Growing with kids in the house?

Howdy y’all! So I recently started a grow, got the tent, got the greenhouse, I started a couple plants, moved to the greenhouse, got a female, it started smelling the whole greenhouse, and because we have a 13yr old who brings friends over all the time we decided to get our plant off our property and stop growing. Does anyone else grow with kids? How do you handle it? I’m just worried one of his friends would see it when we ain’t around and say something to some other kids at school and then next thing ya know a teacher gets told and cops show up. I just don’t feel safe about it. What’s your thoughts on this and best way to go around it?? Thanks y’all!!!


I’m also growing for our gardens and landscaping so we also have tons of other plants going. So it’s not like we were preparing for a large scale grow or anything, just a few plants amongst our vegetables.


I did it for years
I remolded a closet one day and made a hidden room that backed into the garage it was only a 53 x 32 in space just enough for 6 to 8 plants with. 8 ft ceiling hight a fake wall , a good filter a slight humming from the fans but no one gave it a thought
No smell ish but ona gel fixed that
Never new


If you’re growing indoors, it’s easy enough to keep things out of the sight of others and aromas can be filtered out. Make grow areas off limits and make sure all access points are securely locked so no one can get in without a key.

Outdoors, it can be a little harder to conceal from prying eyes… especially if grown out in the open or in a family vegetable garden.
Cannabis plants don’t resemble most landscape/vegetable plants, but may be incorporated into an existing landscape or a garden and hidden amongst the other plants already growing there.
Cannabis plants may be kept small with selective pruning and their appearance may be altered in many ways so they don’t appear to be pot plants at first glance.

If you grow outdoors in your yard and your kids and/or their friends, use your yard to play in, then you may want to consider NOT growing anywhere they have easy access to. Laws in legal states don’t mess around when it comes to subjecting children to cannabis… out of sight, out of mind. Keep it to yourself… if no one knows you’re growing pot, then it will be hard to get into trouble for it.

A greenhouse/hoop house with an opaque covering and a lockable door can’t be beat in situations like this. Having a talk with your kids about what is off-limits for them will help out a lot too.

I had a talk with my son when he was 12 or 13 about why I was growing cannabis and I showed him my California MMJ card. I told him that I will be growing my own medicine from now on and that I would really appreciate it if he could keep this information in the family. He agreed and we shook on it.

He never broke his word with me and I was happy with that! I never showed him my plants, he never even saw one of my grows until he became an adult, himself, and asked me what I knew about growing pot… you know… to help a friend.

Thats when he learned that i had been growing cannabis for 14 years prior to his birth… and we had a very extensive talk about plants.


Papalong I’m guessing you did the building when the kiddo was gone somewhere so he/she wouldn’t get nosey on what you were building?? That’s the part I would run into trouble with our boy is home a lot and VERY nosey on EVERYTHING I’m building/working on, it’s hard doing much of anything without home behind my back. Which I enjoy I love his interest in what I do around the house.


Desertgrown ya that was what I kind of had in mind was once I get a garden and landscapes going really good I could throw a couple plants in the mix. In all reality I’ll probably just start seedlings and plant them across the road in county woods🤪. I can be patient until our state legalized it, it’s going in the ballot again this year for medical. That or wait til he’s a little bit older and mature enough To let him know about it and be cool about it. Oh it’s such a bummer!!! I’d be fine growing here but the wife sure has a dif motherly perspective on it. Thank you all for your responses!!!


She’s starting to bud too!! I hope it does ok in the woods. It’s in a pretty sunny spot hidden somewhat good where no one would see it😀


The kid was in school and I finished it little by little when she wasn’t looking. Now she’s 27 new home and she still doesn’t know


@Dalorean, that’s a tough one. A 13 boy is hard to hide anything from. I was 13 once and I was nosey as hell myself. It’s the school thing if he somehow found it, tells friends about it but never tells you. It might get around in school like you mentioned, so that would be my first concern. I’m assuming you’re not in a legal to grow state…?

It would also be the type of thing a 13 yo boy may want to brag about or show off. I’m trying to put myself back in those shoes…

My other thought is the guerilla grow option. If you have a really lush garden/flower area, you’d be surprised how invisible it can be. Maybe they don’t get involved when you garden? If it’s something they avoid because it might involve work somehow, then that may be the better choice. That’s totally a judgement call. But if you trust people’s habits and and just fool with it when noboby is around it could be only you who knows.

That’s something you have to really think about. Lots of people wouldn’t expect to see a pot plant in a neighborhood so they aren’t looking, and you can grow them in plain sight almost. I’ve done that many times. It just needs to be in an area where you would be in a flower bed or garden on a semi regular basis and nobody sees it as odd that you are back there scratching in the dirt or hose watering other plants. Then take advantage of times nobody is home. You can always walk by and monitor it while just looking around at all of the other plants. Make sure it’s an indica/hybrid but no matter what maybe top it to keep it at a size that blends with the other growth.

Sorry for the rambling on… I just got blazed wooo! peace

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@Papalag she still doesn’t know??? Oh man that’s awesome!!!:rofl: Our closet in our room could be the only desserts place but it’s so small. Outside is actually the best option with our 2 acres
@GMan yes it’s quite difficult! The way he is is he’s all over everything NEW we do. It’s our first year at gardening so he is showing a lot of interest. I’m in Mississippi so it’s still illegal here and I worry the south will drag their feet with the legalization of it. Louisiana did so I’m having hope. Yes I like your idea of having lush flowers all over to blend it in with. I’ll look into this guerilla technique you speak of. I’m a firm believer in honesty and openness so another route is to actually let him know about it and stress the importance that it’s our little family secret and how it’s our medicine. I’m reluctant on that with his age though. It’s tough and when I’m here looking at everyone’s beautiful grows oh how it exites me so much!!! I LOVE the cannabis plant so much!


Now I have a locked closet in the garage I only park in there

It’s small but works with things stacked on top of each other only room to stand with all the tents in there


Nice bro. I grew up in Bama, I lived for a short stint with my dad in Gautier, MS on the coast. Stuff grows on top of rocks down there, heh.

Hey, did you say Louisiana voted to legalize it? That’s big.

Sounds like you have thought things out pretty good. That’s great if you feel strongly enough about your son to have the talk with him. It would likely be the best way but that’s an individual call. Lots going on at that age. It would be hard to say no to him growing and smoking once you out yourselves. Crap… I’m sure you guys know best. I’d be lost. Good luck with things. Maybe you’ll see some ideas around here that will help. peace


Feel fortunate that your son is not like I was at the same age. I started growing pot when I was 12.
I grew up on 2.5 acres and we had around 120 trees/shrubs planted on the property and along the property line and I always had pot plants hidden and growing around the property. My job as a kid was to take care of all plants/trees on the property… watering, fertilizing, pruning, that sort of thing.

I was probably around 14 when my parents found a couple of plants growing in the yard and yanked them out and asked me about them. They were pissed… really pissed that I would grow pot on their property.

They didn’t partake, but some of their friends did, and that’s how I got caught… those friends knew what pot plants looked like. They thought my dad was growing it and asked him about it and he told them they were my “hybrid tomato plants” project for school and his friend said no, those are pot plants, not tomato plants… and nice ones too!

I got in deep shit for growing pot and lying about it. Earned myself a three month grounding and couldn’t leave the property. During that three months I learned how to disguise the plants better and how to incorporate them into the existing landscape so they pretty much disappeared from sight.

The oleander grove on the property was my favorite spot to grow pot in. No one messed with the oleanders, except me. I hollowed out the middle and dug out a plot and filled it with fresh soil to grow in. Changed the soil out every other year just to be on the safe side.
(Oleanders are one of the most poisonous plants you can own. It’s got its own poison called oleandrin, that quickly affects the gastrointestinal, cardiac and nervous systems of people that come into contact with its sap… bad stuff man!) This plant can kill you and that’s no joke! Look it up!
I played in the grove as a child and seem to have some sort of an immunity to it… it didn’t do to me what it did to my friends/family and for that I’m thankful.

My parents didn’t mess around with the oleanders, so there was no reason for them to go around them… and look for my pot plants. I grew pot in that plot for years without ever getting found out.

I just realized that I started out as a guerrilla grower… I grew my pot on someone else’s property!


Oh boy! What a GREAT topic! And a legitimate posting! As this is a problem for lotsa us, right?!


I have a 4 YO and she is getting hipper and hipper to how society views our beloved plant and what a sharp contrast our “take” is from this whole Nazi viewpoint is!


That doesn’t give a buncha answers or anything other than to say that I agree, we have a problem that needs to be addressed!


I would suggest locks & filters and fences outside when they are younger, locks and education when they are older. Stealth, even if it’s legal doesn’t mean someone’s not gonna sneak into your garden, and people sneak into vegetable gardens.

In places where it’s legal my thoughts are it’s similar to a liquor cabinet, keep it locked and under supervision.

I remember when we were kids looking for my friends dad’s stash; joking around in his truck we were all “what if it’s in this boot?”. Low and behold we had something to skim from. We found out what the notches on the side of the labels of the bottles were quite fast, also how to top of the bottles.


That’s a great story. I definitely started as guerilla. I always put My pot on somebody else’s property. somebody always found it too. Kids.


Low stink strains kept my head above water during times of “what the fuckery” with my 17 yo daughter. We have glade plugins everywhere!! Go for fresh linen or spruce/xmas scents…covers up weed awesome.


Ona gel works wonders and an ozone generator that has a carbon filter on it like the ones they sell for cigar smokers