An Unexpected Earthbox Journey


Another day, another adventure, another grow diary I am behind on starting…

I would first like to shout out some of the “Earthbox Crew” and some other SIP container users. @Old-Ron @stONER775 @imstinky @CADMAN @iamyou_youareme @ReikoX . Go check out some of their threads, they have some fun stuff going on indeed :+1:


This grow will be 1 Earthbox Original and 1 Earthbox Junior in a 32x32 tent equipped with my custom tent spreader wall/trellis support kit, pushing the tent to (roughly) 36x36 in the augmented areas. The Earthbox Original has a MAC#1 in the front and the back has a clone of the HelenaxPBB that I had grown in the past. The Earthbox Junior has 1 DosiDos. After lingering around in their unhappy existence, they needed to move out of their stasis and try out a new home to recover and thrive in.

Soil in the Earthboxes was some leftover living soil mix I had thrown together from what I had or could easily get, for my 2x4 bed.
-Peat, perlite, pumice, crushed lava rock, rice hulls, biochar I charged myself, Craft Blend amendment, worm castings and 2 types of compost (1 was Coast of Maine, NEVER BUY UNLESS YOU WANT A BAD FUNGUS GNAT INFESTATION…)

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to shove 2 Earthboxes with 3 plants into this little tent.
Did I throw caution to the wind? Yes…
Do I always end up making things challenging? Yes…
Will I regret this? Never regret a good adventure and opportunity to learn…

Next I will start catching up on a few pictures, stay tuned for the madness!

Feel free to take a peak at some of my other grow diaries as I slowly change and optimize my setups along the way


DosiDos too tall for its own good. HelenaxPBB in the back right was just flopping all over till I got it in the trellis later on.
They were only watered in from the top and then 3-4 days later I filled them for the first time (messes were made…)


After seeing some signs of recovery, I decided it was time to install my tent spreader/trellis support kit and get these girls laid out a bit.


Looking good :blush:.


I see that the plants are starting to sink into the EB’s pretty good and things are swiftly getting out of hand. After getting my environmental automations lined out through my Home Assistant flow, I went for days at a time without even opening the tent. I also tried to get ahead of things and gave the boxes a top dressing of craft blend and kashi blend, then top watered it in, these pictured are obviously from later on when the kashi blend had gone to work.


Hey thanks bud! I have a few more clumps of pictured to post before I am up to date, currently 2 days into flower so I was pretty behind lol. Have a lot going on so I had not been on top of it.


Hell yeah you got all the toys. I’m super jelly. This is cool I’m glad you made a thread. These Earth boxes are amazing. I haven’t grown with one but they’re coming soon. Seeing everybody else’s results speaks for itself. I’m locked in and following along and will soon be a part of the EB crew. :facepunch:


Some things are getting a mind of their own, so I decided to do a cloning test run with some new items I got, so I took 12 cuttings out of the tent for the test. I also stripped TONS of material off the bottom of all the plants because they were just out growing it all. I also took TONS of fan leaves off the top to allow light to the other little tops wanting to come up, as the plants dig down it seems the leaf stems are just shooting the leaves out like umbrellas over the other tops. I feel I am going to have to strip more material than usual from the top constantly just to keep some sort of order in here so I can save what branches I can from getting the chop later.

I was going to spray some neem solution on the girls and it ran out right away and started spitting something concentrated onto the leaves… I started noticing more and more little burned spots and the days went on lol… So mad, yet another time I knew I should mix up more and blast it all the right way/amount or at least hit them with water to clean the stuff off and I just said aah its fine I will get it in the next few days… Bad idea, never do that if you can help it, just suck it up and get the shit done you know you should lol…


Hop on the crazy train, plenty of room lol! Ya these EB’s are pretty fun so far. I can see these things being able to do some work that’s for sure. I am not doing them any justice using them how I am lol, but it will be a cool journey either way.

Your spot is always open at our round table my friend :pray:


Really need a worm bit right about now… I keep taking more and more leaf off these girls and they keep spitting more right out! At least some of the lowers have got a change to pop their heads in for a sec.

The “Doof” approves though, so its alright I guess…

Alright I am all caught up on the pics I have now…


Great thread so far @bassman5420. Looking forward to following along.

Not sure if you do it or not, I use a funnel when filling with water. Makes it easier and lot less mess.

I found the juniors hold about 100 ounces of water. I use a 4 cup plastic measuring cup. 3 full, or close to full, and they are good. Have avoided run off into the small dish.

The original holds about 2 gallons. I usually do 7 cups for it. I do not mind having some air space.

I would suggest anyone putting 2 plants in an Earthbox make sure you have room in the tent. My friend put 2 in her EB. The back plant hermied on her. Because she was limited in space, she could not get it out.

Back left plant hermed on her.

Looking forward to seeing how they have progressed once you have the thread up to date.


Imma be sitting over here watching from under the canopy. I like feeling like I’m in a jungle.

Looking great so far!! I have a new shed coming and wondering if I should go with another 3x3 bed, or a couple Earth boxes. I’m KINDA leaning Earthbox because it’s movable and was super easy. Load the box, and then forget about it until you gotta water the tube.

Plus with the plastic mulch, I had zero issues with gnats, unlike my 3x3 bed.


I’m kinda liking these earth boxes. I got a ton of space I’m wondering how sog in a box like that plays out. Currently looking at 120 pots but might be cleaner easier n better to build a bed or box like that n just put all the fem clones in there couple inches apart. Daily cleanup of overspill and dirt jumping out pots is a pain


Well good morning to me… a bit to catch up on here, I’m in the corner quietly observing for now :wink:


Didn’t mean to just jump in like that. I’ve been lurking I read a lot on here. I’m just usually quiet. But I see these or maybe totes in rows minimizing my mess while allowing sog type yields. I’m on a mission to overgrow the world this year.


@Old-Ron Damn that is rough, I hope it did not herm too bad on her, the plant looks pretty nice from here. I have not used a funnel yet, I usually just squeeze under there with a 1 gallon jug and glug glug it down the tube lol. I always assume they will hold a little more water than they do, bud I am always surprised that the EB Junior is constantly out of water.

@imstinky Sit where ever you like bud! Ya that’s a tough decision indeed. I love my 3x3 bed, but it would be pretty fun to mess with a bunch of EB’s that you could roll around in a larger space.

@rooted It could be pretty interesting indeed. In the future I plan on making a custom cover/covers and using 1-2 EB’s and stuffing them with clones I am wanting to pollenate. We shall see how that ends up working out later on down the road heh.

@BeagleZ Howdy bud, pull up a seat wherever! Yet another odd adventure in the works heh.

@rooted Feel free to jump in whenever ya feel like it bud! I think they would make an interesting candidate to try out indeed. I am with ya there on the overgrowing the world, we got to do our part!


Looking good in here. Going to be a wild ride when they start stretching. My EB Jr will also be going in a 3x3 after some room clears up. I’m thinking of getting an extra tent just for an EB.


Whoop! Real curious about these earth boxes, along for the ride now to see em go off!


All caught up finally. Looking really good in there.
First, let me say I love the theme of this journal.
Kind of a running joke in my house, my wife always says to me “ you smoke too much Pippin” :rofl:
Really looking forward to watching the DosiDos perform. Good vibes for you along your journey.


Hey thanks bud, @Pluckyevil slaved away making the intro picture for me lol. Love how it turned out, cheesy but getting the point across heh. Even was able to use some of our plants in the background for Smigel to hide in. Left is a cola from my first grow diary, middle is the Roze Cookies and the right is a Galaxy bud from earlier on.

Never grown or smoked any DosiDos before in the past, so should be interesting. The MAC#1 and HelenaxPBB are out pacing it at the moment even with me taking pounds of leaf material off them lol. I am going to be in a tough situation here soon, that tent is going to be so much work to keep stripping the trash off the bottom since they just keep pumping and pumping. May end up with just a ton of little buds from all the stripping I will have to do, but they needed to get out of the way so I felt forced to put them all in together.

Ya I am a nerd and love all things LOTR, Starwars, Star Trek, etc etc. After @MoBilly posted a picture of his “Keep On Tolkien” shirt, I had to get one for Xmas lol.