Hell's Angel OG

Hey guys how are you? I have a patient that gets best medicated when using Hells Angel OG ( Hells OG). Can anyone point me to a seed bank or etc to get for him.


Karma Genetics

I have a pack of the Biker Kush V2 which is:

so you can get very close to the HA OG depending on which strain you choose. He uses the HA OG in a few different crosses. Anything with “Biker Kush” in it has HA OG in it.


I miss the days when Karma was dropping fire pretty consistently. That is awesome that you have a pack of his Biker Kush V2. I recall when he first released it, but I am not sure that I realized at the time that it was basically a HA-OG Bx2. I have a HA-OG Bx1 [HA-OG x (HA-OG x Black Triangle)] from Schwaggy P that a friend gifted me that I will be starting soon. Actually in the next day or two, oddly enough. Positive vibes…



You can never go wrong with Karma gear. It’s always a good buy.

That being said, HA isn’t any different from any of the other OGK cuts, any backcross will do.


if you’re looking for a different Hells Angel OG cross, Bodhi seeds has a cross called Angelica (Hell’s Angel OG x 88 G13 Hashplant). i know they’re currently available on great lakes genetics, jbc seeds and headie gardens, not sure if they are elsewhere. You definitely can’t go wrong with Bodhi Seeds.


There’s a hells angel og x purple fire thai


Got a pack of Grim Bastard ( [Biker Kush V2/Karma_Genetics/) x Black Banana) from Solfire Gardens awhile back that has Hell’s Angel in it. I need to pop some of those.

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schwaggy seeds released a Hells Angel OG bx3 a couple months ago but they sold out quickly and there were not many packs. You could contact him and see if/when he will have another release


What is headie gardens? I am not familiar with them? And there appears to be some weird site with a login?

Is this patient a chronic pain or opioid patient? (you don’t have to answer that)
… Myrcene tends to help a great deal for those, which stands out greatly in most Og’s.

others probably know more than me, but it’s small site run by a guy named “SHOE”. password to get on the site is “muffcabbage”. it’s a cash/money order site like great lakes genetics is. My last two orders were on that site. (2 packs of bodhi purple unicorn and a pack of chem fuego from lucky dog seeds). they have a small selection but still good options. i only ordered from them based on others’ opinions/experiences. (and they had purple unicorn seeds when i couldn’t find them anywhere else). overall good experience. @Eudaemon


Angelica (Hell’s Angel x 88G13HP) or Uplift (Hell’s Angel x Snow Lotus). Both are Bodhi crosses. Got a couple packs of each and one of them is getting put in dirt on December first.


Thank you all for helping me find it for him, so much love. Love u guys

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Parkinson’s disease