GC flowers Cap Junky and Chem 91

In the past I have documented my grow on another platform, two threads which both ran several years. I no longer have much in common with the other platform as I rarely intend to run auto’s… like I had to when I first started. I did however meet a few great people and awesome growers who I consider friends. Some of who are now here… so what the hell… here we go.

As always I ask for guidance, a heads up if you see something I do wrong or just a tip to improve my grow. I’m not the type to take offense to legitimate advice… if I screw up let me have it. That being said welcome to my new spot to document my grows.

This thread starts with a story. As a young man… just past 50 I got tired of buying seeded weed and the issues of trying to score it. I don’t live in an area known for growing crops and to this day have never seen another grow in person… just my own.

A friend of a friend overheard me state that I’d like to try growing my own now that I’m retired and have the time to donate to it. Few weeks later he stopped in, lit up a joint and got me stoned. Afterwards he said he had something for me… and proceeded to hand me a clone of Sensi Star and a T5 light assembly. Not having any background I turned to the internet… and have been fumbling my way through since.

That first plant gave me a half ounce. Knowing I needed to improve I took an old fridge and learned about screen of green. Later grows materialized with second hand equipment I found on marketplace, and figured out I could run auto’s in winter so long as I had enough heat. Things progressed to the point where I am today, in an insulated detached garage with heat and AC. I’m still improving on this space and probably the only guy here to build an addition on for more grow space. :wink:

During the early years I found a few now gone forums, Cervante’s board cannabis.com etc. Then I stumbled onto ICmag… which was way over my head at the time so I’d visit when searching for answers. It was one of these visits where I stumbled onto a thread that entertained me, amazed and enlightened me. It was a thread that began in 2012 titled 91 Chemdog by Good Ole Dog… who later turned out to be a dude most will recognize as SkunkVA from the original Overgrow. I then read the story of Chemdog… I was hooked.

There started my first grow of “Chemdawg” by HSO. The bud was ok for a newbie, and led me to Amhearst Sour Diesel. Ran these a few times as weather permitted to get away from lackluster auto’s. (I later found AFN and Mephisto). But I had that yearning… for something better.

Let’s skip ahead. I found Overgrow and started getting active after lurking a few years. The vibe here was inspiring, I had found a home. I started buying better genetics… and found out about Lucky Dog over at IC… who just happened to be the legend known as SkunkVA. And I could buy legit Chemdog genetics! Take my money please!

I chose to run Guerilla Fume… I now had grown the best plants I had to that point. I continued to run it for nearly 1.5 years as it ticked the boxes for me. I then had to shutdown for a month long vacation… to Montana with the family.

To be continued…


Nice, going to go take a spot under the tree in the corner and watch the show :v:


Man I am in, you got a good story line going! Let it ROLL! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::sunglasses::peace_symbol::facepunch::+1:

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Yup. Im in.

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That family vacation consisted of renting a home in Paradise Valley, an area north of Yellowstone National Park. While I had been there on prior western camping trips (GC stands for Gone Camping, my original screen name elsewhere) my wife and daughters had never seen this parks sheer beauty. So it was decided… YNP it is. Rented a Million dollar home on the banks of the Yellowstone, booked flights for 3 of the 5 in my gang. My daughter and I would drive 3 days out… and pick them up at Bozeman International. Scooped up my family around noon… and proceeded to make my first stop of the vacation. Lucky Dog Cannabis Company! More on that stop and the rest of that road trip found here…

I had now met SkunkVA, and procured legit Chemdog grown by his talented hands. Long story short… I had to have it!

After my return I started back up and had another few harvests then found mites. I again shut down, new light, new grow style and new medium. I failed. One of those friends I spoke of earlier showed his true colors and sent me cuts and seed. It was again some of the best weed I had ever enjoyed… and it further opened my eyes. The generosity of this dude, and the desire and willingness to help me battle through a learning curve is and was greatly appreciated. Thank You @LoveDaAutos With his help I figured out most of my issues and now I’m in a better place.

During the shutdown for thorough cleaning I found myself on ig. A site I rarely visited. I came across Farmer Joe… and he held Chem 91 skva cut. I had to have it and treated myself to a Christmas present.

Now several months later, I just finished my first reversal and first intentional cross. This Friday I chop the first 91 and a cap junky laden with seed. Both from a reversed 91. My priority was to make seed in the event I lost her. All thanks again to my bud and latest mentor @LoveDaAutos

That brings us current. I just flipped 2x Cap Junky and 2x Chem 91. These plants will be for enjoying flower… almost. I did happen to arrange some male pollen from Guerilla Fume from two very cool members here on OG. It will be used on a few branches of the 91 to make regular seed. I figure that should help me along in the event I ever need to find a replacement. But let’s hope that day never comes.

I apologize for the lengthy beginning, but figured some might enjoy the ride like I have. In the future the updates should be shorter… let’s just hope they are successful.

So, here I introduce my 3x3 with Cap Junky and Chem 91. My two jewels which I see sticking around for quite awhile while I occasionally try something else in another tent.

Now I know there’s others here who are holding Cap Junky from LDA… get to work and feel free to show them off along with me!


Woo! Sounds like a great run @GCBudz



I’m looking forward to seeing how those Cap Junkies go for you, I’m planning on running some next season, thanks again LDA :pray:


You are killing it dude! :facepunch::partying_face::+1::sunglasses::peace_symbol:


Here’s the one I chop down in a few days, she ran on autopilot!


Pretty dam frosty :snowman_with_snow::+1::facepunch:


Oooo…. Goddamn! That’s just beautiful dude! Great job! :+1:


Tuned in for your chem 91, I’m curious on the comparison between that and the Guerilla Fume


Nice! Down to watch you throw down for sure! Everything looks fresh, clean, tight. :ok_hand:t3: very nice! I’ve got those cap junky slotted up for next bean drop, now I’m looking forward to it even more! Looking forward to the show @GCBudz


Appreciate y’all checking in and commenting! I don’t typically get many visitors growing photos on an auto forum. It’s refreshing and appreciated.


love the intro. and the vibes. following along


Love the setup @GCBudz! Looking a real nice! :heart_eyes::fire::raised_hands:


Nice n frosty! I bet they smell great.


I’ll just sit here. You hooked me up with way extra beans on a trade. Your my dog!


Definitely taking a front row seat to this show, I enjoyed your history recap and lead into what you are currently doing. Plants look great. Your set up is pretty sweet. Good luck on your grow.


i love the chem and am interested to look at the cap junky perform.
the plants look happy, ha! perfect set-up too, btw. comfy place :slight_smile: