HaRdRoC’s HoUsE

Well…I’m back…:rofl::rofl::rofl:
I figured out how to keep the smell down, it’s so simple, I don’t know how I didn’t think of it before… use TWO carbon filters. One sucking the air in the tent and one blowing that same air though the other filter.
So after testing it out on a grow, I went and bought some gravity fed auto pots and a bigger flower tent.
So I will be growing 3, 5 Alive plants.
Veg’d in the 2x2 with a Spyder Farmer 1000, till big enough to put into the autopots, under the Spyder Farmer 2000.
Medium is just promix hp.
Nutes are Nutri NPK
Only other things I will be using are:
Floraclean and Pro Tekt


Here’s a pick if the Dosidos 33 and Sour Diesel x GSC that I did. The Dosidos 33 which I won on here from a contest, both times it was grown out, it turned hermi, but this time I just picked all the balls off and I must have done a good job at it, as I haven’t found a seed yet.


Love my AutoPots, I have a bunch! They work really well for me and my setup. I don’t run liquid nutes through my system or use much of the 6mm hose that comes with the kits though. IME that is where most folks have troubles with their AutoPots - clogging. I bought a liter of Drip Klean with the pots and haven’t even cracked it yet - no nutes and straight RO equals no biological life to clog my lines/valves. If your grow method needs liquid salt-based or organic fertilizers I would pair your auto pots with a garden foliar sprayer and feed with that up until flower then precise top watering over moistened soil in flower.

Edit: Missed the pics with your powered nutes there! This is also another way to save yourself the from clogging :+1:

I also have a Dosido 33 in its last week of flower right now that looks very similar with the typical gassy profile, dense buds and nice trichome production- hasn’t hermed on me yet -touch wood. I think you will be shocked at how fast and vigorous plants that are capiliary water actually grow. Best of luck with your grow :v:


Starting of Week 3 of the 5 Alive and I popped a Wedding Cake a week ago.
I plan to do my 1st attempt at fem’d seeds, for the 5 Alive and a 5 Alive x Wedding Cake cross.
I wanna see if I can make this work before attempting @RiekoX’s Dark Devil x SBR auto’s as I don’t want to waste the seeds on a 1st attempt.


Good to see another autopot user here. Autopot gardeners, unite :joy:! I’ll follow along for sure.

I am not familiar with the nutrient line you posted, do those get mixed in the reservoir or added to the potting mix?


Looking good. That 5 alive sounds right up my alley, I love citrusy sat leaners. Cool name too haha


Hey, thanks for popping in, pull up a beanbag chair and a blunt :grin::grin:
I just mix the nutes into the rez. This will only be my second run with them.


Have you experienced any build-ups, sediments or gunking up of your res? Do you add anything else to keep the res clean, like H2O2 or any kind of drip clean products?


Not as of yet, I just clean the rez and auto pots when done a round, but I do have hyroclean and will use that on this round


How’s this coming along? those strains sound delicious!

Any of you autopot guys ever see or looking into the capillary system Blumat has with their Surface Mount Blumat? If so, any reason why you went Autopot instead?

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Hey guys and gals, I ended up having to tear down YET AGAIN, because of a damn unit inspection for fire alarms or some bull shit, so I tossed the plants YET AGAIN but kept the most vigorous one hidden in my storage locker till the cost was clear.
Here she is…almost 2 full weeks in flower and not a pistil to be seen. I read that 5 Alive is a very sativa leaner but the leafs seem to say it’s a pretty even hybrid.

To answer your question, I do have 2 boxes of Blumats each with 12 in them, unused. Reason being is because I usually use small pots because of my space and you need at least 2 gal pots for them to work correctly.


I swear I’m a sucker for punishment :rofl::rofl:
So what do I do? I go get me a clone/mom/sexing/veg tent, as well as a turbo cloner.

So I had to take the cloner for a test drive and see how she works. Took a bunch of 5 Alive clones, while I was cleaning her up, just gonna keep 1 for a mom, just so I have a mom in the mom space :rofl::rofl::rofl:
In the sexing part I have now 4 God’s Grand Double Purple and 4 Blue Nothern Lights.
Pulled 1 male from each so far.
Gonna take a couple clones of each to make moms for my outdoor this year. Gonna flower them out and keep the best of the clones, for outdoor.


Well today sucked ass, I went in to check on my “Fem’d” 5 Alive to see nothing but nut sacks on him. I heard about Crop King having a bad name, but thought I’d give it a shot anyways because the 5 Alive juice terp profile had me intrigued.
So he got the chop. What a waste of time and nutes…


So now that happened, I moved the God’s Grand Double Purple and the Blue Nothern Lights (godzilla edition) from Joti to the flower tent, and will monster crop some clones for outdoors this year.
Since the sexing tent is now empty, I popped 5 Black Do-lato and 5 God’s MAC also from Joti.

I took a bunch of clones of the 5 Alive, so I’m gonna let 'em run to get the feel for my new cloner.


i love that tent, i have it too!!! Looking good @HaRdRoC


Here’s just a little breakdown on the new batch of seeds I planted today. Both sound pretty good to me.

No picture for God’s MAC, as of yet. Hopefully I can help him out with that…:grin::grin:


Haha found you, glad you got it happening again, hopefully you will get to finish this time :+1:


Both of those crosses sound awesome.


Thanks man,.:v::v:
I know right…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
I’m making my rounds and catching up on everyone’s grows and so.e new ones :grin::grin:
So much to read up on, ya’ll sure didn’t slow down a bit, and loving everything I’ve been seeing. Ya’ll are killin it up in this bitch.


Well, seems we have another male today

Only got 1 Blue Northern Lights left, but pretty sure it’s gonna be a she. Popped 5 beans and so far 4 were males. But this last one, I’m really digging the look of :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

So here’s what’s left so far. I got that 1 BNL
And popped 5 God’s Grand Double Purple, 1 didn’t make it and had 1 runt. I can’t seem to toss the runt tho…I think there might be something special about it, ever since a seedling it’s had very dark leaves and really dark purple leaf stems. I don’t even gotta do a stem rub, she reeks of gas/ burnt plastic…:fire::fire::fire:???

Here’s the GGDP famdamnly
Here’s the everyone