Hittin' the highminwin road.. my first grow!

Good looking plants.


I’d probably go 12/12 right away with those. You have way too many to fit in a 3x3 if grown normally. Even then I think it will be crowded.
Anyway, I am sure you’ll do fine whatever happens you’re off to a good start. “Way too many” isn’t such a bad problem, easy to solve if needed, though sad :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for stopping by everybody! nice to have you all watching along.

i totally agree! but i can’t do anything regular or normal, it’s a quirk of my personality. also, i figure that at least 3 or 4 of my plants will turn out to be male. since i wasn’t planning on seeding or breeding for my first grow, i’ll likely either relocate those males to collect pollen or chop them down. that should free up enough room in my tent for the ladies to stretch a little more.

unless my durban 1 happens to be male, which i have a suspicion that it will be male. durban 1 being male will make me consider other plans, as there’s something about its vigorous growth that caught my eye from the beginning. i want to capture those genetics, regardless.


Looks like it will be an exciting grow, good luck!


That’s a great setup!!! Very detailed!!! Enjoy!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Good Luck on your first grow. I can already tell you are addicted.
I bought some of those Cindy mix and Durban mix from fluer du mal a long time ago. Probly at least 3 years. I never got around to popping them. I cant even remember why I bought them. Seems like I had a project in mind but moved on. Still have the beans.


Well when it comes to size I would def suggest minimum of 3 gallon, 5 if planning on running start to finish in em, my plants the roots completely fill the grow bag in a month in a 3 gallon which gives me enough time to identify gender then into their final home, 1 gallon would only give u about 2 weeks till things get crowded in the soil, def something to consider. General rule of thumb I’ve noticed is about every 10 gallons of soil has the POTENTIAL to yield 6 oz, 5 gallon would give it a few oz tops but likely less till ur dialed in. Another rule of thumb I’ve heard but don’t 100% agree with is for every ft of height I want that plant u need 1 gallon, so 5 gallon could handle a 5ft plant, not perfect but gives ya a jump off point of what to expect

As far as worm castings bringing in pests I can’t say I’ve ever had that be an issue, but my castings only also end up in my teas to better cover my 1100 gallons of soil

Super stoked to see u finally throwing up a grow log and doing the dang thing and really getting a kick out of your surgical detailed updates haha


Not to highjack the thread, but this is the type of thing I’m trying to get to the bottom of in my crowdsourcing request. I don’t necessarily agree with that rule of thumb as I’ve gotten 10+ oz from a 5 gallon grow bag with an auto.

Anyways, end of my whining, back to watching this grow.


Good growing. Tasty Selection.

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That right there just seems like u defied all the odds.thats insane weight for an auto, my autos in 3 gallon are typically 1/2 to full oz
These numbers I mentioned are typical for soil not synthetics and is a typical average, some might be more and some may be less but in general


thanks for the well wishes urbody!

is it obvious? what gave it away? lol. i think you’re right though. :stuck_out_tongue: that’s just my personality, it’s how i’ve always been. i can tell i’m in good motherfuckin’ company though, reading through some of y’alls grow journals. everybody may have their own grow style, but there’s so much passion and love here. i really appreciate having this space.

@AzSeaindooin420 i totally appreciate your wisdom, brother. glad to have your eyes watching over my grow. if i had more space than a 3’x3’ tent and if i wasn’t so crazy about what i want to do, those bigger containers definitely make a lot of sense for easy growing of badass plants. but i’m gonna keep things tight and crowded for now. i’m already planning on adding a second level to my tent so i can maximize my small space even more. probably as my ladies spend the next two-ish months in flower, i’ll have time to make that second level a reality. but that means i’ll have to keep my plants under 3’-4’, and that’s not even accounting for soil and light space. it’ll be an interesting addition, but i just feel like so much of my tent space is being wasted right now.

i just top dressed all my babies with a worm casting soil mix, so we’ll see how it turns out. the mix was a bit denser than i expected. i mighta shoulda mixed some perlite or pumice in as well. it’s all learning at this point.

thanks for dropping by @Randar! i don’t think it’s a hijack at all, i love discussions that pertain to our favorite hobby.

thanks for stopping by @Hemp. i’ve already got ideas for my second grow. i was thinking of taking a cue from @AzSeaindooin420 where he had polled the overgrow community to see which beans they wanted him to make seeds of. i’m thinking of do something similar. this should give me good experience with seeding and hopefully be able to provide overgrowers with some fun beans.


for today’s update, lets take a look at my favorite specimen so far, durban 1. we’ll go back in time a few weeks, to when durban 1 was just 18 days old on 5/8. he (maybe? i think) had been transplanted on 5/5 (3 days earlier) into a 7" pot with about 1 gallon of lightly amended soil.

while doing my daily inspection, i noticed durban 1 was showing interesting coloration on some of its leaves, mostly on the smaller newer leafs. did i happen to find a variegated specimen, or was this the result of nutrient/watering issues and/or grower inexperience? thinking about things in hindsight, i did feel like my transplants had been pretty rough, so the root system had likely been shocked and damaged. maybe that was causing this?

lets take a closer look.

it’s pretty right? well, fast forward a week or so and i noticed that while i was still having yellowing leaves, especially on my lower big fan leafs (i think this was caused by watering issues), a lot of the yellowing in the smaller leaves had subsided and now it was just mainly their tips that were noticeably yellow.

so i suppose we’ll chalk it up to plant/grower issues and not a variegated specimen. i’m curious if anyone else has seen this before in their plants.


alright, now for some questions that i have. i’m hoping to tap into the knowledge of earthbox growers like @CrunchBerries @bassman5420 @Old-Ron and the like. i would love some of your wisdom and experience.

i am growing 8 plants in ~1gallon plastic containers alongside 2 plants in a single earthbox junior. i notice that the plants in individual containers are a lot darker green in color than the ones in the earthbox junior, which look very lime green. this is because i’m watering the individual container ones with kelp, aloe, coconut power, myco powder, and agsil. so i feel like those plants are getting a bigger dose of nitrogen.

QUESTION: how do i feed/water the plants in the earthbox junior so they have similar coloration? or is the color even an issue to worry about?

i’ve only put plain water into the eb reservoir, as i had read that it’s not good to add things to the reservoir water because that could promote algae or bacterial growth. i also notice that when i top water the plants in the earthbox, they go quite limp and look as if they’re overwatered. that’s why i’ve been holding back from feeding/watering them the same way that i have been with my individual containers.

my other question is in regards to the mango FFJ that i recently brewed up. i knew that it was going to be easy, but i was still surprised at how little work it was to make it.

QUESTION: should i strain out the last of the mango bits and all the organic matter from the final FFJ?

i wasn’t sure if this would cause issues or mold later on if it’s still in the juice.

thanks for any advice you’re able to offer!


alright last post for tonight. i just wanted to point out a few things that helped me spot an overwatering issue with my seedlings before the situation got too bad.

obviously as a new grower i have very little experience when it comes to knowing how much to water these plants. but i knew that seedlings are happier with higher humidity, so maybe that’s what was causing me to lean towards over rather than underwatering.

regardless, because i was spending hours just looking my babies (see, it pays off!), i noticed on 5/6 with Tropical 3 that the wooden popsicle sticks i was using for labeling were especially wet. i also then saw some green color on the perlite in her cup, which made me think algae. that was enough for me to realize she was definitely overwatered. she just ain’t getting any breaks from me, right?

so i hopped into action. i realized that there was still some excess water from her previous watering that was in the outer drain cup. so i dumped that water. then i added some new dry soil to the top to help wick away some of the excess moisture in the existing soil.

a day later and things are already starting to look better. i was glad i took action when i did, otherwise that seedling was due for even more suffering. poor girl.

and now look at her!..

she came all the way from having her cotyledons ripped off at the beginning of her life, to being a week behind most of the other seedlings, to today where she’s the largest plant in the tent. again, i think the earthbox junior really helps make growth a lot less bumpy, but if you look at Tropical 2 which is also in the earthbox junior, that plant is not nearly as vigorous as Tropical 3. maybe her vigor is what allowed her to overcome the lost cotyledons?


Some yellowing isn’t uncommon or necessarily a problem especially in lower leaves.
I think your biggest challenge will be to learn when to just let it ride. If they look vigorous, and you see good growth, don’t try to make it better’er, keep doing whatever got you to that point.
The coloration will vary plant to plant, not a big deal .
You seem to have the right attitude for learning and I predict you’ll have a big pile of very nice buds at the end of this.


I feed them good in veg mode. Led light will suck your cal and magnesium.


@highminwin the reason they look limp when you top water them is because the are getting too much water. Wait until your reservoir is dry before you top water them, then wait a few days before you fill it up.

I would be more concerned about putting 2 plants in a Junior. They only contain 3.5 to 4 gallons of soil. I am sure one of your plants will lag behind the other.

Earthbox plants will grow faster than the container plants. They will use the nutrients quicker. You will need to water maybe twice a day when you they really hit flower.

I do not just use ph’d water in my Earthbox. Once the plants drink more in veg, I add organic nutes to the water. I stop in the beginning of flower, then when the drinking picks up, around week 4 or so, I go back to feeding through the tube. As they start to finish and drink less, I go back to plain water.

If you want to feed earlier through the tube, just give them less liquid when you water them. A junior holds 100 ounces of water. Want to feed them early. Give them 30 ounces.

Good luck with the grow. Feel free to tag me or dm me if you have any questions.

I would suggest keep an eye out for herms with the 2 in the Earthbox. 2 in a small container like that can really stress a plant out.

One other thing I would add is to top feed the Earthbox. They have an entire roots system up top eating, as well as the one below for water and food. You will see results quicker top feeding in an Earthbox, than you usually see in an container.


I agree with @Old-Ron here. I have found that top watering too much right after planting can have an adverse effect. I give a small top watering (aloe, coco, labs,silica and tm7) after planting to compact the soil around the newly planted, but that’s it until I see the plants roots have reached the reservoir and are drinking. Once the plant shows signs of drinking I keep my reservoir topped off with labs water and top water twice a week. Once with an Sst/FulPower and the second with Aloe, coco, silica, and labs. Sometimes in flower I’ll add a comfrey extract into the mix.
Hope this helps brother and feel free to reach out. Everything looks great! Happy Friday!


can i ask about the cal mag. i’ve heard it mentioned a lot in general cannabis growing. i’m not integrating any specific cal mag feed right now, but should i?

my goal is to do soil with organic amendments. i’m pretty sure i’m too small with my containers to do true organic, where i would have a good ecosystem in my soil.

but right now it’s fox farms ocean forest with down to earth amendments. some agrowinn rock dust, alfalfa meal, gypsum, frass, down to earth bio live… i’ve been feeding with kelp meal, aloe, powdered coconut, agsil, and some plant organic mycos. i just too dressed with some worm castings last night.


You for sure are going to to want to implement some calcium and magnesium numerous ways to do that with organics I use ro water and add 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts to my water for magnesium you can make wca(water soluble calcium)or feed gypsum or oyster shell flour for calcium and just found your journal sorry I’m late to the party