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Herbies Seeds – Your Reliable Source Of Top-Notch Cannabis Seeds

If you’re keen on growing your own marijuana, chances are you’ve heard of Herbies Seeds before. With more than 20 years of selling top-quality weed seeds, Herbies has grown to become a household name in the world of cannabis cultivation. Whether you’re a beginner home grower or a pro working at large a cannabis farm, we strive to make the best marijuana seeds available to everyone – our collection is hand-picked and extensive, and our shipping is worldwide and discreet.
Recently, we passed a serious milestone of 800,000 orders delivered to our happy customers. It’s huge, and we’re so proud! This wouldn’t have been possible without the trust of our buyers, and we earned this trust by making their satisfaction our top priority. To ensure every client is happy with their order, cannabis seeds at Herbies are always fresh and stored in perfect climatic conditions, which is why we can guarantee their germination. Adding some extra seeds on the house is also something we practice regularly! In case the choice is overwhelming or there are questions our buyers want to ask Herbies directly, our Customer Support agents work every day to address each inquiry lightning-fast.

You Name It, We Have it

We at Herbies are proud to represent some of the most prominent as well as smaller and niche seed banks, making their products available all around the globe. At herbiesheadshop.com, you can always find seeds by:

Barney’s Farm, a renowned seed bank from Amsterdam known for its love of experimentation without compromising on quality. All of their seeds are feminized, and the result of Barney’s Farm’s breeders traveling around the world to find and breed the next champion. So far, they’ve done this successfully, often winning a High Cannabis Cup year after year.

Royal Queen Seeds, Spanish breeders with some of the most advanced breeding and feminization methods in the game. They started out more than 20 years ago with THC-rich strains, but now offer great CBD-packed varieties as well.

Sweet Seeds, a one-of-a-kind seed bank from Valencia with the name that says it all. This breeder delivers some of the tastiest strains out there by valuing the personality of the plant over anything else when it comes to breeding.

These represent just a tiny share of strains represented at Herbies, where you can always find a new favorite seed to grow. No matter if you’re looking for potency, flavor or yields, favor Sativas, Indicas or hybrids, prefer feminized or autoflowering seeds, want strains specifically for beginners or stealthy growers – there’s something for absolutely everyone.

Herbies Promos: Always Get More

It’s important to us at Herbies that we preserve the fun aspect of growing cannabis – that’s why we have promos running non-stop! We’ve mentioned already that we don’t mind adding some free seeds to orders, haven’t we? It’s true – you get a free seed with every $20 spent. Not only that, but EVERY order at Herbies gets a Gorilla Glue Auto seed free of charge. We also have a great discount system with which the more you spend, the more you save. It’s always a good idea to check up on Herbies promos, as we update this section constantly.

Herbies Blog: Helping You Become A Better Grower

After you get your seed from Herbies, our work is not done. We find it important to educate our customers and help them get the most out of every order. For that reason, we’ve started a blog with articles on many topics helpful for growers. There, you can learn effective techniques of increasing yields, fighting pests and cannabis diseases, avoiding deficiencies, and more. Interested in learning how to smoke your newly-grown bud to get the highest you can? What movie would suit the sesh perfectly? What strains work as an aphrodisiac? All these questions and many more are answered on the pages of our blog, updated daily.


I used to use you guys before you had to temporarily shut (if my memory serves me correct) in 2016. Glad you’re back though and the new site looks great!

You guys are where I got “Holy Grail 69” from as free seed, I just recalled! That yielded a very nice plant with a lot of history :heart:

Looking back through my emails, I also just discovered one of my most recent harvests was from seeds bought from you back in 2016 (so 3 year old seeds)


Hey remember growing that freebie as well for a while. It was a pretty nice plant.

Welcome @Herbies_Seeds


Big welcome to our new sponsor Herbies Head Shop!


Welcome to overgrow @Herbies_Seeds :seedling::tada:


Welcome to our new sponsors.


Welcome to OG Herbies. Nice post, going to check out your site, see whutcha got. See you guys around


Welcome to OG


Welcome to OG. :slight_smile:


Hi, Herbie’s.


Do OG members get a coupon?


Is it a new website yous got recently , cuz it’s not loading up on my iPad 2 ?

@Hugh_Glass Yes there was a discount code I used for herbies , might be " 420 " I can’t remember , but there deffo was one , just can’t think at moment
: )

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Thc talk has a 5% and 10% off after you spend so much I hope we can get one also and if you really like us your company will make the coupon personal to this forums members :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome!

@ifish - yes, exactly, we have updated our website and made it even more convenient for our lovely customers, adding new useful tabs :wink:

@Hugh_Glass - unfortunately, for now we do not have any coupon systems. But we have nice discounts and promos all the time!


Welcome to OG @Herbies_Seeds!
It’s good to have you here!


:star_struck: Please welcome - four new strains by Humboldt! :star_struck:

Four marvelous strains prove that this breeder is versatile like no one else in the game. Take a closer look at these brand-new strains, and you’ll see that each of them has no comparison: https://is.gd/pMS288



Dear friends!

We are working on a new Herbies Character, which is going to be reflected on our logos and other media stuff. And we need your help! :relieved:

Take a look at these 10 competitors below - what do you think, which one should become our “Herbies Guy” and why? Or, maybe, you’ve got your own character idea for Herbies and would like to share it with us? :thinking:

Let’s make it happen - share your thoughts right now!

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What age group are you targeting, lol?


Wow why not a older person were the one that spend the money lol

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am never a big fan of the ‘stoner’ stereotype imagery, but number 9 is pretty cool. 3 is awesome, but im not sure how you could incorporate that into branding, though (im not a branding expert)