HF Platinum Pineapple F4 Juicy gotcha crazy!

Good luck. Love reading grow diaries.


OG has PLENTY! :slight_smile:


:seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Awesome drawing! I didn’t even notice the gopher was there at first. That’s how they are, damn little bastards.

No, I never deal with gophers but around here its chipmunks. They are unstoppable, and cute. I imagine the gopher plant could deter them the same way. I also germed mine just recently from the PPF4 auction. Might be tough to keep them happy in zone 6/7.


Ready for the show

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@dequilo My favorite plant abuser! Thank you for your support, It’s great to see you, your grows are looking fantastic, it’s so good to see you happy again. I joined OverGrow in 2001 As well, after growing outside since the mid 80’s. I think your awesome!
If you would like to see an outstanding grow thread start here.
@ChronicMcBudz Thank you for your support, I did the Irish jig for 420 seconds when they arrived, I dreamed about that first juicy pineapple exhale as the flavor pleases the palate and that platinum buzz sets in.
@6u3m Thank you for your support, I will endeavor to keep it interesting.
@cannabissequoia yep.

@ReikoX Thank you :blush:
If your in need of some serious knowledge, I recommend
ReikoX workshop
ReikoX 2020 workshop rebuild

If your wondering who’s in the window, it’s @Gpaw what??? It’s got max head room… :rofl: and no worries ReikoX, I’m workin on a sketch with you driving that 98 Jeep :sunglasses:
@schmarmpit Thank you for your support and your kind words, I don’t have gophers either but I sure hope they work against moles though. Chipmunks are insane! I watched one run around in circles on the roof for about 10 minutes, then it fell off and started running and flew off the deck for 60 foot drop and kept on running. :rofl:
@Papalag always great to see you, good news to hear about the moon rocks!
If you would like to visit a fellow OG that is currently rising from the ashes, see here Papalag, your fantastic!

HFPP4 seeds were drained of excess water after 24 hours

HFPP4 seeds placed in constant 78*f dark cabinet, this picture taken at 38 hours into germination


I think you might be the first on here to start these… I’m really looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Love the gopher lol


That’s marvelous!! Thanks for that laugh…
Somehow I think of @ReikoX as Boba Fett as well. His new grow room is just what Boba would have.
Love your artwork too!



@beacher I doubt that, butt… I’m ok with it. :sunglasses: today’s happy Friday portrait isn’t finished yet because I haven’t added you. Would you like to be a beach bum playing the violin or the trumpet?
@Gpaw Thank you, I do like to make people smile. I went with a knight idea first, boba… I mean ReikoX just didn’t fit the sword brandishing clunky metal D&D suit. :grinning:
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At 60 hour into germination

Day 4 germination, awww first born…

The other three seeds, are in soil and should break thru surface tonight or tomorrow.

Have a fantastic Friday! I gotta go look at my pineapple babies some more.
Special note to: @Northern_Loki next time I’ll make you the dragon :dragon: this time at least you got 3 horns… :nerd_face: and yes that is @LemonadeJoe on piano :musical_keyboard: @dequilo is the black cat playing harmonica. @Papalag on tambourine and @cannabissequoia on cow bell with @ReikoX on drums with of course, me on I-flying V sawtooth, Gpaw-vocals.
A note about gopher plant, takes 1-6 weeks to germinate. :crazy_face:


Haha. Lol. Thanks for thinking of the dragons hanging around here. Have a great weekend.


Next time iam much better at slide guitar :guitar: please
I just love babies


I’m Reiko’s assistant! awesome :+1:

‘Save Image As…’

  • If I ever get a tattoo

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That’s really the best instrument for me-- why did my role models fail me? :thinking:



WOW!! what a mega-thread @beacher has going!
PM wars, male herms, you name it!

Thanx! for pointing that out. That was a great read.



You might feel depressed by the end lol, I’d recommend a stiff drink before diving in…

@Heliosphear in definitely more of a violin guy!


Haha, that is just great! Thanks! :smiley: :nerd_face:


@beacher Damn it! I should have known your a violinist… all right I’m really glad I didn’t ink you in yet.

@Papalag please note that your now playing slide box guitar and tambourine, multitalented, of course. :grinning:
@LemonadeJoe always good to see you, Thank you.
@Gpaw :sunglasses: that’s high praise from a fellow OG doing some incredible work in the grow department and is helpful to all in need. Definitely gonna do a personal portrait for you.
@Northern_Loki No worries, I won’t ever forget my grow angel.
@cannabissequoia your front with a guitar in the ZZ top’ins I’m working on. Peace to all dendrophylliacs

Day 7 germination of 6 HFPPF4, proof of life.

All 6 seeds above ground and looking around.

Alright OG’s I’m outta mmj, I used the last of my cash to pay electric bill and it’s gonna be two weeks before I can get some more mmj, butt… I can’t be here looking at everyone’s incredible grows while trying to control my PTSD, seeyah when I seeyah, be good to yourself.


The babies look great
be well my friend


No don’t change it it’s perfect haha…is that a grass skirt speedo? Have you been looking into my backyard or something??? How did you know?!?


Great minds think a like and Wookies seldom differ?..
:rofl: :joy: :crazy_face: :+1: :sunglasses:



you too & thanks for reminding me. :v: