on the sugar leaves like the top is starting to.

I did the same thing with the original male. It’s been over a year now, I’m guessing viability is pretty low. Maybe I should try pollinating a branch on Juanita. :thinking:


Beautiful. Did you grow that with your photoperiod plants under 12/12?

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@cannabissequoia, I can’t wait to taste them! Are your Durbans low odor? Mine have a very faint aroma that smells a bit like pine or Pinesol. Could make a great stealth kind of grow, hardly anything to give it away. :thumbsup:

@Jellypowered: Nah, they are the Durbans. Awesome, right? The same thought hit me. These are my ST4s. This pic was taken 6-16, They went into my Flowering room Fri, 6-22. Man, I hope they will have huge buds like this. They are reputed to.
EDIT 2 forgot the pic.:confounded:

I you do, I’d be very interested to here how it turns out. It’ll give me a sneak peek of my near future.

You said recently you were going to try an auto in 12/12 lighting. Did I miss your post about it? If not, I’d love to see how much of a difference it makes. I’m not planning on pollinating the 3 LR/LD I have coming up. I’m saving that for the offspring from #80. I want to see how big the buds get on a seedless grow. These plants are definitely muffin tops!

I’ve had her in my Veg area at 21/3 lighting. I will try one in 12/12 after I see ones come seedless in 21/3 so I can see if there is a difference.

I’m hoping to bring my Neville’s Haze back to life. When I got them I was told to start them in 12/12 and they will flower when they are ready, because they normally grow at the very near the equator. Makes me wonder if it is an auto as well. I’m wondering if they could grow in 21/3. If I restore the strain, I’ll do a seed run right off and I may try growing out one like that. It was my son’s favorite strain, but it takes about 95 days to get ready and they got pretty large the last time. I’ve been telling my kid I can’t afford the Flowering room space for that long.

Before I go, I have an update about the (BC Mango x BC Night Nurse) x Diesel Moonshine seeds that I got from @Jellypowered. Those seeds originally came from @Kalgrae’s pollen chuck giveaway. I buried the 3 that popped, they had a tap root about 15-18mm long. There is nothing to see yet, except just the tip of their helmets just peeking up through the coco like the eyes of an alligator in a river. The 4th seed didn’t pop yet, even though I cracked it manually. But I still have it in a paper towel dampened with a fulvic acid solution (35ml of 8% fulvic to 1 gallon of pH set RO water with 4ml HydroGuard root inoculant). I hopeful that it will sprout as well since fulvic acid is touted as a miracle product for plants.

Tha, thathatha, that’s all folks, :smiley:

Edit: PS, if anyone is interested, I’m trying to restore 6 strains that I thought were gone for good. I’ve posted about it here in the “Germinating old seeds” thread. One strains seeds are only 6 years old, the remaining 5 strains are 11-13 years.

This is a first for me, the Headbands were the first time I ever attempted to grow out old seeds. I’m on a mission now. The Headbands sound delicious, and I’d really love to bring back my Karpov and my Karpov x Blue Widow.

I have been thinking my previous accidental crossing was between a White Widow male and a Blue Widow female. I even referred to it as a Baby Blue Widow (BBW or Fat Chick) but it was actually crossed between a Blue Widow male and a Karpov female (Karpov: Blue Hen x Blueberry). If anything, I should have called Dark Blue Widow or more appropriately Dark Blue Karpov, with all that blueberry in its heritage.

Cheers all,


The last autos I did were 12/12 for six weeks, 18/6 for two more and finally 20/4 for another week or so. Came out maybe a little smaller than normal.


@ReikoX: Sounds like just what you expected. I think I’ll continue to grow them in the Veg area. I use 21/3 light cycle there.

I have some bad news. My (BC Mango x BC Night Nurse) x Diesel Moonshine (the green phenotype) seeds dampened off. I don’t recall that ever happening to me before and I get my introduction by losing all 3 of one strain. Good thing I have more. I played with fixing what wasn’t broken while germinating them. I should’ve known better. “Don’t fix what isn’t broken” was my mantra when I was working. Back the normal method with the next 5 seeds. Plenty of litfa (I love that word).

Also, my next 3 autos are 29 days old today. Number 89 yanked open his raincoat and flashed me yesterday (6/25). I wasn’t sure if I wanted pollen from it, but not this time. I am working getting a separate flower grow for males, or hot, steamy, plant sex but I am doing a Sweet Tooth #4 reversal and that hermaphrodite will be 12/12. I just uprooted it. No primordia from 90 or 91 yet. They can’t be far behind…


reach out if damping off happens again.


@Kalgrae, thank you much, I’ll do that. That’s is quite nice of you.

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I have a few more photos of my grows. First up @Baudelaire’s FDM seeds Durbans I received from @Jellypowered.

The Durbans are so big and full of flower. And unmistakably sativa, each bud being tall and slender. And sticky, mmm mmm. I took a bud from each plant. Just a bud. I’m getting tired of waiting to try it. I pulled off 10-15 leaves from each bud before putting in in my drying cabinet and my fingers were so sticky that I washed it off in Everclear. That’s the great thing about extract. I throw my concentrate coils in it to clean the coil and save ALL the sticky goodness that was contained therein. If there is a remnant, I can recover it the next time I run the still. :smiley:

I really wish I hadn’t pollinated the top cola on #75. It wasn’t deliberate, but it happened. The #74s cola is seed free and look at the size of it. But, as long as I am above ground, there’s time to make another seedless tall pheno, assuming there is one in the 15 or so seeds I have left.

In the not so distant future, I’ll take seeds from each mother and pollinate them with the daddy’s stuff. That, I believe, if I understand the breeding thing right, would make the seeds coming from this plants F1s. I want to set the structure on these to what the original mom was, and again only if I understand it correctly, an F1 is going to show more consistency than an F2.

And there is the breeding stuff loses me. If an F1 provides the most consistency to what its mother is, why would anyone want to make an F2, F3, etc.?

It is interesting to note that numbers 74 & 75 smell different. I was leaning around the #75 to water what will be my last Purple for a sometime to come, and I realized #75 smells more like onion, while #74 smells more like a cross between pine and Pinesol. I hadn’t noticed it earlier due it normally being closer to the wall where I am not reaching around it, but today I had moved it while looking for fallen seeds and hadn’t put it back yet.

Like her sister the bushy girl, her aroma is not as loud as any of the other plants I have flowering at the moment. It is a small nose, like its volume is turned way down to 1 or 2. Quiet though they may be each girls perfume is not to be confused with someone else’s when you put your nose right up to her flower.

I love this next plant, the LowRyder x LaDiva! This was from @ReikoX. She has beautiful colors. Even as the chlorophyll is fading and her leaves yellowing, those same leaves are turning an awesome purple in places. The pistils have all turned to what my colorblind eyes see as a rusty color and look like threads adorning each bud. And each bud is (currently) sprinkled generously in milky white trichomes. I think this is quite possibly the most colorful plant I’ve ever grown. Here is a downward view of each of her side buds and her main cola.

I has a mild, yet intricate, bouquet. It seems to a sweet, citrus component that is very pleasant to the nose. The other component(s) is more background. It is more rugged, woodsy maybe. It isn’t as inviting. Like an olfactory Jekyll & Hyde.

And then, of course, it can be run in the previously surplus space in my Veg grow. I love it! So much so that I already have a couple of babies coming up. I uprooted the male.

Number 91 is definitely female, she has full size pistils growing on the node just below the top.

90 on the other hand, is androgynous yet. A few hours ago, I thought I saw beginning pistils on the node just below the top using my 5x visor, but when I switched to a 10x eye loupe I couldn’t find them. I was probably wistful thinking.

I am anxious to see what a seedless one looks like at this point.

I have 5 more of @Kalgrae’s (BC Mango x BC Night Nurse) x Diesel Moonshine (the green phenotype) seed I got from @Jellypowered in germinating. Two had 1 mm long tap roots a couple of hours ago and two more looked like they were starting. I stopped trying to fix what wasn’t broken and went back to the way that always works for me, paper towels and a heating pad, with the exception soaking them 16 hours in a fulvic acid solution of 35ml/gallon of water.I left them in until the first one actually popped. I’m certain these will go better. I’m sure I was doing too many trial things with the last group. Now the trials are exclusively being done on the oldest beans I’ve got and only 1 strain at a time.

I gave my Sweet Tooth plant its 1st STS treatment on the 27th. Following the instructions supplied with it, the next treatment will be the 2nd. It was kind of a pain. I chose the shortest plant because it had the sturdiest branches. It was inches shorter when they were small plants. They’ve all put on quite a few inches since entering Flowering a week ago. Not only in height and leaf span, but their trunk and branches have put on some new wood. This strain is supposed to make gigantic buds, so I guess it is going to need all the extra wood to support them.

I didn’t want to bring up the Sweet Toothes too much because I bought them (from @Baudelaire of FDM Seeds), they weren’t gifted to me, but what the hell, they are growing in my Flowering room, they are freaking sturdy looking plants. Maybe someone that bought some, but hasn’t gotten to growing any out yet might be interested. Also, I thought someone might be interested my STS reversal. It is a straight up first for me. I am using purchased STS so if it doesn’t turn out, at least I know the STS is mixed properly. Cuts a variable clean out of the process I’ve been doing a lot of firsts this year. I’ll start including the ST4s in photos more often. I don’t actually have any photos of them since they went to Flowering because I have to move at least 2 plants out of the room for a while so I can get to them. Wait until you see the leaves. Are these cannabis or palms?

Hopefully, next time I’ll pictures of some baby (BC Mango x BC Night Nurse) x Diesel Moonshine reaching for the sun.

Have a great day, one and all.

Edit 1: I had uploaded the same photo 2x. I deleted one of them


When I got home from the store, The power in the area was off. Before I could get battery lights together, the lights came on. After booting up my computers, I saw the power had gone out a bit more than an hour after I had gotten home. :sob: Now I need to find a way to keep 3 different strains separated for flowering. I’ve been working on a flowering area for my males, so that’s one. I’ll have to get more supplies to have a 3rd Flowering area.

I can live with herm seeds. After all, they are fem seeds. But I can’t have my girls whoring it up with other strains.

Such an irony. I gave one of my Sweet Tooth plants its first STS treatment 4 days ago. Whatta a waste. :confounded:


I wouldn’t worry about a short outage triggering intersexual expression in Sweet Tooth. Or most properly bred strains. It’s a good way to identify strains with strong intersexual tendencies though. Even then you would typically need to interrupt light schedules over several days to trigger it.

Glad you are enjoying the Durbans. That’s the Cali-O x Durban correct? or the mix? Looking forward to your smoke report.



Growing out 2 of the same in the green house.

Looks like 2 very vigorous plants. A male & a female.