Howard's run of Marauder by Baked Beanz

I was fortunate enough to receive a pack of Marauder seeds from @SamwellBB , which he was giving away not too long ago:

I got the pack in August, and started six seeds at the end of September. Until now, I have been posting occasional photos in the thread linked above.

Now that the plants have been flipped to flower and the interesting part is coming up, I figured that perhaps I should make my own thread. I’m not particularly good at keeping grow logs up to date (see my other abandoned thread, for instance lol), but what the hell. I’ll post any interesting photos I take or post about anything of note that happens as the grow progresses, and maybe someone will find even this sporadic half-measure somewhat interesting :wink:

To kick things off, here’s some of the veg photos I’ve already posted so far in that other thread:


Damn those look sweet. I attempted starting 2 but the both died off, so I stuck to the 1 cackleberry that started. Going to keep an eye on these!


Beautiful plants! :heart_eyes: I was recently gifted with Marauder (great guys here) so I am the first interested on following your progress, great looking so far … :sunglasses:


And a few shots from today…

Cuttings waiting to root for the next run.

It’s a jungle in there.

Beauty shots taken by my wife


Very nice looking so healthy and strong. :star_struck::+1:


Looking great, nice, thick and green


Thank you.

That Cackleberry sounds pretty interesting. I’ve got a pack of those in the queue as well, and I’m very much looking forward to trying those out when I can!


Thank you!

Are you planning to pop them soon? Would love to see more people growing them out, we could have a “grow along” :smile:


Heh, thanks. Like I said in the other thread, they are spring loaded and ready for action! Very sturdy stems, even though they appear to be hollow. From the look of the pics by @SamwellBB , they are going to need that sturdiness, lol.

I’m a little worried about how fast they’re growing, hehe. If they only double in size they should end up at the perfect height, but I suspect they’ll get bigger than that. Right now I’m just waiting for the males to announce themselves so I can get them out of there and give the ladies a bit of personal space :wink:


Those are very lush, healthy, well-tended plants!
Keep up the great work.


Howard… Your kicking some serious ass!! Looks great! Nice work!! :slight_smile::+1:


I’m afraid it wouldn’t be a fair comparaison! :sweat_smile: I enjoy looking all your pics but get depressed when I enter my tents :sweat:. Still mutch to learn from the masters, thanks for sharing … :sunglasses:


Perfect looking ladies there with some BEEFY stems!


George, You have grown excellant plants bro!.. “don’t sell yourself short” Your a damn good grower! :grinning::+1:


I agree with @CLOSETGROWTH here :smile:

Besides which, grow alongs are just for fun and fellowship. Remember: “it’s better to play with a group than with yourself” :wink:


“Honesty is the best policy” … :blush:


Speaking of which…

I had a two year run about five or six years ago where every plant I grew eventually ended up looking like deep fried ass. Every. Single. One.

I was ready to give up altogether so many times! It’s almost impossible to describe the levels of frustration and depression I went through. I tried everything, and just about every style of growing within my means. It was so frustrating knowing that I grew some great plants before that, it’s not like I didn’t supposedly know what I was doing, but now I couldn’t grow a beautiful plant to save my life.

I eventually figured out that it was partly due to a cabinet that was off gassing some formaldehyde glue fumes, exacerbated by my desperate attempts to fix a problem I couldn’t diagnose. I lost so many plants. Oh my God, so many! :frowning:

It was after that was finally fixed, and very nearly losing some genetics that are near and dear to my heart, that I decided to do nothing but seed runs for a couple of years. I’m finally back to growing for consumption and medication, and IT FEELS SO NICE!!!


I know what you went through Howard… I really do.

Ever since I been here(4 years), I never seemed to get it “right”… You know what I mean.

Its either too hot, or too cold, or something out of the ordinary…

The wife and I have talked about moving, and we have actually talked to realtors who showed us many homes. Not sure what to do at this point, Because my Wifey and I argue about the constant attention and needs from her adult children… etc… Ridiculous. We need to compromise, and she doesnt seem to listen… Another day. Sorry for rambling on.

Ya see, I live way up high in the sky 30 feet above street level, and the temp changes are erratic… And we have well water since we traded the luxuries of city life, for country living. Pro’s and con’s… Have to import water every weekend, and I enjoy hydroponics… Bad combo … Sigh.

These days Iam not into growing as much as before. The demand for the chronic is still active, but not like it was 10 years ago… Too many dispensaries.

So, the things Im doing today is basically for the “love of growing”, and to help out people with medical issues. I use it for ptsd, and it helps immensely. Today, My grow’s are much smaller. No need to go overboard anymore…

Im glad you figured out what went wrong on your end. From what Ive seen, your an enthusiastic grower, and a damn good one at that!

Keep up the awesome work! :relaxed:


Do you know how many watts that room pulls for the lighting?

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Are you referring to the lights in the tent in the pic above? If so, it’s around 300 watts. I was previously running around 330 watts with a DIY cob setup, but those are better suited for a taller environment because they will absolutely fry plants that get too close, so I’m trying out the quantum boards now. I’m liking them so far. My last harvest was very satisfying.

By my calculations, that entire room (there is a mini cab as well) with all of the ventilation, lighting, pumps, and other stuff pulls a little less than 600 watts total. It could use a heater, though. It gets a bit cold in there during the winter, which can be a problem.