How to properly overgrow a tent

looking good!

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Everything except the mystery strain has hit the dirt tonight.


Smoother than frog fur

Don’t know how to put a proper YouTube thumbnail, just watch lol


Goodness these orange seeds are vigorous

2nd batch of mystery pot, around 24hrs after being put in towels :slightly_smiling_face:
I can see 6, I’ll drop a 3rd batch tomorrow

Next update will be when everything is above ground for final count :yum:


8d1183d3a11f0aaa4f9b537d7e478f804577831b7847af7356a2fddfca9f71e9 everything looks great



Oranges are a bit floppy, no biggie :ok_hand:

Full update tomorrow night!


Good evening OG

Alright, for those wondering what I used to secure the shelf mid air.

I used these

They’re called wire clips, I got 5/8 ones to fit the posts of my tent. 1.50$ a piece at the hardware store.

The plants

Orange x15

I may have boiled a couple and killed another couple trying to remove their helmet with my sausage fingers. I’m almost certain this strain is uniform, so it shouldn’t matter in the end.

Sour strawberry x26

This one I know I boiled to death. I had to start another batch. I binned 20 and got 20 out of storage. Explains why some are smaller :laughing:


All good here. Healthy roots and all.
I did find a whorled phyllotaxy triple cotyledon, split leaf freak :flushed:
Look at thaaat!

BOG Bubblex19

Grow my precious :sparkling_heart:
Here too I found a whorled one. No fur coat though haha.

mystery pot x9 (for now)

I got a 4th batch I haven’t checked yet. Whatever additional ones I get will constitute the final number.
I will make another run with all I have left, but will be using high tech shit to save them.
This ones cool :sunglasses:


Example of tropical lifesaver (f2)
carrying a few f3s :wink:

Old skunk pollinated by my freak lifesaver :shushing_face:

hung to dry uh right now uh

Both grown outdoors


Now that’s thinking outside the box!.. (or tent? :thinking:)


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Low germ rates are driving me crazy. At first I blamed old age. Not me, the seeds, ha.

So, yesterday I decided to investigate. Before canning the 3rd batch I started to rip them open.

Yesterday I had an epiphany.
As I was ripping them open, a good amount of them had a swelled embryo, turned to mush…

The seeds aren’t dead

They’re too weak to break the membrane!
They are drowning!

Batch 4, naked and breathing

Birth them, doc!

Now, I never used this method and couldn’t find anyone operating that way on old beans.
Figured they are starving… so I sprayed low ppm kelp on them and left them in a paper towel.
Once they’ve grown a bit I’ll plant them in a bed of perlite until they’re healthy.

All suggestions are welcome :blush:


Definitely following along to see these results!! Interesting concept. Excited to see how it plays out.


You got my attention!

I’m quite interested to see how this works out.



Good luck on this one hope they make it

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Update on the naked beans.

They’re dead! The amount of babying needed was above what my personal situation could provide at this time. Well I did save 3 - for a total of 13. Im a little bummed about it but this will have to do for now.

Some observations:

  1. they sat in paper towels for 5 days and some were already mushy before I freed them of their shells. I think stripping the shells after a 12-24hrs soak would work better.

  2. moisture level needs dialage, there’s a fine line between too much and not enough. Has to be just right and maintained.

  3. leaving them in paper towels might of been a mistake. Seeds embryos are very small and I have to find a way to have them sitting up, not laying flat in wet/moist towels. Also, them being very weak, they need light right away to do their plant stuff lol (opinion)

  4. some did start to grow in the towels, with some practice and dedication, this method could work.

In the near future I’ll start 5-10 seeds/batches and try a few things.

And now about the BOGs.

I don’t know if I unlocked some superpowers during the night but I swear I can smell the different phenos already.
Ex lifesavers, I can tell which ones are grape (grape), lemon (pissy), tropical (pepper,froot).

Bog bubble; first time around I remember the sweet mentholated ones finished with the most intoxicating bubblegum smell and flavor. Right now I somewhat smell those.

Sour strawberry; leaves might be an indicator, unripe (white)strawberry, a tiny bit of feet are the strawberry kush ones lol

Oranges; I can’t smell the difference between them, they don’t give off anything

I have yet to number everything… So, to put this to the test, once all numbered I’ll write down the ones I think I can identify - see how that goes.
For the funz



The Sour Strawberry had me puzzled for a bit. I wasn’t getting a strawberry taste, I figured on the green hit for sure, nope.
Nice, but no strawberry :rofl: :vulcan_salute: The leaves are ‘strawberry like’.
After the first jar, it hit me (…finally :laughing:), It’s on the exhale, and it’s more sour than strawberry.
I really like this ganja, ‘you feel the tonal qualities instilled by BOG’. :+1:



I had One Seed that didn’t sprout in paper towels,so,I bought that motherfucker 9 euros and didn’t believe It was dead…I went ahead and crack It open gently with pliers,put it in the dirti of my pot and kept It very moist…12 h later I saw the tap root developing…20h later the seed had sprouted,but,It was a tough One:seems like this seed was not meant to sprout because It was very stuck and the plant couldn’t grow upward,It was laying tired in the soil.I removed gently the Shell,and,another problem:the membrane was holding together the cotyledons…I had to remove It from Hand again and It was very strong!
Here She Is now:


Yeah I’ve seen a quantity of people saying their pack didn’t have anything strawberry, or nothing strawberry enough…

Thanks for the encouraging words. Glad yours grew nice and strong, gives me hope :slight_smile:
These seeds are not only stuck, they are 28 years old, I was expecting 15% germ rates… and got - gulp- around 5% . That’s why I tried to force them… cpr the seeds :laughing:


Holy crap man,28 years old!You did a very great job man :evergreen_tree:


Well well well

I got some kc brains TNR reg seeds on the way.
Here is a couple pics I found on seedfinder germany


[quote=“Mithridate, post:3, topic:63649”]
If I find a tootsie roll male, freeze pollen for later.

Sweet thai TNR x tootsie roll lifesaver

Coming in a coin flip near you(2022)


Gorgeous fall colors there… First pic is amazing!

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