Huge cache of seeds left behind, what to do?

@mia thanks for the extra love on the gift, just got it today, that was super nice of you :heart: :pray:


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i ordered GA3 for germinating the seeds i got from mia


does anyone find the hand written lists inconvenient? i made an excell spreadsheet of everything she posted in these threads but it’s definitely no where near up to date


Super cool brother…

You guys all kicked ass on these old lines.

Congrats. I wouldn’t worry much on having issues with these seeds germinating.

Any uzbeki crosses are just picky. It’s a picky strain. Just keep an eye on that line, lucky13 and skunk 91. They do well outdoors, they just don’t like the fake sun much. There is amazing pheno’s that pop up. I’m sure it will be a treat.

I’ll post my germinating method.

Stray :high_brightness:


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Ive had great results from the Temples I dropped in from Mia, only threw In 4 and got all 4 up, nothing special about germination, put them in some soil and watered it :wink:


Man I would love to have that Zuvuya, I saw it on her list but did not know what the cross was… Looks like she only had one pack unfortunately!

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Super rad… That Temple line is extremely special and super unique. :dizzy:


i got ugorg blues and joti godbud among others from mia, arrived under a week


Mia is the shit… I went more tropical with my selection

Apollo 13 gorilla arm x Apollo 11 f4 Genius

@mia is a sweetheart and her paint set has been put to good use!


ThaiShine x Snow Lotus holy shit that’s one I’ve never seen in all my years

Fuck I really wanted Zuvuya… I’m jelly


No luck for me either. Can’t blame her for getting tired of the messages.


Ditto what stray said re the Uzbek lines. I have some PKsk x UB now to f3. I’ll tell you what selecting phenos wasnt easy as what he said some are really temperamental to the inside and can throw nanners on you. I bet if they were grow outdoors at a higher latitude they would perform closer to their true form. Overall though I find her pickiness worth the battle for her dank flowers but prob wouldn’t grow her on a commercial level. I keep this stuff around for myself. It’s good smoke.


I’ve seen both those packs on Bodhi’s Fridge Seed List but have never seen a grow report on either. I think that the ThaiShine x Snow Lotus will be magical and Zuvuya (nevillies haze quick x a11g) should be a fine sativa lady.

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You don’t dangle a collection like that to a bunch of seed mongers and expect to live a quiet life. If i was selling the seeds i can guarantee i would get back to each and everyone of you no matter how tired i am, because i asked for this. I made a list of seeds to sell, shown pictures and made deals; can’t blame the rest of the people for also wanting some. My first order came thru no problem, the second one was refunded because it got lost in the US before it left the PO.

I am happy with the treatment, but paying attention to those interested is a must.



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I hope you guys are making arrangements to F2 these and share with the community. A big Mia genetics seed exchange :smiley:


That’s the plan for me and many others that grabbed the Mia gear.


I got me some 303 Seeds - BioDiesel i intent to breed, pollenchuck, reproduce, pick your semantics of choice! In about a year or so, when i have my grows totally dialed in with coco and all…