How to properly overgrow a tent

First get a tent. Smaller is easier.
In my case, 2x4. Doesnt have to be expensive.
I traded a cut for mine.

Then stuff that thing until you can’t even zip it!

Shall we?


we shall! as soon as you post some pics :slight_smile:


the setup

2x4 tent
4" carbon filter
T5s - as many as I want! ~16 single bulbs
A shelf at 30"(middle)

Trays and 3.5" pots to start seeds, a lot of seeds :laughing:

the lineup

Lifesaver f2 x30
Bog bubble f2 x30
Sour strawberry x30
Orange “f2” x30
Mystery strain x50

the plan

Lifesaver f2:
My stock is getting low, I got to make some beans. For the f3 I want to locate and mate the tropical ones. If I find a tootsie roll male, freeze pollen for later.

Bog bubble x(?): now those are not pure(boooo!) When I made the f2s the pollen didn’t set, so I threw whatever pollen I had, most likely orange or kc mango. Mayyyybe sour bubble.
The goal… well… see what I get, select parents and make more seeds!

Bog- Sour strawberry f2s: Easy! I will only keep the strawberry kush pheno to make f3s and fems. I know this strain pretty well so if I find the right strawberry kush pheno I must s1 too!

Orange: these came to me from a friend in 2018. Collected from outdoor plants in 1993. I open pollinated 6females and 2 males in 2019(8 popped from 100 beans). The goal is to find exceptional specimens to make more beans!!

Mystery strain: refresh old stock


too many t5s

beans just hit the towels tonight

Aspirin bottle in which the orange seeds came in! Note: expires 3/94 :crazy_face:


trusty 2x4

Right now I’m filling 3,5" pots with dirt as well as party cups.
I got work in the morning, but tomorrow night setup will be complete and ready to welcome too many seedlings!

I’m expecting 15-20% germ from the mystery strain.



I remember back in the day the most elaborate floro setups… Flowering as well with them?

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Yep! T5s all the way.


Can’t sit down without finding more BOG runs lately… good stuff. :slight_smile: Might as well make some popcorn and stay for a while, I guess.


Time to get comfy! I’ll park on the couch and start loading the party bong!

BTW… Yea!! more BOG!! :+1: :laughing:



Looks like you’re getting it going

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Quick update
Just finished filling 135 pots… if I need more I’ll just add more as they germ…

Took a quick peek, we already have a few tails!
Tomorrow, I’ll have to change the papers towels and pre crack the mystery strain, poor thing. I’ll snap a pic of two.

It’s gonna come all together in the next couple days, bare with me :laughing:

That’s it for now, off to sleep my precious 4 hours zzzz


This is your BOG Bubble f2 or Sour Bubble?

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Awesome plan by the way


It’s BOG Bubble, f2 or x. Somewhere in between… :thinking:

They could be
Bog bubble x bog bubble
Bog bubble x Orange
Bog bubble x kc mango
Bog bubble x sour bubble

Orange or mango bubblegum would be nice hehe


Edit: @CADMAN sour bubble f2s were from bx3, 2 males mixed 33/66 on 10 females


I won’t play around with sour bubble for another 4-6 months. After this run, I planned to pop ungodly amounts of skunks, make some crosses, test those, find a bunch of keepers to play with etc
Then it’ll be sour bubble, raspberry boogie, cherry white, blackberry spacewreck and cherry bomb.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have lights.

I’ll need to screw a piece of 2x4 to straighten the shelf, really thought 1/2" plywood would be sturdier lol

Babies are doing well, sour strawberry taking the lead for # of sprouts. Mystery strain unsurprisingly in last position. :pray:

I should be able to plant a first batch tomorrow.


This grow is inspirational :raised_hands:

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Are you going to veg and flower in this?

If you are… My tent might be getting an upgrade lol

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I am! :wink:


2x4s would work but will be overkill.
Two 1x2s screwed and glued edge on will stiffen and level out the 1/2" plywood.